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Puzzle Description
Frequently Asked Questions
What is a puzzle interview?
How do you answer a puzzle in an interview?
Why do we do puzzles in interviews?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Color of the Bear

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A puzzle is a magnificent measure of one's analytical skills and lateral thinking. Many product-based companies ask the riddles to help them filter candidates based on their real-world problem-solving skills to approach a problem they have not seen before.

A puzzle may have multiple solutions. The interviewer is generally interested in the candidate's approach to solving the mystery and the approach to building and thinking creatively about the answer to the puzzle.

On the same note, we will discuss an exciting puzzle commonly asked in interviews; the Color of the bear.

Puzzle Description

A bear starts falling from a height of 10 meters and hits the ground sqrt(2) seconds later. Fortunately, as bears are strong and tough animals, it was lucky enough to survive the fall and did not get hurt. What is the color of the bear?

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The bear was of white color.

We are given the Height = 10m, Time = sqrt(2)

Therefore applying the equation of motion for uniformly accelerated motion,

h = (1/2) g x t


g = (2 x 10) / sqrt(2)2

Where g = gravity

After solving, g = 10m/s; this is the maximum gravity value on earth and occurs at the POLES. So the Color of the bear is white because it is a polar bear found at the North pole.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a puzzle interview?

Microsoft popularized the puzzle interview in the 1990s. Puzzle interviewers ask applicants to solve puzzles to check their analytical thinking skills.

How do you answer a puzzle in an interview?

First of all, think about the problem and carefully understand the question interviewer is trying to ask. Ask for any clarifications, if there are any. Lastly, don't just tell the answer, but clearly explain the solution.

Why do we do puzzles in interviews?

Puzzles are generally asked to see how you go about solving tricky problems. 


This article extensively discussed the Color of the Bear puzzle and provided its solution. 

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