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Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024
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CFG to PDA Conversion

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Before learning the technique of converting CFG to PDA, we will first understand the definition of CFG and PDA. CFG stands for Context-free Grammar, and PDA stands for Pushdown Automata.


Context-Free Grammar (CFG)

Context-free grammar (CFG) is a quadruple (N, T, P, S) made up of a finite collection of grammatical rules. Here N stands for the set of non-terminal symbols, T stands for the set of terminal symbols, P is a set of rules, and S is the start symbol. Also, N ∩ T should be NULL.

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Pushdown Automata (PDA)

In a manner similar to how we create DFA for regular grammar, a pushdown automaton is a means to implement context-free grammar. A PDA can store unlimited amounts of information, but a DFA can only store a finite quantity.

We can also call PDA “Finite state machine” + “stack”.

PDA can be defined using a 7-tuple (Q, ∑, S, δ, q0, I, F)

  • Q : finite number of states
  • S : stack symbols
  • ∑ : input alphabet
  • δ : transition function (Q × (∑ ∪ {ε}) × S × Q × S*)
  • q0 : initial state (q0 ∈ Q)
  • I : initial stack top symbol (I ∈ S)
  • F : set of accepting states (F ∈ Q)

Also, the PDA has three components. They are as follows:

  • Input tape
  • Control unit
  • Stack with infinite size (it does two operations, PUSH and POP)

CFG to PDA Conversion


Conversion of CFG to PDA consists of five steps. The steps are as follows:

  • Convert the CFG productions into GNF.
  • There will only be one state, "q," on the PDA.
  • The CFG's first symbol will also be the PDA's initial symbol.
  • Include the following rule for non-terminal symbols:
    • δ(q, ε, A) = (q, α), Where the production rule is A → α
  • Add the following rule for each terminal symbol:
    • δ(q, a, a) = (q, ε) for every terminal symbol

Let us understand the above rules by an example.


Get detail information about Greibach Normal Form here.


Example 1

The following grammar should be converted to a PDA that supports the same language.

S → 0S1 | A  
A → 1A0 | S | ε  


Unit productions can be removed in order to first simplify the CFG:

S → 0S1 | 1S0 |  ε  

We shall now translate this CFG into GNF:

S → 0SX | 1SY |  ε  
X → 1  
Y → 0  

A PDA could be:

R1: δ(q, ε, S) = {(q, 0SX) | (q, 1SY) | (q, ε)}
R2: δ(q, ε, X) = {(q, 1)}
R3: δ(q, ε, Y) = {(q, 0)}
R4: δ(q, 0, 0) = {(q, ε)}
R5: δ(q, 1, 1) = {(q, ε)}

Example 2

Create a PDA for the provided CFG, and check if 0104 is supported by it.

S → 0BB  
B → 0S | 1S | 0  


You may present the PDA as:

A = {(q), (0, 1), (S, B, 0, 1), δ, q, S, ?}

The production rule δ can be:

R1: δ(q, ε, S) = {(q, 0BB)}
R2: δ(q, ε, B) = {(q, 0S) | (q, 1S) | (q, 0)}
R3: δ(q, 1, 1) = {(q, ε)}
R4: δ(q, 0, 0) = {(q, ε)}
Analyzing 0104, i.e., 010000, against a PDA
δ(q, 010000, S) ⊢ δ(q, 010000, 0BB)  
                ⊢ δ(q, 10000, BB)              R1  
                ⊢ δ(q, 10000,1SB)              R3    
                ⊢ δ(q, 0000, SB)               R2        
                ⊢ δ(q, 0000, 0BBB)             R1     
                ⊢ δ(q, 000, BBB)               R3        
                ⊢ δ(q, 000, 0BB)               R2      
                ⊢ δ(q, 00, BB)                 R3     
                ⊢ δ(q, 00, 0B)                 R2    
                ⊢ δ(q, 0, B)                   R3    
                ⊢ δ(q, 0, 0)                   R2  
                ⊢ δ(q, ε)                      R3    

Thus, 0104 is accepted.

Also see, Turing Machine in TOC Arden's theorem

Frequently Asked Questions

What is automata CFG?

In order to produce every feasible pattern of strings in a given formal language, context-free grammar (CFG) is used. Four tuples are required to define it (V, T, P, S). Grammar is made up of a set of production rules, or G. It is used to create a language's strings.

Why do we use CFG?

CFGs are used to define computer languages, and context-free grammar can be used to automatically produce compiler parser programmes.

What are CFG and pushdown automata?

If a grammar G is context-free, we can construct a comparable nondeterministic PDA that will take the language that the context-free grammar G generates. The grammar G can have a parser constructed for it. Additionally, if P is a pushdown automaton, it is possible to create an analogous context-free grammar G where L(G) = L (P).

What is the PDA algorithm?

The Pushdown Automata is a finite automaton that has additional memory known as a stack that enables it to recognize context-free languages. An example of a pushdown automata (PDA) is Q; it is a collection of states. ∑  the collection of input symbols. Γ is a collection of pushdown symbols (which can be pushed and popped from the stack).

What are the different types of PDA?

There are two varieties of push-down automata as well: deterministic push-down automata (DPDA) and non-deterministic push-down automata, similar to DFA and non-deterministic finite automata (NFA) (NPDA). Context-free languages (CFL), indicated by LCF, are the languages that PDA can understand.


In this article, we have learned a simple technique to convert Context-free Grammar to Pushdown Automata. Also, we have solved examples that will help you understand the steps for converting CFG to PDA.

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Happy Coding!

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Frequently Asked Questions
What is automata CFG?
Why do we use CFG?
What are CFG and pushdown automata?
What is the PDA algorithm?
What are the different types of PDA?