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Last updated: Apr 27, 2022

Cloud Security

Security is the foremost important factor when it comes to protecting the data and crucial information. Therefore, cloud security is one of the major aspects of cloud computing. There are a lot of cyber threats and unwanted activities that can definitely ruin the security of the facilities that the cloud offers us. Let's understand the concept more we'll through this section.
Issues and challenges in cloud security EASY
In this article, we are going to know about the challenges faced while storing the data on cloud storage.
Cloud Security Governance EASY
This article discusses cloud security governance and key targets that can assist enterprises in maximising the business benefits of cloud security programs.
Cloud Security Governance Deployment Framework MEDIUM
This blog mainly focuses on cloud security governance deployment framework. We discuss the principles, design and implementation of the cloud governance model.
What are the security risks of cloud computing EASY
Security Risks of Cloud Computing 1. Data Loss 2. Malicious malware 3. Compliance issues 4. Data breaches 5. Account hijacking
Virtual Machine Security EASY
In this blog, we have discussed Virtual machine security and how to secure them, and what are the features to prefer over physical Machines
IAM Security Standard EASY
In this blog, we will discuss various tools and technologies in Identity Access Management (IAM) Security Standard, including the importance of IAM in cloud computing and Business firms. Then we will move to the Authentication and Risks associated with IAM in the cloud.
Virtual Box
In this article, we will discuss about Virtual Box and explore briefly all its features and benefits in the operating system.
Virtualbox vs Vmware
This article will serve as a comparison between Virtualbox vs. VMware, keeping in mind all the requirements needed.
Cloud First Strategy
This blog explains the details of the cloud first strategy with its advantages, disadvantages and future advancements.