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About the role✍️
Salary and perks💰
Skills and Experiment Required🎓
Preparation Strategy👩‍💻
Career Path of a Business Analyst🎯
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Frequently Asked Questions
What is the Salary of a business analyst at Flipkart?
Is working for Flipkart an excellent job? 
What is the meaning of business analyst?
What is the Salary of Flipkart workers?
What is the highest paid Salary in Flipkart?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Business Analyst at Flipkart

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Flipkart is one of the leading e-commerce marketplaces in India that offers more than 30 million products across 70+ categories, including Media, Books, Consumer Electronics, and Lifestyle. Flipkart was launched in October 2007. It has become the preferred platform for leading Indian and international brands in India. Flipkart currently has 45 million registered users clocking over 10 million daily visits. Technology in Flipkart has allowed it to deliver 8 million monthly shipments and is still growing.

Business Analyst at Flipkart

In this blog, we will discuss the position of a Business Analyst at Flipkart. So let's get started and stay till the end!🙇

About the role✍️

The business analyst at Flipkart is responsible for providing Business Intelligence and inputs correlated to various aspects of Journey based Customer Experience initiatives and driving Transactional. Business analysts can detect problems in almost any organization through organizational practices, IT processes, or staff development.

Let's see what business analysts at Flipkart do in detail and the qualifications required to work as a business analyst.

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Salary and perks💰

Salary and perks

💥Salary of a Business analyst at Flipkart in India

Average Annual Salary ₹ 12,07,925/year (44% more than the average Business Analyst Salary in IT companies).

Estimated Take-Home Salary

₹ 85,856 - ₹88,104/month

**The salary figures mentioned above are subject to change.

💥Perks as Business Analyst at Flipkart

  • You will get Free snacks and meals.
  • Health Insurance is provided.
  • Personal Insurance is also provided.
  • Flexible working hours.
  • You are allowed to take Paternity/Maternity Leave.
  • Broadband Reimbursement is given.

Skills and Experiment Required🎓

Skills and experience

📝Strong hands at the working Experience as Business Analyst.

📝 Strong analytical skills with the capability to collect, organize, analyze and disseminate a notable amount of information with accuracy and attention to detail.

📝 Expertise of Advanced level in MS Office applications is required along with good presentation skills.

📝 You are required to be an Engineering graduate in computer science, Bachelor's/Master's degree in computer science, Statistics(preferred), or Maths.

📝 Good hands in SQL is mandatory, Excel, and other scripting languages such as Python, R, SAS, SPARK, etc.

📝 Should be outstanding in verbal and written communication skills in English

📝 ability to multitask and work on various ranges of requirements is needed.

📝 Better working experience with BI tools such as Tableau, Power BI, Data Studio, Qlikview, etc.

📝 Experience in working in a fast-paced work environment is required.



Business analysts discover operational areas that can be improved and made more efficient to enhance business operations. They frequently collaborate closely with others within the organizational hierarchy to share their results and help with change implementation.

The responsibilities of a Business Analyst at Flipkart are as follows:

  • Ability to translate structured/unstructured problems into analytical frameworks.
  • You are required to understand business variations and their effect on customer experience.
  • You will work closely with the internal team of Flipkart to identify, define, collect, and trace key business metrics for business processes or products.
  • You should be competent in making presentations and writing reports to call attention to the effect of changes you have made.
  • You are responsible for working with the stakeholders to make data-based decisions.
  • You are also responsible for pulling required data for conducting business analysis, dashboards, and metrics to observe the performance and build reports.

Preparation Strategy👩‍💻

Preparation strategy

1. Sharpen Your Skills 

🙇 A better knowledge and understanding of business, finance, and accounting will help you determine operational challenges and choose the better options to resolve them.

🙇 Knowledge of specific approaches, like Six Sigma,  Agile Business Analysis, or Rational Unified Process, can be helpful.

🙇 A primary responsibility of business analysts includes monitoring, collecting, and analyzing performance measures. 

🙇 Business Analysts are required to have Knowledge on some topics such as data analysis and visualization tools such as Excel, Tableau, and Power BI.

2. Taking a course

Taking a course helps you gain Knowledge in a better-organized way. Certification enables you to extend your knowledge and skill sets, increase your earnings, and make you more competitive. You can refer to our blog here to learn about taking a course.


  1. Data structure with python
  2. Basics of java with data structures and algorithms
  3. Basics of C++ with data structure and algorithms
  4. Competitive programming
  5. MERN stack course
  6. Full stack web development course
  7. Advanced Front-end Web development course

3. Experience

Experience plays an important role when getting any full-time position. Before moving to a full-time role, it will be better if candidates have internships in the finance, accounting, or business sectors; these things will help you gain Experience.

4. Interviews

Two things to remember during the interview are to Be confident and have Good Communication skills.

🕵️‍♀️Be confident: Do not panic while giving answers to the interview questions, be optimistic because if you are stuck, they will guide you.

🕵️‍♀️ Communication skills: One thing that will make you more extraordinary among other candidates is your communication skills, as the interviewer wants to check your thinking process and the approach by which you solve the problem.

Interview preparation courses:

  1. Switch from service to product
  2. Service company interview preparation
  3. Product companies interview preparation

Career Path of a Business Analyst🎯

Career path

This section will discuss the career path to becoming Business Analyst at Flipkart. 

  • First, you need to earn at least one degree (finance, accounting, It, etc.)
  • Next, you need to get an entry-level/freshers job as a quality assurance engineer, a developer, or an industry expert. Securing the above positions will help you to get an interview for a business analyst role.
  • After a few years of employment, become an SME(subject matter expert).
  • In SME, try to do hands-on work for several years.
  • To improve your skillset, try to get certifications in business-related courses.
  • After doing these things, you can now look for a senior position, like a Product manager, IT business analyst, or senior business analyst.



Following are the resources to help you prepare for different roles.

📙Interview Resources

📙Coding Resources

📙Aptitude Resources

📙Other Technical Resources

If you are in self-doubt, then do check out this video by coding ninjas.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Salary of a business analyst at Flipkart?

The Salary of a Business Analyst at Flipkart ranges from ₹ 4.5 Lakhs to ₹ 18.4 Lakhs per year.

Is working for Flipkart an excellent job? 

Many benefits are available to employees at Flipkart, including a doctor on staff, parking spaces dedicated to pregnant moms, valet parking at all of our offices in Bangalore, flexible work schedules, sabbaticals, etc. Even the holiday calendar is up for a vote.

What is the meaning of business analyst?

Business analysts are the professionals who organize or analyze a business by documenting its processes and systems, determining vulnerabilities, assessing its business mode, and devising solutions.

What is the Salary of Flipkart workers?

The average Salary of Flipkart workers ranges from ₹ 311,163 to ₹ 4,042,700 a year.

What is the highest paid Salary in Flipkart?

The highest paid Salary at Flipkart is for the positions such as CEO/Director/MD, with a Salary of ₹ 191 lakhs per year.


In this article, we talked about the role of a business analyst at Flipkart. We have discussed the position, Salary, required skills, and preparation strategy for becoming a business analyst at Flipkart.

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Happy Learning, Ninjas 🥷!

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