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Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Common Android App Development Mistakes to Avoid


Ever since Android took over the market by storm, it has emerged as one of the most lucrative platforms for app developers. And thanks to the Internet, developers can now access a host of cheap app development tools and connect with the massive online community of developers. While there never is a better time to become an Android app developer, one must keep in mind that developing mobile applications is quite different from developing web apps. When freshers in Android app development make the shift from desktop to mobile, they often end up making some common mistakes that affect the overall efficiency of their apps.

Seven Common Rookie Mistakes that every Android developer should avoid

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Ignoring The Android Documentation

The Android Documentation is the holy grail for every Android developer because it comprises of numerous helpful tutorials, training videos, informative guides, and other essentials necessary for building Android apps. Thus, if you choose to ignore the Android documentation, you will miss out on expert tips and tricks to develop steady and reliable Android apps. You can either download the documentation with the help of SDK tools or read it online.


Not Building The Compatibility Quotient With Android Tools

Android SDK is replete with helpful tools that help you build great apps. While some tools allow you to create innovative designs and excellent layouts, there are also command line tools that can be used to gain easy access to the device hardware and emulators. Apart from this, Android SDK also consists of tools that help you enhance the performance of your apps and fine tune them. As an Android developer, if you do not familiarize yourself with these tools, you’ll not only have to put in more time and effort, but also you’ll miss out on enormous opportunities to improve your app.

Not Connecting With The Android Community

While building apps, you cannot expect the process to be seamless and free from challenges. There will come times where you may find yourself stuck at a particular step and cannot figure out what to do. Instead of cracking your head incessantly over the issue, reach out to the helpful and proactive Android developer communities such as StackOverflow. You can also try other resources such as Google mailing lists and tutorials available on Android Development Center.

Thinking Android Development Can Be Accomplished In A Jiffy

If you think that developing mobile applications is a matter of little time and effort, you are mistaken. Like web apps, mobile app too requires innovative and functional specs and hence, you need to incorporate advanced bug monitoring system, QA testers, and a release/maintenance strategy for Android apps. The aim is to build apps that are completely optimized for mobile devices and can run seamlessly on Android, and this requires dedicated effort.

Not Integrating The OS Correctly With The Android Platform

One of the most exceptional features of the Android platform is that it offers numerous choices to developers to integrate an app not just with the system but also other apps. As a developer you must ensure that your app is adequately integrated with the OS and hence, you need to stress on small features such as content providers, home screen widgets, intent signals, and so on. When you take care to integrate such tiny details into your app, you create a unique user experience for your users.

Vaguely Defining The App Configuration Details

Often it so happens that app developers do not publish or update the information about app configuration in the Android Manifest. When marketing an app, it is fundamental to enlist all the details about the app features and the device traits they support. Also, developers often demand unnecessary permissions on the Android Manifest, which can lead to faulty app publication on the Android app market, ultimately causing a drop in the user ratings.

Leaving Apps Idle After Launching Them

If you wish to stay relevant in the app market, you just cannot leave your apps idle. Applications must be continuously updated to improve user experience, eliminate bugs and glitches, and to the enhance their overall efficiency. When you do not update and maintain your apps, they fail to keep up with the dynamic trends in the market.

So, now that you know what mistakes you should avoid while developing Android apps, you can steer clear of such pitfalls. And if you wish to step up your app development game, join the Coding Ninjas advanced Android app development course – Envision, today!

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