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Context-free Grammar
Production Rules
Frequently Asked Questions
Why is context-free Grammar called context-free?
What is the difference between context-free Grammar and regular Grammar?
What means context-free?
What are the advantages of context-free Grammar?
What are the limitations of context-free Grammar?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Context-free Grammars

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Similar to regular expressions, context-free grammars describe a set of strings,
i.e., languages. Furthermore, context-free Grammar also defines the structure of the strings in the language it represents.
This blog will help you understand Context-free grammar.

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Context-free Grammar

Context-free Grammar can be defined using four tuples V, T, P, and S.
G= (V, T, P, S)  

  • G means the Grammar 
  • T contains a finite set of symbols called Terminals.
    A language is defined over some alphabet, for example, the set of tokens produced by a lexer or the set of alphanumeric characters. These symbols in the alphabet are called terminals.
  • V contains a finite set of symbols that are none-terminals
  • S denotes the start symbol
    The start symbol is used to derive a string. One can derive a string by repeatedly replacing a non-terminal on the right-hand side of the production until all the non-terminals have been replaced by terminal symbols.

Production Rules

T → R
T → aTc
R →T
R → RbR

Now check that the aabbbcc string can be derived from the given CFG.

⇒ aTc
⇒ aaTcc
⇒ aaRcc
⇒ aaRbRcc
⇒ aaRbcc
⇒ aaRbRbcc
⇒ aaRbRbRbcc
⇒ aaRbbRbcc
⇒ aabbRbcc
⇒ aabbbcc
We have successfully derived the string by applying the production from the Production rules.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is context-free Grammar called context-free?

Context-free Grammar does not consider any context for production rules. The context is either terminals or non-terminals. Hence, The Context-free grammars only have a single non-terminal on the left side of the production rules.

What is the difference between context-free Grammar and regular Grammar?

Regular Grammar is either right or left linear, whereas context-free Grammar is a combination of terminals and non-terminals. Hence it can be said that regular Grammar is a subset of context-free Grammar.

What means context-free?

Context-free means relating to or being a grammar or language based on rules that describe a change in a string without reference to elements, not in the string

What are the advantages of context-free Grammar?

Context-Free Grammar(CFG) is useful to describe the nested chain structure or syntactic structure, such as balanced parenthesis, if-else, etc., and these can't be defined by Regular Expression. Furthermore, CFG is more powerful than Regular Grammar as it allows a broader set of rules than Regular Grammar.

What are the limitations of context-free Grammar?

Lexical rules are problematic in the case of Context-free Grammar. Notations in Context-free Grammar are pretty complicated, and by using context-free Grammar, it becomes difficult to construct the recognizer.


In this article, we have extensively discussed Context-free Grammar.

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