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Last updated: Feb 22, 2022

Control statements

Java compiler executes the code top to bottom. The statements in the code are executed according to the order in which they appear. However, It provides statements that can be used to control the flow of its code. Such statements are called control flow statements. It is one of the fundamental features of Java, which provides a smooth flow of program.Java provides three types of control flow statements selection statements, iteration statements, and jump statements.
Decision Statements in Java
This blog will cover the different Decisional control statements in Java.
Decision Making in Java EASY
In this article we have discussed Decision Making In Java Using If, Else-If And Switch Statements.
Java Switch Case EASY
This article discusses switch case java in detail. It also discusses the difference between if-else and switch case in java.
Conditional Statements in Java (If-Else Statement) EASY
This blog will discuss conditional statements in Java. We will learn about If, If-Else, and switch conditional statements in Java.
Iteration Statements in Java EASY
This article shall discuss the various iteration statements that are available in Java. We shall learn about each type of loop that can be used in Java.
Loops in Java With Examples and Syntax EASY
Loops in Java include for, while, and do-while loops. We can control program flow, enhance efficiency, automate tasks, and iterate through data structures with Java loops.
Break and Continue Statement in Java EASY
In this article, we will talk about the syntax & usage of break & continue statements in Java, along with practical examples to display their behavior.
Jump Statements in Java MEDIUM
Jump statements in Java control the flow of the program by transferring execution from one point to another. They are also called branching statements. Read on to learn more about Jump statements in Java and its type.
Break Statement in Java EASY
This article covers the concept of Break Statement in Java and its different implementations along with some frequently asked questions
Iterable Interface in Java EASY
This blog explains the details of the Iterable Interface in Java and the difference between the Iterator and the Iterable interface in Java.
Nested If Statements in Java MEDIUM
A nested if statement is like a Russian doll of decisions, where one choice leads to another. It's used in programming just like regular ifs, but with added layers.