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About Atlassian 🧐
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Skills Required
Preparation Strategy
Career Map
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Are cloud jobs stressful?
Is cloud engineer a promising career?
Is there a future in the cloud?
Is coding required for cloud engineers?
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Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Cloud Support Engineer at Atlassian

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Are you looking to grab a job as a Cloud Support Engineer at Atlassian? Kudos, you landed on the right page. 


This article is mainly focused on the position of Cloud Support Engineer at Atlassian. We will discuss the process, skill sets, and roadmap that will help you grab this dream job. We have also included some resources that will help you in your journey.

About Atlassian 🧐


Atlassian Corporation Plc is a software company that is based in Australia. It develops products for developers, project managers, and many others in software development. The corporation is based in the UK but has its US and global headquarters in San Francisco and Sydney, respectively.

With 10 million monthly active users, Atlassian claimed to serve 242,623 clients in over 190 countries during the fourth fiscal quarter of 2022. In June 2022, the business employed 8,813 people. With offices in 13 different nations, including Amsterdam, Austin, Boston, New York, San Francisco, Mountain View, Manila, Yokohama, Bangalore, and Sydney, Atlassian has a worldwide crew.

Now, let us discuss the role of a Cloud Support Engineer at Atlassian with its roles and responsibilities and a proper guide to crack the opportunity.

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About the job📝


As long as applicants have the proper working rights and have a suitable timezone overlap with their team, Atlassian is able to hire people in any nation where we have a legal presence. As soon as our offices reopen, Atlassians will have the option of working from home or going back to an office unless doing so is required for the job. Being a distributed-first organization, we perform virtual hiring processes and onboarding.

The role of the Cloud Support Engineer (Jira Cloud, EMEA) is not your typical job. 

  • At Atlassian, cloud support engineers are in charge of providing best-in-class assistance to customers and assisting them in having a positive experience while using our products through proactive projects that address issues at their root causes. 
  • They also assist in technical training, mentorship, problem-solving, and timely advice on global technical issues in order to take the most out of our Support Engineers. 
  • They get the chance to collaborate with coworkers or colleagues from various support centers thanks to this position. 
  • Unless the business requires work during other hours of the day, the candidate must be content to work during EMEA business hours.
  • After the Job description, let's move on to the Roles and Responsibilities of a Cloud Support Associate at Atlassian.

Roles and Responsibilities


As a Cloud Support Engineer at Atlassian, you will be responsible for:

  • Owning, troubleshooting, and solving complex customer technical issues, using collaboration, troubleshooting best practices, transparency within and across teams, and maintaining updates on the case.
  • Enabling the replication of issues to verify product-related bugs.
  • Debugging errors (code review if required), validation, and root cause analysis.
  • Contributing to case deflection initiatives, automation, and other digital self-help assets to improve customer/ engineer experience.
  • Providing technical leadership and mentoring for Support Engineers.
  • Driving technical collaboration & engagement outside of CSS (Product Engineering teams/Services/Support/Regions).
  • Acting as the central point of contact for local escalation management for the expertise acquired within a product domain and taking timely action to provide resolution (either technically or strategically).

After the roles and responsibilities, let’s move on to the Skills that are required for a Cloud Support Engineer at Atlassian.

Skills Required


If you want to become a Cloud Support Engineer at Atlassian, you must have:

  • Minimum of 5+ years of experience in Software Services, Technical Support, and/or system administration for a vast end-user community, preferably SaaS products.
  • Good experience in mentoring other support engineers to grow their technical and troubleshooting skills.
  • A proven record of de-escalating difficult situations with customers, working with executive levels while multi-tasking between tickets, and mentoring your team.
  • Supported customers over email, phone, and screen shares.
  • Coordinated training for new hires and conducted training using the skill gap analysis.
  • Experience working in a high case volume environment and ability to prioritize.
  • Demonstrated technical competence with database skills, with the expertise to write and update SQL queries with ease.
  • Used Browser dev tools, frontend troubleshooting, and HAR File analysis.
  • Experience working with APIs and REST calls.
  • An understanding of Network terminologies such as DNS, DHCP, Usage of Basic Network troubleshooting commands, SSL, Proxy, Firewalls, and identifying underlying Network issues.
  • Experience working with Splunk searching, monitoring, and analyzing machine-generated data via a Web-style interface or similar tools.
  • Experience understanding and supporting Java-based apps, being able to analyze/troubleshoot Stack trace and Java-based exceptions.
  • Familiarity with Cloud technologies, AWS will be a plus.
  • Good understanding of OAuth-based authentication and other authentication mechanisms such as SSO/SAML.
  • Experience with Jira and Confluence is a plus.
  • Ability to read/write python scripts.
  • Experience working in a Linux environment.
  • Understanding of mail flow concepts and mail protocols such as SMTP/POP/IMAP.

