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Introduction 🧾
About Dell 🏢
Business Analyst at Dell 📊
About the role 📄
Roles and Responsibilities 🔗
Skills and Requirements 📌
Salary and Perks 💸💰
Preparation Strategy📍⏳
Interview Experience ❕
Career Map 📈
DSA Preparation 
Frequently Asked Questions❔
What is the average base salary of a business analyst at Dell?
What does a business analyst do at Dell?
What is the selection process at Dell for the business analyst role?
What are the perks offered by Dell to their employees?
What are the different interviews conducted for the business analyst role at Dell?
Conclusion 🔚
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Business Analyst at Dell

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Introduction 🧾

Do you want to be a business analyst at Dell but don't know how to start? So don't worry; we have you covered. Coding Ninjas will help you understand the job profile better.


Read our Dell Preparation Guide article. Also, check out our articles on Job opportunities at Dell and Ways to Join Dell

Isn’t it incredible? ✨

So, let's get started. 😃

About Dell 🏢

Dell Technologies is a US-based multinational IT company. It is headquartered in Round Rock, Texas, U.S. It was formed by the merger of Dell and EMC Corporation in September 2016. Dell is popularly known for its products and services.

Dell logo

Dell is ranked 31st in the Fortune 500 list for the year 2022. It is a great company to work with and get associated with. There are around 133000 employees working with Dell currently in the year 2022. 

Business Analyst at Dell 📊

Business Analyst at Dell

Let us gear up and get started with the Business Analyst profile at Dell

About the role 📄

Business Analyst at Dell has to deal with vast amounts of data. They are responsible for gaining insights and trends from the data. This information is then used to enhance the business outcome. 

To apply for this position, visit the Business Analyst at Dell.  

About the role

Roles and Responsibilities 🔗

Dell Technologies is data-centric and understand the importance of data and insights gained from data. A business analyst at dell is responsible for evaluating business data to produce meaningful insights and metrics. 

Roles and Responsibilities

Following are the primary responsibilities of a business analyst at Dell: 

📑 Help the end users to determine information requirements. 

📑 Ensure data accuracy by utilizing business context.

📑 Builds and co-owns the concept for various computations and metric definitions.

📑 Perform feasibility studies and calculates the ratio of efforts and benefits. It will determine whether or not to use the data, metrics, or calculations. 

📑 Develop tools for performing on-demand analysis for the end users. 

📑 Create visualizations and presentations. Work with data scientists and engineers to convert user needs into logical, presentable storyboarding.

Skills and Requirements 📌

You must have some skills to work as a business analyst at Dell. Go through the list below and make yourself ready for the role. 

Skills and Requirements

Following are the skill requirements: 

📌 Experience in the IT industry or product marketing. You should have worked as a senior business analyst or consultant.

📌 Familiar and expert in EDA with a record of leveraging various data sources to solve business problems.

📌 A Bachelor's degree and 6–8 years of relevant experience in a professional role are required, or an advanced degree and comparable experience.

📌 Have a solid grasp of software solutions like Data Protection, Converged Infrastructure, Blade, and Data Pro.

📌 Working knowledge of Tableau. Capable of developing multi-dimensional designs, expressions, custom computations, and LOD (Level of Detail) in Tableau solutions.

Following are the desirable skill requirements for this position:

📌 A Bachelor's degree graduate in computer science or related field. 

📌 Strong domain understanding of Server and Storage products. 

Salary and Perks 💸💰

Salary and Perks

Let’s now talk about the paychecks and perks of working as a Business Analyst at Dell. The following table illustrates the approximated average salary depending on the entries of a few employees of Dell.

Experience Level Salary (in rupees)
Base Pay Average ₹7,67,960

** Salaries mentioned above are only estimated values. They are subject to change. **

Perks at Dell

You get a lot of perks when working as a business analyst at Dell. Following are some perks you will get:

🌟 Healthcare: Dell offers health insurance to employees and their dependents.

