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Last updated: Mar 14, 2022

Computer Vision

Computer Vision is a critical component of Artificial Intelligence that primarily deals with graphics and images. It has a wide range of real-world applications, ranging from medical to defence to everyday smartphones. It has the ability to extract information from any available visual. In this section, you will learn about its concept and implementation.

Image Processing Basics

Images, like data, must be processed before they can be used in computer vision processes, in the same way that data must be analysed and preprocessed before it can be used in machine learning. This aids in the extraction of every pixel of an image with greater clarity and accuracy using algorithms such as edge detection and the Image Pyramid method.
Digital Image Processing EASY
This blog focuses on how the image is represented by a computer and Digital image processing.
OpenCV cv2.threshold() Function MEDIUM
In this article, we will learn about the OpenCV cv2.threshold() function. We will explore simple thresholding and adaptive thresholding in this article.
Digital Image Processing
In this article, we will learn about digital image processing. We will learn about image and image processing and discuss digital image processing in detail.
Morphological Operations in Image Processing EASY
In this blog, we will learn about Morphological Operations in Image Processing. We will learn about its types, implementation, and much more for better understanding.
Seamless Cloning in Image Processing MEDIUM
In this article, we will learn about Seamless Cloning in Image Processing, its types, and its implementation in openCV and its applications.
Edge Detection EASY
This blog will provide a theoretical introduction to Edge Detection and its various techniques.
Image Pyramids EASY
 This blog will provide a theoretical introduction to the Image Pyramid and its various types.
Scale-Invariant Feature Transform (SIFT) EASY
This article focuses on the concept and math behind SIFT
Speeded Up Robust Features (SURF) EASY
In this article, we will see the basics of SURF and a brief about the feature extraction and description.
Local Binary Pattern Algorithm EASY
This article aims to understand the Local Binary Pattern Algorithm.
Difference between Dilation and Erosion MEDIUM
This article briefly discusses the difference between morphological operations, dilation and erosion in detail.

Computer Vision Concepts

Working with images necessitates an understanding of some concepts and theory, which will undoubtedly aid in achieving greater efficiency with fewer inputs. Algorithms such as feature detection and selection, as well as GAN applications, are important features in computer vision.
Homography EASY
In this article, you will understand what is Homography and its basic implementation.
Object Detection Using Deep Learning
This article aims to understand Object Detection using Deep Learning
Human Detection in Computer Vision EASY
This blog discusses various techniques used to detect humans in an image or video.
Noise Tolerance in Computer Vision MEDIUM
This blog will discuss Computer vision and various noise-tolerance techniques with some types and implementation with output.
OpenCV Python Tutorial MEDIUM
In this article, we will see the concept of computer vision. We will see the OpenCV Python library, its installation, and related operations.
Detectron2 for Object Detection HARD
Various aspects of Detectron2 for Object Detection in detail and in brief about Detectron2
Visual QA
This blog offers a detailed guide for understanding Visual Question Answering and how to implement it. To know more about it, read on!
Transformer Network
This article will study transformers, why we use them, and their applications. Lastly, we will have a detailed description of its architecture.
Spatial Transformer Network EASY
In this article, we will discuss the concept of STN (spatial transformer network). Also, we will see the computations that are needed for STNs.
In this article, we will discuss the concept and the architecture of a pixel recurrent neural network. Also, will see how it is used in image classification tasks.


OpenCV is a popular and widely used framework for computer vision model implementations and applications. It not only works at the software level, but it is also highly optimised for integration with hardware such as cameras and various sensors. It can be used in a variety of programming languages, including Java, C++, and Python.
Introduction to OpenCV EASY
This article gives us an introduction to OpenCV
OpenCV cv2.imwrite() Method EASY
In this article, we will dive into the exciting world of OpenCV cv2.imwrite() Method.
OpenCV cv2.imread() EASY
In this blog, we will discuss syntax, parameters, return type, and examples of the OpenCV cv2.imread() method in Python.
Image Read-Write-Display in OpenCV EASY
This blog will give our viewers a detailed description of the basic operations of images like reading, writing, and displaying in OpenCV.
Feature Matching OpenCV MEDIUM
This article covers the concept of Feature Matching OpenCV using Python with different techniques.
Color Filtering
In this article, we will study HSV and its purpose. Lastly, we will see its implementation.
Color Spaces EASY
This article talks about different color spaces their implementation using OpenCV
How To Crop An Image In Opencv Python? EASY
In this article, we learn how to crop an image in OpenCV Python. We also discuss the steps that are involved in this in detail.
Bitwise Operations on Images EASY
In this blog, we will see different bitwise operations that we can perform with images. We can add two images, subtract two images, and use all bitwise operations like AND, OR, XOR, NOT, etc. Now let's get started.
Adaptive thresholding
In this blog, we will discuss adaptive thresholding and look into the implementation of adaptive thresholding using OpenCV and Python.
Image Segmentation Techniques EASY
This blog will provide an introduction to Image Segmentation and its various techniques.
OpenCV cv2.imshow() Method EASY
This article will provide a comprehensive guide to the OpenCV cv2.imshow() method and explain its syntax, parameters and working examples.
Motion Estimation using Optical Flow
This article will teach about Motion Estimation using Optical Flow. We will explore different aspects related to Motion estimation.
Contours in OpenCV EASY
This article discusses the concept of Contours in OpenCV in detail.
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Image Thresholding EASY
The blog discusses the concept of image thresholding.
Face Detection Using OpenCV with Python EASY
In this article, we will discuss OpenCV in Python and will learn a popular way to detect faces using OpenCV in Python.
Feature Detection with Haar-Cascade
We’ll study what haar-cascades are and perform features detection using haar-cascades in this blog.
Eye Ball Tracking with OpenCV EASY
This article will discuss the Eye Ball Tracking with OpenCV, exploring its various aspects, techniques, applications, challenges, and future scope.
Smoothing Images
In this article, we will discuss some important methods for smoothing images. Also, we will see the maths behind each method along with its implementation.