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Goldman Sachs Online Application
Goldman Sachs First Interview
Goldman Sachs Aptitude Tests
Goldman Sachs Final Interview
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the Goldman Sachs exam?
Is the Goldman Sachs exam easy?
Is the Goldman Sachs exam proctored?
What is the eligibility criteria for the Goldman Sachs exam?
How do I prepare for Goldman Sachs off-campus?
Is there negative marking in the Goldman Sachs exam?
How difficult is the Goldman Sachs aptitude test?
How do I prepare for a Goldman Sachs interview?
How is the Goldman Sachs aptitude test?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Complete Guide on Goldman Sachs India Assessment Test

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Goldman Sachs India is a multinational company dealing in various financial services like asset management, prime brokerage, mergers and acquisitions, securities, and underwriting.

Its main areas of focus are investment banking and investment management, which make it one of the best prospective places for investment bankers to work at.

Goldman Sachs India employs many graduate students and numerous interns every year. With Goldman Sachs India being one of the most well-known institutions for investment banking, the competition for filling up the positions at the company can be very fierce.

This is where solid training, preparation, and foresight into the recruitment process can help and increase your chances of success. 

This article lays down the assessment process for both graduates and internship candidates. So, read on to know more…

Goldman Sachs Online Application

The first step for the Goldman Sachs India assessment process is filling in the application form in a way so that you make a great first impression on the employer. The online application asks you to fill in your basic details, academic qualifications, and work history.

Highlighting your language skills can immensely help as Goldman Sachs prefers employees that have better command over the language.

After the basic application form, there are two separate sections. The first section asks for the details of your leadership experiences and the second one needs you to provide a motivational letter.

In the Leadership Experience section, you need to answer questions that elaborate on your previous experiences in leadership, how you led the team, your team’s success, and how you contributed to that success. Real-life examples from school, college, or work might help you to elaborate on this.

You should build or frame your answers following the STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result) method. You should also keep in mind the following competencies that Goldman Sachs India looks for in candidates:

  • Leadership
  • Honesty and integrity
  • Problem-solving
  • Teamwork
  • Personal initiatives
  • Creativity
  • Client service
  • High standards of excellence

In the motivational letter, you need to write about your inspiration for applying for a job at Goldman Sachs India. This is similar to a cover letter but the company calls it a ‘Motivations for Applying’ letter because it wants candidates to be focused on this topic only. 

Write about the reasons why you want to work for Goldman Sachs India and why do you think the company is unique?

Add substance to your answers with the help of evidence and reasons. You should also write the answer in reference to the job position you are applying for and mention the qualities you bring to that role and the business as a whole.

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Goldman Sachs First Interview

This first interview is conducted by a senior manager of the concerned department and is almost 30 minutes long. It tests your competency by focusing on your past achievements and experiences and determines if you are a cultural fit for the company or not.

There are also some industry-specific questions that will test your knowledge about Goldman Sachs, its products and services, its role in the industry, competitors, clients, and many more.

Goldman Sachs Aptitude Tests

After the first interview, there is a numerical and verbal test. Candidates applying for technical jobs also have to go through a technical test. These tests combine the questions of Goldman Sachs and SHL (Saville & Holdsworth Ltd).

Goldman Sachs Numerical Reasoning Test: This test consists of 20 questions and has to be completed in 20 minutes. Pen and paper are provided but no calculators are allowed. While other assessment tests have questions from Goldman Sachs and SHL, the numerical tests are completely prepared by the former. It consists of fractions, percentages, and decimal problems.

Goldman Sachs Verbal Reasoning Test: This test is also 20 minutes long and consists of a short text and statement that is related to the text. You have to decide if the related statement is true/false/cannot say. Since there is a time limitation, quick and efficient work is required in this test. 

Goldman Sachs Technical Test: For candidates applying for technical roles, there will be a written assessment which will be based on computer code. The time to complete this test is one hour and 20 minutes for various coding questions. 

C#, C++, SQL, and Java are covered in these questions. Since this test is time-pressured, a clear head is important. You can practice for this test by trying to work under pressure in similar situations.

Goldman Sachs Final Interview

If you qualify for the first interview and the aptitude assessment, then you will be called in for a second interview with Goldman Sachs India. This second-stage interview can consist of a number of interviews depending upon the job position you have applied for. There can be as many as 10 final-stage interviews which are more technical in nature than the first interview.