🌟 Leaves and Holidays: Dell gives annual, maternity, public holidays, and additional leaves. 

🌟 Pension: Dell contributes to the pension schemes for employees. 

🌟 Life Insurance and Long Term Disability Scheme.

🌟 Subsidised Canteen: variety in breakfast and lunch in the canteen. 

🌟 Free car parking: Free car parking is offered to all the employees of dell. 

🌟 Further Education Assistance Policy: The employees who wish to study and enhance their skills are given time and fees for the courses that directly enhance their current or future position. 

🌟 Sports & Social Clubs: Various clubs are available for employees to join.

🌟 Deals for Dell Employees: Special discounts are provided to the employees on dell products. 

Preparation Strategy📍⏳

Now that you know everything about the role let’s get you geared up with the best preparation strategy to help you crack this job profile at Dell. 

Preparation Strategy

The selection process for Business Analyst at Dell includes the following steps:

✅ Application Submission: Candidates are shortlisted based on their Resume.

✅ Written Objective Test: MCQs on Data Interpretation, graphs, Mathematics, and logical reasoning

✅ Technical Interview: Technical skills are tested along with a deep discussion on projects and programming languages

✅ Business analyst Interview: Domain-specific interview. Puzzles are also asked, along with a few situation-based questions. 

✅ Managerial Interview: This round is less technical and more reasoning based.

Puzzles are asked. You may also be asked to write SQL queries.

✅ HR Interview round: HR questions related to extra-curricular activities and competitions are asked. Locations preferences and other HR questions are asked. 

The number of rounds may vary when applications are taken. Let us now discuss the resources and study material offered by Coding ninjas. We will also discuss the Interview experiences shared by candidates on our portal.

Interview Experience

Many people who have gone through the Dell selection process have shared their experiences with Coding Ninjas.  

Interview Experience

Follow the below links to read their interview experiences at Dell:

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You can find more interview experiences at Dell compiled on this page, Your Ultimate Job Interview Preparation Guide for Dell Technologies.

Career Map 📈

Data production is increasing daily as more people join the internet. Data is nothing but a lot of information. This information can be used to find insights and patterns. By using these insights, a business analyst can enhance the business outcome. Now is the best time to work as a business analyst because of the increasing growth in data.

Career Map

With demand, the pay also increases. Research shows that around an 11% hike can be seen in the salaries of Business analysts. Also, you can be promoted to the senior business analyst or product manager. 

DSA Preparation 

We all know how important DSA is in coding and problem-solving through programming. Here is a video you can watch to know more about DSA preparation and tips and tricks to get better with DSA. Our expert discusses the best strategy for you to get started with DSA. 

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Frequently Asked Questions❔

What is the average base salary of a business analyst at Dell?

The average base salary of a business analyst at Dell is around ₹7,67,960, as specified by some of the employees of Dell. It may range from 6 lakh to 9 lakhs on average. 

What does a business analyst do at Dell?

A Business Analyst at Dell deals with business data. A business analyst is responsible for handling vast amounts of data, deriving valuable insights and trends, and using this information to enhance the business outcome.

What is the selection process at Dell for the business analyst role?

The selection process starts with the candidate filling out the application form. After the resume is selected, the candidate is asked to attend an online written assessment followed by four interviews. 

What are the perks offered by Dell to their employees?

You can see a lot of extra perks when working with Dell. Dell offers benefits like life insurance, healthcare, maternity leaves, gym and sports club, social clubs, canteen, pension, free car parking, and further educational assistance. 

What are the different interviews conducted for the business analyst role at Dell?

There are four interviews conducted for the business analyst role at Dell. The interview process includes technical, domain-specific, managerial, and HR interviews. Each interview round is an elimination round.

Conclusion 🔚

This article discussed the Business Analyst role at Dell. We discussed the required skill sets along with the approximate salary.

To learn more about the joining process at Dell, you can check out our articles on Ways to Join Dell and Job opportunities at Dell. Also, check out Dell Preparation Guide to get a better idea.

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Happy Coding!

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