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Last updated: May 12, 2022

Compiler design PYQs

Hello Ninjas, Compiler Design in Computer Science Engineering is an important subject. This subject includes the Lexical analyzer, Parsing, Syntax-Directed Translation, Runtime Environment, etc. This subject carries a weightage of 4 % in GATE exams. Here we are going to provide you with previous year's questions on Compiler Design. By looking at these previous year's questions, you will get some basic knowledge that what type of questions are more likely to appear in exams and you can prepare accordingly for your exams. Solving these questions will help you to prepare more proficiently for the GATE exams. All the very best!
Gate Questions on Lexical Analysis
This blog will discuss previous years' gate questions on Lexical Analysis.
Parsing and syntax-directed translation Questions EASY
In this article, we will discuss gate previous year's questions on parsing and syntax-directed translation.
Code generation and optimization EASY
In this article, you will go through some crucial previous year questions of the GATE exam on code generation and optimization.