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About Paytm
Who is Business Analyst? 
Roles and Responsibilities
About the Role
Salaries and Perks
Perks as a business analyst at Paytm
Skills and Experience
Preparation Strategy
Sharpen your skills 
Taking a course
During your Interviews
Get a Job as an Entry-Level Data Analyst.
Consider Obtaining a Certification or an Advanced Degree
Career Map
Data Analyst
Network Analyst
Test Analyst
Business Consultant
Resources for Preparation
Interview Resources
Technical Resources🛒
Aptitude Resources🛒
Other Resources🛒
Frequently Asked Questions
What does a business analyst at PayTM make?
What are business analyst skills?
Does a business analyst need SQL?
Do business analysts do coding?
Do business analysts use R or Python?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Business Analyst at Paytm

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Do you want a job as a business analyst at Paytm? Don't worry! we will provide a clear roadmap that many ninjas follow to bag offers from top companies like Paytm.

Don't be afraid because

ninja way

This article will discuss the prerequisites and strategies required to become a business analyst at Paytm.

But before jumping into the preparation strategy for becoming a business analyst at Paytm, let's learn some interesting facts about Paytm. So, let’s get started.

About Paytm

India's top financial services provider, Paytm, provides customers, physical businesses, and internet platforms with full-stack financial solutions. The company's goal is to use payments, commerce, banking, investments, and financial services to integrate half a billion Indians into the global economy. Vijay Shekhar Sharma launched One97 Communications Limited, which has the trademark Paytm and has its headquarters in Noida, Uttar Pradesh.

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Who is Business Analyst? 

A business analyst processes, interpret, and documents business processes, services, software, and products through data analysis. Ensuring that business efficiency increases through the knowledge of both business function and IT(Information Technology) is the role of the business analyst. 

Analysts of Paytm participate by researching the company's financials. They work to determine the company's value and price the stock accordingly. Business analysts are responsible for bridging business and IT using data analytics.

Roles and Responsibilities

roles and responsibilities

About the Role

Business analysts identify operational areas that can be strengthened and made more efficient to boost business operations. They frequently collaborate closely with others across the organizational structure to share their results and support the implementation of improvements.

Some major roles include:

🎯Determining and ranking the organization's functional and technical needs and requirements.

🎯Large data sets can be analyzed using SQL and Excel.

🎯Assembling graphs, tables, and other data visualization components. 

🎯The development of financial models to assist with business choices.

🎯Knowing corporate objectives, plans, and requirements.

🎯Enterprise architecture planning (the structure of a business).

🎯Forecasting, allocating funds and conducting financial and variance analysis.


Creating and maintaining management information dashboards and reports with useful insights

For the daily preparation of transaction reports, monitoring of parameters, and proactive detection of business trends

Doing regular data analysis and daily writing/editing of SQL queries for regular data reports

Automating routine reporting with various tools and working with various teams. 

Excel should be a strong suit.

They are streamlining the analytics and MIS processes by producing new reports.

Data analysis is important for corporate growth.

Salaries and Perks

salaries and perks

Paytm's business analysts with between one and six years of experience earn a yearly income of 7.2 Lakhs in India. Paytm India offers business analyst salaries ranging from 3.4 to 14.5 lakhs. Companies' salary estimates are based on 157 salaries submitted by different Paytm India workers.

Average Annual Salary ₹ 7,28,146
Estimated Take-Home Salary ₹  54,293 - ₹ 55,648/month

🚨🚨The salary figures mentioned above are subject to change. 

Perks as a business analyst at Paytm

🔥Free transport


🔥Team outing

🔥Education assistance

🔥Child care

🔥Paid sick leaves

🔥Work from home


🔥Soft skill training

🔥Job training

🔥Free food

🔥Health insurance

🔥International relocation

🔥Performance bonus

🔥Paid public holidays

To earn that kind of money, you must have some skills. So let's look at the skill set required for becoming a business analyst at Paytm.

Skills and Experience

skills and experience


Business analysts should be able to give substantial attention to details. They should have various skills, including problem-solving, communication, computer, critical thinking, mathematics, and writing skills.

Other skills that a business analyst should have are -



🏅Business Analysis

🏅Financial Services



🏅Business Intelligence





🏅Analytical skills

🏅Data Analysis

🏅Data Visualization

Now let's look at the experience required to become a business analyst at Paytm.


🚨Expert in the usage of Python/R, SQL, and Excel.

🚨Strong analytical, quantitative, and problem-solving skills.

🚨Excellent analytical abilities, including comprehending and evaluating facts in a business environment.

🚨English language proficiency. Various businesses have different business requirements and obstacles. The process of creating business solutions for an IT firm may differ from that of a healthcare organization. Even in a different capacity, having industry experience can give you an advantage when applying for positions.

🚨Understanding of business costs and benefits analysis

🚨Stakeholder research

🚨Having expertise in requirements engineering

🚨Model-based processes

🚨Knowledge of databases, networks, and other technology

Now you know all the critical information needed for the job. So what's left? The answer is preparation strategy and all the relevant resources. Don't worry! We have covered that part in the next section of this article.

Now, we will look into the preparation strategy of a business analyst at Paytm.

