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Key Differences: CakePHP vs Laravel
What is CakePHP?
Advantages of CakePHP
Disadvantages of CakePHP
What is Laravel?
Advantages of Laravel
Disadvantages of Laravel
Comparison: CakePHP vs Laravel
Which one to choose: CakePHP vs Laravel?
Frequently Asked Questions
Is Laravel back-end or front-end?
Is it simple to learn CakePHP?
What does Laravel's Blade mean?
Which framework between CakePHP vs Laravel is best for enterprise-level projects?
Which is simpler to implement: Laravel vs CakePHP?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

CakePHP vs Laravel

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Laravel is a robust open-source MVC PHP framework primarily used to create fresh, innovative, and fully-featured web applications. It gives a varied selection of PHP frameworks' fundamental features. 

In contrast, CakePHP is a PHP framework that is available as open source. It is also built using a potent architecture similar to MVC. It is primarily used to design and manage applications in a much simpler and more practical manner. The availability of several libraries makes it much simpler to implement the various functions.

cakephp vs laravel

So now, in this article, CakePHP vs laravel, we will examine each framework individually.

Key Differences: CakePHP vs Laravel

  • Laravel and CakePHP are both open-source frameworks, but Laravel is free, whereas CakePHP is not.
  • CakePHP uses the document-oriented database model, whereas Laravel uses the object-oriented model.
  • While CakePHP has adopted the Hierarchical Model View Controller (HMVC) architecture, Laravel is built on the Model View Controller (MVC) architecture.
  • CakePHP is far more appropriate for creating small-scale projects than Laravel, which could be better for them and becomes somewhat difficult.
  • From the standpoint of security benchmarks, CakePHP is more important than Laravel.
  • Regarding routing, CakePHP is a more practical option than Laravel.
  • Laravel is a much better option than CakePHP for scaling purposes. When larger projects are under consideration for construction, this occurs more frequently.
  • When considering rapid web development and enhancement, the Laravel framework is a superior option.
  • Laravel is a much better option than CakePHP from the perspective of data handling and backups.
  • Laravel has a compiler feature compared to CakePHP. Such a feature does not exist in CakePHP.
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What is CakePHP?


Another open-source PHP framework that makes it easier to create and maintain web applications is CakePHP. Cake PHP includes built-in support for business logic, validation, secure request processing, unit testing, and other capabilities of a similar nature.

Developers can use CakePHP's environment flexibility to create web apps that load quickly. Additionally, CakePHP supports databases such as MYSQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Lite, and others.

Advantages of CakePHP

  • CakePHP is a security framework that makes user authentication simple.
  • Learning this framework is simple. It significantly aids in the simplification of application development.
  • For complicated programs and web pages, it is really helpful. The CakePHP framework is MVC-based.
  • Through the framework, the positioning and setup of the website are done automatically. The database needs to be locked.
  • One of CakePHP's key benefits is the availability of ready-to-use templates. Web application development is sped up as a result.
  • The structure is simple to control. Even novice coders find working with it simply.
  • CakePHP offers simple-to-use custom test functions. This facilitates testing chores and makes development simple.

Well, every useful thing has some minor-major shortcomings; in the next section of the article CakePHP vs laravel, we will look into some disadvantages of the CakePHP framework.

Disadvantages of CakePHP

  • In contrast to other frameworks, CakePHP requires updating default routes to create URLs.
  • Comparing Cake PHP to other frameworks, Way routing is a weakness.
  • Cake PHP's documentation could be more thorough than other frameworks.
  • Moving from Cake PHP version 2 to version 3 was problematic for users. PHP does not support several backward compatibility updates to make it quicker. Therefore, developers cannot convert to an upgraded version but can create brand-new applications with Cakephp 3.

What is Laravel?


An open-source PHP framework for building web apps is called Laravel. Expressive command-line interfaces, quick web development tools, a sizable library of reusable components, and comparable features are all provided by Laravel.

Laravel allows developers to create reliable applications with minimal code. These programs have extremely scalable codebases and are simple to maintain. Additionally, Laravel developers access and work with databases using object-relational mapping.