After all that, let’s move on to the Preparation Strategy that will help you in getting the role of Cloud Support Engineer at Atlassian.

Preparation Strategy


The interview process for cloud support engineer at Atlassian generally consists of three rounds.

  1. Screening round: It is a 45 minute get-to-know interview with the interviewer. If you’re fresh, be prepared with your resume thoroughly. Be ready for questions like “Why do you think you are best for this role?” or “Why do you want to work at Atlassian?” or “Why should we hire you?”. 
  2. Technical round: It is a one hour round focused on technical skills. It is of 3 sections, Operating System and Networking, DBMS, and Coding and DSA.
  3. Onsite Round: It is a full-day round consisting of 4 interviews. Three out of four are technical and the remaining one is behavioural. The main topics are OS, Computer Networking, DBMS and situational questions to check personality and behavioural aptitude.

For these round, 

  • Most Cloud Support Engineers start by getting a Bachelors's degree in Computer Science or any other related field.
  • Start learning Programming using Python or any other programming language.
  • Also, focus on learning deep knowledge of computer networks and operating systems.
  • After that, you can also learn to work on Database technologies.
  • You must also try to work on the Linux Operating System.
  • For this role, one of the essential things is experience. 
  • With all these, start working on your communication skills as well.

Career Map


The positions in Cloud engineering have an excellent education requirement depending on the job role in play at the organization. Let's have a look at the most popular cloud computing careers.

  • Cloud Developer: For jobs in cloud development, a bachelor's degree in software engineering, data science, computer science (CS), or a closely related branch of study is often required. Computer programming (especially in languages commonly used in cloud-based development, like Perl, Python, Ruby, PHP, Java &.NET), machine learning, artificial intelligence, DevOps, database development, secure software development, and application lifecycle management are desirable courses to look for in a cloud development training or degree program.
  • Cloud Architect: Candidates for cloud architect positions often need to hold a bachelor's degree or higher in information systems, network engineering, computer science, or a related profession. You should search for classes in cloud computing, systems analysis, agile development, serverless architecture, and database management in a degree program in cloud architecture. Many businesses give candidates with a Master's degree or MBA preference in the hiring process and greater pay because these positions are frequently senior positions that call for solid business judgment and some level of personnel management.



Now, check out the given links. They will help you in your journey.



The salary of a Cloud Support Engineer at Atlassian starts from ₹ 13,00,000 to ₹ 29,00,000 per year, which would make the average base salary be:

Average Annual Salary (/yr) ₹ 20,33,622 per year
Estimated Take Home Salary ₹ 1,33,545 - ₹ 1,38,447 per month


The average salary mentioned above is subject to change by Atlassian.

Link to Apply

You can apply for the role of Cloud Support Engineer at Atlassian using this link.


So, what are you waiting for?

Still nervous about the preparations? No issues. Practice makes the man perfect and confident! So why don’t you practice and gain some confidence? Check out the link that will help you to crack any interview😉👍.

In the end, it’s always you vs. you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are cloud jobs stressful?

Some specialized roles like Cloud engineer, Software development, and DevOps can be very stressful if you are handling multiple projects at once. However, when you start working on a project and understand it well, you can be pretty happy with your job.

Is cloud engineer a promising career?

Cloud engineers are involved in solving real-life problems that are affecting people all around the world. Jobs in this field will make use of various skills like Web Security, DevOps, Disaster Recovery, and many more. So, if you have a keen interest in this particular domain, then it's a great career option.

Is there a future in the cloud?

Cloud computing is robust and expansive. It will keep growing in the future and provide many benefits. Cloud computing is highly cost-effective. That is why companies can use it for their growth. The future of cloud computing is very bright and will provide good benefits to both the host as well as the customer.

Is coding required for cloud engineers?

In the IT industry, learning Cloud Computing technology can be done without any programming or coding skills or without experience. Start by learning the basics of cloud computing. In most cases, learning Cloud Computing requires a basic understanding of the cloud concepts.

Which cloud has the highest demand?

Today, Amazon Web Services or AWS is leading the public cloud market and is still growing. At the same time, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) are also progressing to gain market share. 


In this article, we have thoroughly discussed the Cloud Support Engineer at Atlassian. We hope that this article has helped you enhance your knowledge regarding the Cloud Support Engineer role at Atlassian and its preparation material as well as the process. 

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Merry Learning!

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