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About the Role
Salary and Perks
Perks at Lenskart
Health Insurance
Team Outings
Job Training
Work from Home
Skills and Experience Required
Roles and Responsibilities
Career Path
Different Levels
Preparation strategy
Resources For Preparation
Frequently Asked Questions
Who is a business analyst?
What is the difference between Business Analyst and Data Analyst?
What is the salary of freshers?
What are Lenskart employee benefits?
What are the different levels of business analyst profiles?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Business Analyst at Lenskart

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Have you ever wondered about the reason behind a company's effectiveness? How is the growth of the company increased in low costs? The profile behind all this is Business Analyst.

Do you get excited about bringing analytics to help the administration team understand customers' spending habits? 
Then being a Business Analyst at Lenskart is the right fit for you!

Business Analyst at Lenskart

Lenskart is India's fastest-growing multinational eyewear company, whose aim is to give India a vision. According to the reports, the world's biggest health ailment is vision correction, and to solve this, Lenskart has taken the initiative.  

As you all know, Lenskart products are available online as well as in offline stores, millions of people do online transactions, and there are a lot of processes and systems for which business analysis is required.

Let’s start with what exactly is the role of the Business Analyst in Lenskart.

need of business analyst

About the Role

Business Analysts basically ease the functioning of the company for millions of people. Everyone knows that Lenskart's business is spread across retail, manufacturing, and e-commerce, so strong analytics concepts are needed.

Business Analysts use the data from the company's insights and suggest the needed changes for the strengthened business process.

Business Analysts need to understand business problems and solve them using strong analytics concepts.

About the role

This is how the monitoring, tracking, and customer satisfaction are safeguarded by the team.

You can refer to the Lenskart Career page to find the domain that interests you the most and choose accordingly.

You can also check the job section of the Lenskart LinkedIn profile to get updates on the company's recent hiring.

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Salary and Perks

The average salary for a Business Analyst at Lenskart is 5,72,524 per year.

salary for a Business Analyst at Lenskart

Business Analyst at Lenskart

Average Salary

 (2-7 years experience)

₹5,72,524 per annum

**The salary mentioned above is only an estimate. The actual salary may vary.**

Perks at Lenskart

Following are some of the benefits offered with this role:

Benefits offered with this role

Health Insurance

  • Lenskart offers health insurance to all its employees.
  • Life insurance and Long term disability scheme.

Team Outings

  • Lenskart conducts team outings for the employees that boost their motivation.

Job Training

  • Lenskart provides job training to candidates that help them to adapt to new technologies and methods more easily.
  • It can increase the efficiency and productivity of the company.

Work from Home

  • Work from the home facility is provided to the employees when needed.
  • WFH is very useful for women during their maternity period.


  • Lenskart workspace has cafeterias that help the employees to reduce their stress and get a friendly environment.

Skills and Experience Required

For this role, you should have a good knowledge of finance and accounting.

These are the skills required for a Business Analyst at Lenskart that will prepare you for the role.

Skills required
  • The candidate should have a Bachelor's/Master's Degree from the top tier college.
  • The candidate should have 2 to 5 years of relevant experience in a professional role and a strong understanding of analytics and leadership.
  • They should have strong stakeholder management skills.
  • Working knowledge of SQL, R, and Python.
  • Good Communication skills.
  • Excellent teamwork and problem-solving skills.
  • Have a solid grasp of database designs & ETL(Extract, Transform and Load) principles.
  • Capability to understand business problems.
  • It will be good if you have experience with e-commerce or product-based organization.
  • Good to have working experience with analytics tools like Tableau.

Roles and Responsibilities

Responsibilities of a Business Analyst at Lenskart

Below are some of the responsibilities of a Business Analyst at Lenskart-

  • They should be able to work closely with teams across the company to understand their data requirements.
  • Generate in-depth strategic insights to influence decision-making.
  • The capability to coordinate with business stakeholders will help them understand the business problems and find their solutions using analytic tools.
  • Data management plays an important role in making sure of the present findings and recommendations to senior-level stakeholders.
  • Identify key metrics, create executive-facing dashboards, conduct data analysis, and build business cases that will drive business-making decisions.