Advantages of Laravel

  • The limitations between distinct database objects are maintained with the aid of Laravel. Using an advanced search mechanism builder, this is accomplished.
  • The framework has an automatic loading feature. It does not need manual upkeep or incorporation of roadways.
  • Using a LOC container, Laravel facilitates the development of new tools.
  • The version control method offered by the framework is simple. This solution facilitates the handling of migrations more simply.
  • Last but not least, installing and customizing the framework is quick and simple.

Disadvantages of Laravel

  • Due to its youth, Laravel is less developed than many other frameworks. The composer is less powerful than npm, ruby gems, and pip.
  • When compared to Ruby on Rails, the development is slower.
  • It is a new platform for developers to work with and is extremely slow.
  • When extending codes and classes, novice developers encounter difficulties.
  • Compared to other platforms, there is less widespread community support.
  • In the reverse routing process, there are numerous complicated methods.
  • Transferring legacy systems to Laravel is complex.

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Comparison: CakePHP vs Laravel

Features CakePHP Laravel
Cost Requires a license to operate. It is free to operate.
Convenience Regarding routing, CakePHP is quite practical for site designers and developers. Compared to CakePHP, Laravel provides developers and programmers with less development convenience.
Security It is robust and it's more secure than laravel. It’s secure but not as much as CakePHP.
Scaling CakePHP is less scalable than Laravel since it sometimes needs help to keep up with the organization's expanding needs. The Laravel framework outperforms CakePHP in terms of scaling since it offers configurations that enable you to create moderately scalable solutions to your company's needs.
Plugins To manage tasks, the CakePHP framework provides plugins. You can reuse the code. Although the Laravel framework also provides plugins, the selection is less broad than that of CakePHP.
Documentation CakePHP's documentation is less comprehensive than the Laravel framework's. Laravel, on the other hand, comes with thorough documentation and community assistance.



Only smaller apps can benefit from the quick testing experience offered by CakePHP. It is not advisable to create bigger apps. Compared to CakePHP, Laravel is a better choice for performance testing. Additionally, testing runs more smoothly for huge applications.
Data handling Due to its focus on smaller projects, CakePHP cannot handle data more straightforwardly. Compared to CakePHP, Laravel's data handling and backup processes are quite effective.
Basic Performance In the case of small projects, CakePHP performs more quickly than Laravel. However, it is not favored for large-scale applications because it needs a data-binding technique. Due to its two-way data binding method, Laravel is a well-known open-sourced (model view controller) framework that offers exceptional performance for challenging tasks.
Templating Engine There needs to be lightweight, adaptable, and versatile. templating engine available in CakePHP. Unlike CakePHP, Laravel has a configurable template engine that gives developers more options.

Which one to choose: CakePHP vs Laravel?

Without sacrificing flexibility, CakePHP enables developers to work in an organized manner. Using CakePHP, developers may create applications without starting from scratch.

Laravel provides several features for creating reliable online apps. Developers may instantly deploy applications by utilizing Laravel.

Developers must decide between Laravel and CakePHP based on the project's specifications and schedule. Before choosing a framework, developers must weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each.

So that’s the end of the article CakePHP vs Laravel. Now, let’s look at frequently asked questions to clarify doubts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Laravel back-end or front-end?

A back-end framework called Laravel makes it easier to create server-side applications with functions like user accounts and order management.

Is it simple to learn CakePHP?

A powerful open-source PHP framework with simple learning curves is CakePHP.

What does Laravel's Blade mean?

Laravel's The Blade templating engine provides distinctive templates and streamlines syntax writing.

Which framework between CakePHP vs Laravel is best for enterprise-level projects?

Regarding improvement, the Laravel framework is a much superior option. Scalability is another area where it surpasses CakePHP. Laravel is the best option for huge projects since it guarantees quick and simple development.

Which is simpler to implement: Laravel vs CakePHP?

Comparatively speaking to Laravel, CakePHP is simpler to implement. CakePHP aims to simplify online applications' creation, deployment, and maintenance. It has an appealing MVC design that is simple to understand.


In this article, we learned about the major differences between CakePHP vs Laravel. Later, we looked into each of the frameworks individually. Lastly, we learned which of the two is better according to conditions.

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