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Table of contents
About IBM 
About the Role
Skills Required
Hard Skills
Soft Skills
Salary of Cloud Developer at IBM
Career Map
Test Pattern
Preparation Strategy
Learn and Practice 
 Coding Resources
Interview Experience at IBM
How to Apply?
Frequently Asked Questions
Is cloud computing available at IBM?
Is working as a cloud developer at IBM an excellent job?
Are cloud developers at IBM labor-intensive?
Is DevOps a cloud developer?
Do cloud engineers have access to work from home?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Cloud Developer at IBM

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Eager to continue and advance your career as a cloud developer at IBM? Unsure of where to start and what to prepare? Be at ease. We have answers to all your questions.

cloud developer at IBM

This blog went into great detail about cloud developer at IBM, including the qualifications and skills needed to join, the exam format, and the best way to prepare.

Let's first discuss a little bit about the company itself.

About IBM 

IBM is an abbreviation for International Business Machines Corporation, a global technology company based in Armonk, New York, with operations in over 171 nations. The Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company (CTR), formed in 1911 in Endicott, New York, by trust merchant Charles Ranlett Flint, underwent a name change in 1924.

IBM logo

IBM creates and sells computer hardware, middleware, and software and offers to host and consult services in fields including mainframe computing and nanotechnology. For 29 years, it has held the record for the most yearly U.S. patents produced by a company.

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About the Role

Cloud developers are technical experts who comprehend the principles required for creating and managing safe cloud applications. Cloud developer at IBM have prior knowledge of building and managing apps on the IBM Cloud. They know best practices for developing apps by putting their code on cloud platforms and expanding them with managed services. They can complete these duties with little to no help from peers, product manuals, or customer support.

Skills Required

This section will discuss hard/technical and soft/non-technical skills that a cloud developer should have.

Hard Skills

  • Competent modern programming language 
  • REST
  • JSON
  • HTTP 
  • Cloud computing concepts 
  • Java
  • Networking skills
  • Cloud infrastructure basics
  • Knowledge of Hypervisor and data visualization
  • Spring boot Shell scripting
  • Node.js
  • DevOps (Maven, Jenkins) & containerization
  • Amazon Web Services (EKS, ECS Fargate, Lambda, API GW, Messaging, Cloud watch, etc.)

Soft Skills

  • Communication
  • Project Management
  • Analytical ability
  • Problem solving
  • Leadership
  • Adaptability
  • Decision making


Until now, we got to learn about the IBM company, the cloud developer and the skills they need to have, and the test pattern of IBM. Now we will discuss the responsibilities of a cloud developer at IBM.

  • Planning and implementing cloud-ready applications.
  • Enhancing cloud applications using managed services.
  • Managing applications using continuous delivery toolchains and other cloud services.
  • Using cloud services to secure applications.
  • Work on end-to-end feature development and solve challenges faced in the implementation.
  • Collaborate with internal and external stakeholders to understand the problems and issues with the product and features and solve the issues as per SLAs defined.
  • Learn new technologies and implement the same in feature development.

Salary of Cloud Developer at IBM

This section will tell you about the salary and perks you will get as a cloud developer at IBM.

Average Annual Salary

₹ 17,64,787 Lakhs per year

Monthly Salary 

 ₹ 1,28,668 - ₹ 1,33,078/month

**The salary mentioned above is subject to change.


IBM is a notable corporation with a pleasant work culture and favorable working environment. Aside from the bonuses, there are certain consistent benefits of working at IBM, which are as follows:

  • Working from home
  • Location flexibility
  • No clocking in or out
  • No time constraints
  • Medical benefits
  • Unrestricted sick days
  • Insurance bonus for new employees
  • Cab service
  • In-house events
  • Retirement security
  • Income protection
  • Maternity and paternity leave

Career Map

Let’s now go through the career map of a cloud developer at IBM.

  • Cloud architects are experts who create a company's computing strategy. It entails the tactical planning of cloud infrastructure, cloud application design, cloud application management, and cloud application monitoring.
  • Cloud Networks engineers are in charge of working with network computing's hardware and software. They are in charge of making sure that everyone may use the shared resources in a safe and secure way.
  • Cloud Systems Engineer collaborates closely with the team to ensure that the cloud services and solutions live up to the clients or end-users expectations.
  • Cloud Security Engineer safeguards the platform and infrastructure built on the cloud. They are in charge of safeguarding and defending the organization's data.

Test Pattern

Every organization has a process for hiring new employees, depending on the qualifications needed for the position. With the help of these rounds, applicants will be chosen based on their aptitudes,experience, and other relevant qualities. Let’s now look at the test pattern of IBM.

Questions asked

64 questions

Questions needed to pass

43 questions


90 minutes

The Eight sections of the IBM cloud developer exam are:-

Section Number Of Questions
IBM Cloud Compute Options 11 Questions
Security and Identity 8 Questions
Modern Integration 11 Questions
Data Services 7 Questions
DevOps and Continuous Delivery 9 Questions
Using IBM Services 7 Questions
​​Managing a Running Cloud Application 8 Questions
Overview IBM Cloud Paks 3 Questions
​​Problem Management  5 Questions

Preparation Strategy

Getting a job requires preparation, which is crucial. This section will guide you in preparing for the cloud developer at IBM position with a curated list of courses and test series to follow.


Learn and Practice 

 Coding Resources


You can refer to the following video to guide you with the tips and tricks to crack your interviews.

Interview Experience at IBM

To read about the interview experience at IBM, refer to the following link  IBM Interview Experiences.

How to Apply?

Step 1: You can go to the careers page of IBM. And click on the 'Jobs' tab on the navigation panel at the top.

searching job

Step 2: You can search for the "Cloud Developer" role.

search image

Step 3:  Click on any of your preferable option.

searching cloud developer

Step 3:  Click on the Apply Now button.

applying for job image

After reading this blog, we hope you know all about the cloud developer at IBM. 

Check out IBM Interview Experience to learn about their hiring process.

All the best, Ninja!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is cloud computing available at IBM?

The most open and secure public cloud for business is offered by IBM Cloud, thanks to its cutting-edge hybrid cloud architecture, advanced data, and AI capabilities. 

Is working as a cloud developer at IBM an excellent job?

The field of cloud development is in high demand and offers several advantages. Companies employ cloud databases to store their data as more sectors move toward entirely remote workplaces. To secure businesses' data, many cloud developers create, maintain, and enhance the cloud database.

Are cloud developers at IBM labor-intensive?

Learning cloud development might be challenging. To become a cloud developer, you need to have experience with various development abilities, such as programming and API design.

Is DevOps a cloud developer?

No, A cloud developer's primary responsibilities in cloud computing are various technical ones. A DevOps engineer is primarily responsible for various software development and operations aspects.

Do cloud engineers have access to work from home?

If it is permitted by business policy and their current job responsibilities, cloud engineers may occasionally work from home.


This blog went into great detail about cloud developer at IBM, including the qualifications and skills needed to join, the exam format, and the best way to prepare. To know more about IBM Jobs, the way to get into IBM, or different profiles, you can check out these articles:

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Keep learning, and Keep Growing!

Happy Learning, Ninja!

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