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Last updated: Jun 13, 2022

Cloud and Big Data

When talking about big data, usually the concept of the cloud is brought up. We all visualize how the cloud is helpful when dealing with big data. This article covers these concepts of the cloud and shows the cloud deployment models and delivery models. We will be covering cloud in big data deeply so sit tight and take notes.
Cloud in the context of the Big data
This blog will help you know more about the importance of the cloud in Big data. First, we will learn what is cloud computing and cloud delivery models and how Big data plays a role in it.
Cloud Deployment Models in Big data
In this blog, we will learn about Cloud Deployment Models in Big data.
Cloud Delivery Models EASY
A cloud delivery model represents a specific, pre-packaged combination of computing resources offered by a cloud provider.
Cloud Characteristics for Big Data EASY
This blog discusses the characteristics of Cloud computing that are helpful for Big Data
IaaS in Public Cloud
This blog will cover IaaS in Public Cloud. IaaS is infrastructure-as-a-service and we will focus mainly on its role in the public cloud and its advantages.
PaaS in Private Cloud EASY
This blog discusses PaaS in the private Cloud and the services it offers.
Saas in Hybrid Cloud EASY
In this blog, we will learn about Hybrid Cloud and Saas.
Examining Cloud For Big Data Deployment EASY
This blog explains the careful use of the Cloud in context with Big Data.