Career Path

This section will go through the career path of becoming a Lenskart business analyst.

Career Path

These are some of the points that will help you grow in this particular career.

  • At the entry-level (Bachelor's degree), it's easier and good to experience by getting a bachelor's degree in the fields like financing, Computer Science, Economics, Statistics, or similar fields related to business analyst.
  • Pursue certificates in business analyst-related courses to improve your skill set.
  • After getting hands-on experience, you can go for your Master's, like MBA or other related business degrees, to advance your skills and knowledge and move to a senior position.

Different Levels

There are different levels of Business Analyst that you will go to in your entire career path. Let's see them briefly.

Entry Level Business Analyst

  • This is entry-level for you, where you have to work according to the instructions provided by the senior business analyst.
  • Requires 0-2 years of experience.

Business Analyst I

  • Here the person still requires the knowledge and skills; to provide solutions to straightforward problems. They need more guidance from the senior leads.
  • Requires 2 to 5 years of experience.
  • Software engineering methodologies.

Senior Business Analyst

  • Here the person works independently, solves complex problems, and uses best practices to solve the issues to improve products or services.
  • Requires in-depth knowledge.
  • Requires 5 to 8+ years of experience.

Lead Business Analyst, Business Analyst IV

  • May lead a team to work collaboratively, develops strategies to solve business issues, 
  • Requires Master's degree, 10+ years of experience.

You can also check out Data Analyst vs Data Scientist here.

Preparation strategy

After discussing the role, salary, perks, and responsibilities, you might be wondering about the preparation strategy for this role.

Let's discuss the preparation strategies you can use to get the job at Lenskart.

Preparation strategy

Generally, there are four rounds for Business Analysts at Lenskart.

Screening Test

A candidate is tested for aptitudelogical reasoning, analytical part, and programming skills in this initial round. The time duration and the overview of the test details are well provided before.

They appear for the next round after a candidate has cleared the test.

Phone Screening Round

The Phone Screening round is a one-to-one conversation over a phone call where a candidate is tested based on technical skills. 

Technical Round

This round comes after the completion of the phone screening round. It is a proper test for the candidate's technical and overall mental presence questions about Business Analytics, and SQL. The candidate has to code in Python or R language.

Note: This round is crucial for skill testing.

Behavioural or Human Resource Round

After the candidates have gone through this tough process, Interviewers ask Human resource questions like the company's values, goals, ambitions, team play, etc.

Questions like:

  • Why do you want to join Lenskart?
  • What are your greatest strengths and weakness?
  • Do you have any problem with relocation?

Refer to HR interview questions for more information.

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Resources For Preparation

There are some resources listed below to get a systematic way to learn things, and they will help you to become a Business Analyst.

Resources for preparation

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a business analyst?

A business analyst identifies, interprets, and documents business processes, services, and products through data analysis and provides solutions to business problems. Ensuring that business efficiency increases through the knowledge of analysis is the role of the business analyst.

What is the difference between Business Analyst and Data Analyst?

Data Analysts work with the data more closely while Business Analyst provides solutions for business problems.

What is the salary of freshers?

The salaries at Lenskart India range from 4.9 to 5.5 lakhs(approx). This may vary according to the company.

What are Lenskart employee benefits?

Lenskart employee benefits and perks include health insurance, educational assistance, transportation, a work-from-home policy etc.

What are the different levels of business analyst profiles?

The different levels of business analyst profiles are Junior Business analyst, Business Analyst I, Senior Business analyst, and Lead Business analyst.


This article briefly describes Business Analyst at Lenskart. We went through responsibilities as a business analyst with salary and perks, skills and experience required, a career path as a Business Analyst at Lenskart, and a roadmap to becoming a Business Analyst at Lenskart. 

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Happy Learning!

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