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About MakeMyTrip
About the Role
Salary and Perks
Skills and Experience Required
Job Responsibilities 
Preparation Strategy
Career Map
Business Intelligence Architect 
Business Intelligence Developer
Business Intelligence Lead
SQL Server Developer
Business Intelligence Manager
Frequently asked questions
What does the Business Intelligence Specialist do?
What are the key skills required for this role?
Does MakeMyTrip hire freshers for this role?
Does MakeMyTrip provide any other job benefits?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Business Intelligence Specialist at MakeMyTrip

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Hello Ninjas, 

Are you looking forward to joining MakeMyTrip as a Business Intelligence Specialist? Are you still confused about the role, salary, and job expectations? Are you looking for a perfect guide to start preparing? 

Don't worry. This article is all set to clear your doubts about the job description, job responsibilities, skills required, salary and perks, and preparation strategy for MakeMyTrip.

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Before going any further, Let us discuss about MakeMyTrip.

About MakeMyTrip

Logo of MakeMyTrip

MakeMyTrip is India's one-stop-travel-shop which was founded in 2000 by Deep Kalra. Its headquarters are in Gurgaon, Haryana. The services provided by the company include online travel booking, holiday packages, hotel reservations, and much more. MakeMyTrip is constantly improving its technology to provide better travel solutions.

Now let's jump over to understand the job role.

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About the Role

A Business Intelligence Specialist collects, organizes, and cleans the data. They analyze the data to generate useful and unknown patterns. Their job is to image data in the form of charts and graphs. They have to extract patterns from graphs that help the company to make the right decisions.

about role

They work towards increasing the performance of the business. They play an essential role in decision-making and strategy preparation.

Salary and Perks

In MakeMyTrip, the salary for the role of Business Intelligence Specialist ranges between ₹ 4.5 Lakhs to 7.5 Lakhs per annum. 

Table displaying annual salary

The salary figures mentioned above are subject to change.


Lots of benefits/perks are provided by MakeMyTrip as you work for them.

Some of them are listed below. 

🌟 Open Leave policy

🌟 Mobile and Broadband Expenses 

🌟 Flexible working

🌟 Stock Options

🌟 Mediclaim insurance for self and family

🌟 Discounted Holidays

🌟 Maternity / Paternity Benefits

Skills and Experience Required

The qualification required for this role are as follows - 

🎓 Master of Business Administration ( MBA ) is required.

🎓 4+ years of experience in a growth management or business analyst role.

🎓 Proven work experience with an e-commerce business in analytics/revenue or category management. 


This image displays skills.

Let's take a look at the skills required for this role - 

📌 Strong knowledge of advanced excel.

📌 MS Office - Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. 

📌 Familiarity with SQL / Python / R / Google Analytics / Power BI.  

📌 Excellent communication skills - both written & verbal. 

📌 Ability to work in cross-functional environments, including Supply, Revenue, etc.

📌 Strong analytical skills with the ability to analyze data to extract accurate information

📌 Sound knowledge of various fields like Revenue, Category, etc. 

Job Responsibilities 

job responsibilities

The following are the primary roles and responsibilities -

💥 Creating effective KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to meet business objectives.

💥 Capable of leading projects of strategic importance.

💥 Capable of building and tracking MIS (Management Information Systems) and BI reports.

💥 Familiarity with departments like Category, Revenue, etc., to ensure business growth. 

💥 Responsibility for defining new improvement opportunities. 

💥 Maintain access rights and security for users

💥 Build complex data sets to retrieve data with MDX (Multidimensional Data Expressions) queries

💥 Regularly monitor data collection

Preparation Strategy

preparation strategy

It is crucial to have a good preparation strategy to clear all the stages of Online Assessments along with the Interviews.

You can refer to the following resources to start your preparation for the same: 

🔷 Good knowledge of Aptitude is a must for online assessment examinations. Aptitude helps the company evaluate us on the basis of our thinking ability. We must prepare topics like Logical reasoning, Verbal ability, Essay writing, etc. 

🔷 Since Microsoft Excel is an essential skill for this job, we must establish a good grip on it. Prepare important features of excel like vlookups, pivot tables, and text functions.

🔷 Once you finish this, the next important step is to brush up on your Data Visualisation skill; refer to this link. Prepare methods to clean and visualize data in form of various charts and graphs. Learn about the tools required for the same. 

🔷 Next, we need to prepare for a programming language; Python or R Language is a good option for this role. Important libraries of Python like Matplotlib, pyplot, and seaborn must be prepared for questions in the interview round.

🔷 Along with these, we must focus on learning SQL as its knowledge is vital for this role. We must practice SQL queries for big real-world databases. 

🔷 The next big step will be the Interview round. Prepare well for the Interview Questions that are to be asked. Along with the languages, technical topics like OOPS, computer networks, and operating systems should also be prepared for the same.

Career Map

The experience in this role can take you to much greater heights. With further knowledge in this role, you can take on more responsibilities. 

career map

Following are some of the roles one can take after gaining good experience -

Business Intelligence Architect 

They are responsible for building architecture that benefits a business. Work experience is required in related technical fields.

Business Intelligence Developer

The job role includes developing BI Interfaces that are used for analyzing the data. Knowledge of software development is required, with experience in BI.

Business Intelligence Lead

The primary responsibility is to lead the data analysis to generate business decisions. 5-7 years of experience is usually required.

SQL Server Developer

A SQL Server Developer develops and maintains SQL servers. Good Experience in SQL is also required. 

Business Intelligence Manager

The main task is to manage a BI team to ensure effective business decision-making. Five years of experience is required in a relevant field.

Frequently asked questions

What does the Business Intelligence Specialist do?

The primary responsibility includes cleaning, organizing, and analyzing data to extract patterns that help increase the performance of the business. 

What are the key skills required for this role?

The Candidate should have knowledge of advanced excel and other MS Office applications - Word and PowerPoint along with SQL / Python / R / Google Analytics / Power BI and excellent communication skills.

Does MakeMyTrip hire freshers for this role?

No, at least 4 years of experience in a Growth Management or Business Analyst role is required.

Does MakeMyTrip provide any other job benefits?

Yes, benefits like Stock options, Mobile & Broadband expenses, mediclaim insurance, discounted holiday packages, maternity/paternity benefits, and many others are provided.


In this article, we have discussed the role of the Business Intelligence Specialist at MakeMyTrip. We have also discussed the skills and experience required for this job role. We have gone through the preparation strategy and career map for the same.

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Happy Coding !!

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