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Last updated: Feb 15, 2022

Control Statements

We’ll learn about control statements which help you to control movements of data and also help you to make decisions based on the conditions. The normal flow of execution in a high-level language is sequential, i.e., each statement is executed in the order of its appearance in the program. However, depending on the requirements of a problem it might be required to alter the normal sequence of execution in a program. The statements which specify the order of execution of statements are called control flow statements. There are many control flow statements provided in C++ like Conditional statements, Iteration statements, and Jump Statements
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In this blog, we will learn about the C++ break statement. We will also write examples for a better understanding of the break statement.
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This blog will cover what conditional statements are, what all conditional statements are in C++, and their uses.
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The if-else statement evaluates various data types, including integers, characters, pointers, while the switch statement assesses only character or numeric data types.
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This article discusses Iteration statements. We are going to look in detail what exit and entry controlled loops are and also going to look at the implementation in C++.
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Difference between for Loop and while Loop EASY
For loop iterates over a sequence of elements, executing a code block each time and the While loop repeats as long as a condition is true.