These questions will directly relate to the position applied for. The key competencies of Goldman Sachs India, mentioned above, should be kept in mind while answering the questions. Here are some of the common topics covered in the interview:


Skill Set Questions: Each job position at Goldman Sachs India requires you to have a specific skill set. The interview is focused on determining whether you have that skill set. You need to deeply research the skills needed for the position and try to inculcate them. 

There will be questions such as what skills do you possess that make you a good fit for the job role? Or, what skills must be developed for the position?


Teamwork Question: The company has a huge focus on employing candidates that are great at teamwork and integrity. They look for team players who can easily collaborate and work with peers. At Goldman Sachs India, teamwork is part of the daily routine so there will be questions related to that.

For example, if you notice a stressed colleague, then what would you do? Or, what would you do if you get into conflict with a colleague?


Communication Questions: Communication is also an important skill that Goldman Sachs India looks for. You will have to portray yourself as a confident and effective communicator. STAR method of structuring answers helps here.

The most common question here is when asked to speak about yourself. While answering this question, real-life experiences and Goldman Sachs India competencies should be kept in mind.


Commercial Awareness Questions: Commercial awareness of Goldman Sachs and the banking industry as a whole is important. You can look for answers to questions such as Goldman Sachs’ place in the industry, general awareness about Goldman Sachs, its competitors, and how it is different from them.

When you answer these questions in the interview it must reflect that you have a real interest in Goldman Sachs India.


Case Study Questions: You can be asked questions like the difference between two clients. You will have to identify the differences between the companies like a case study.


Brain Teasers: When the interviewer, after asking the standard questions, starts asking bizarre questions, it is a good sign. It means you are doing well and the interviewer wants to test you further. 

One of such questions can include the assumption that you have been thrown in a blender after being shrunk to the size of a pencil. The question is how will you get out of such a situation? Although odd, the interviewer is trying to understand your thought process and creativity. Preparation and confidence are the keys in these interviews.


There can be questions where you need to guesstimate (guess and estimate) your answers. Such questions are like how many barbers are there in the UK? To answer such questions, you need to challenge your thought process and help the interviewer understand how you can face problematic situations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Goldman Sachs exam?

The Goldman Sachs exam is the assessment test taken for acquiring talent at Goldman Sachs India. It consists of an online application, first interview, aptitude tests, and a second interview.

Is the Goldman Sachs exam easy?

The Goldman Sachs assessment test cannot be said to be easy, but with the right preparation and continuous practice, one can definitely succeed.

Is the Goldman Sachs exam proctored?

The Goldman Sachs India exams are proctored by proper invigilators and each candidate is thoroughly checked before entering the examination hall.

What is the eligibility criteria for the Goldman Sachs exam?

60% or 6.0 CGPA or above is required in both the 10th and 12th exams to appear for the Goldman Sachs India test. Plus, graduation (BE/B.Tech) or post-graduation (ME/M.Tech) is required.

How do I prepare for Goldman Sachs off-campus?

You can take an online aptitude assessment test and practice interview questions and brain teasers online to prepare for this test.

Is there negative marking in the Goldman Sachs exam?

Negative marking is not present in the Goldman Sachs test but guessing answers will affect your accuracy score.

How difficult is the Goldman Sachs aptitude test?

It is considered to be of very high difficulty and known as one of the toughest exams in the world.

How do I prepare for a Goldman Sachs interview?

You can go through this article and get familiar with the kind of questions asked in the interview and prepare yourself accordingly.

How is the Goldman Sachs aptitude test?

The Goldman Sachs aptitude test is difficult with numerical and verbal reasoning questions. Technical reasoning is also required for technical posts. Enough practice will help you understand the nature of these tests and strong preparation can help you crack them.


Competition for a job position or role at Goldman Sachs India is very tough, but the right preparation and practice can help you succeed. Going through an in-depth analysis of the whole assessment process of Goldman Sachs India can help you prepare for it better.

Goldman Sachs tests and interviews not only focus on your financial and awareness skills but also on how you have prepared yourself on the technical front. So, an all-around preparation can really help your chances of getting selected after the assessment tests and final interview. You can also consider our Aptitude Course to give your career an edge over others.

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