Preparation Strategy

preparation strategy

Before becoming a business analyst, you should know why you want to become one. That mindset will provide you with a driving force in critical moments. 

After you have decided, we will help you to kickstart your journey. 

Motivate yourself to learn data science and create some amazing ideas using it. Practice it consistently and understand new data science concepts one at a time. Before beginning your trip, it will be wise to participate in some workshops or conferences on data science. Set a clear goal for yourself and work toward it.

Sharpen your skills 

👩‍💻An understanding of finance, business principles, and accounting will help you to identify operational challenges and choose the best ways to resolve them.

👩‍💻A business analyst's primary responsibilities will include gathering, monitoring, and analyzing performance measures. You should know data analysis and visualization tools like Tableau, Excel, and BI Tools. Additionally, Knowledge of a computer language like SQL may be helpful.

👩‍💻 Knowledge of particular approaches, such as Agile Business Analysis, Six Sigma, or Rational Unified Process, may be beneficial.

Taking a course

Certification can expand your skill set, increase your earnings and make you more competitive for jobs. You can refer to this blog to understand more.


Before moving up to a higher-level role, internships and entry-level jobs in the accounting, finance, or business sectors can help you gain Experience. Look for positions like entry-level business analysts or junior business analysts in your job search. Making an appointment with a career counselor while you're still in school might help you comprehend the available opportunities.

During your Interviews

👩‍💻Be Confident: Be confident while giving answers to the interviewer, and don't panic when you are stuck while explaining they will be guiding you.

👩‍💻Communication Skills: One thing that will make you more extraordinary among other candidates is your communication skills, as the interviewer wants to check your thinking process and the approach by which you solve the problem.

Get a Job as an Entry-Level Data Analyst.

It's time to polish your resume. Then start applying for entry-level business analyst positions after you've gained experience dealing with business data and presenting your findings. Don't be scared to apply for jobs you don't feel qualified for. Your talents, portfolio, and excitement for a career may be more important than checking every bullet point on the credentials list.

Consider Obtaining a Certification or an Advanced Degree

Consider how you want to grow as a business analyst and what other certifications can help you. Certifications such as the Certified Analytics Professional or the Cloudera Certified Associate Business Analyst may help you qualify for more advanced roles with higher pay grades.

Lastly, keep practicing; you can't be an expert if you can't practice. Remember that these are the building blocks of your career as a business analyst. 


Now we will provide you with a roadmap, and please follow it to avoid confusion.

Career Map

You have numerous job opportunities on your path to becoming a business analyst at Paytm. Here are some job paths for a business analyst:

Data Analyst

A Data Analyst at Paytm gathers and organizes data to discover relevant information, inform conclusions, or aid decision-making. They use various statistical techniques to evaluate data, build and manage databases, maintain data systems, and seek trends in massive data sets.

Network Analyst

Network analysts are responsible for installing, configuring, and maintaining a company's computer network. They aid in the optimization of information technology operations, analyzing network requirements, and configuring hardware and software.

Career Map

Test Analyst

Before releasing computer hardware or software to the public, test analysts examine it to confirm its functionality. They assist in the development process by creating test plans, executing tests, and analyzing the findings.

Business Consultant

Business consultants offer expert finance, management, and security advice. They aid in the improvement of a company's business processes by detecting flaws and proposing alternatives for change.

Note - The career path of a business analyst may vary a little from company to company.

So buckle up, fellow business analyst! You are the future.

Resources for Preparation


Alright! Here are the resources to help you prepare for your recruitment exam and interview.

Interview Resources

Technical Resources🛒

Aptitude Resources🛒

Other Resources🛒

Cool! Check the video given below for some more help.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a business analyst at PayTM make?

For experience ranging from 1 to 6 years, the average PayTM Business Analyst salary in India is 7.3 Lakhs. PayTM India offers business analyst salaries ranging from 3.4 to 14.5 lakhs.

What are business analyst skills?

The ability to think critically, solve problems, and make decisions are three essential traits of a successful business analyst. Knowledge of the corporate world or the industry is a bonus, as are managerial abilities.

Does a business analyst need SQL?

Yes, since big data and relational databases have become the new standard for most businesses, SQL proficiency is required for almost all business analyst positions.

Do business analysts do coding?

To work as an analytics expert, you don't necessarily need to be able to write code, though having programming skills is advantageous. When handling and analyzing data, statistical tools like SPSS, SAS, Sage, Mathematica, and even Excel can be used in addition to the abovementioned languages.

Do business analysts use R or Python?

One of the most widely used languages for business analytics right now is Python, which is expanding at an astounding rate. Since its programming syntax is straightforward and its commands closely resemble the English language, it is frequently regarded as one of the simpler programming languages to read and learn.


This blog covered the job role of a business analyst at Paytm. We went through responsibilities with salary and perks, skills and experience required, a Career path, and a roadmap to become a business analyst at Paytm. To learn more, check out our articles on

Refer to our guided paths on Coding Ninjas Studio to learn more about DSA, Competitive Programming, JavaScript, System Design, etc. Enroll in our courses, refer to the mock test and problems, and look at the interview experiences and interview bundle for placement preparations.

That's all from the article. I hope you all like it.

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