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Table of contents
What is Copywriting NOT?
Who Needs Copywriting?
When should you use Copywriting?
Types of CopyWriting
Social Media Posts
Frequently Asked Questions
What are the six core copywriting skills?
What are the challenges of copywriting?
What are the levels of copywriting?
Is marketing a form of copywriting?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024


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Do you find copywriting intimidating? Copy is the straw that stirs the money milkshake, which is why copywriting is so frightening. People purchase goods due to copywriting. Writing effective copy is what shifts a reader's perspective from "I can live without it" to "Why am I living without it?". In this article, we will discuss what Copywriting is and what it is not. We will also discuss who needs copywriting and when we should use copywriting.

What is copywriting?


Copywriting is officially described as:  “The activity or occupation of writing the text of advertisements or publicity material.”


Let's illustrate that definition using real-world instances.

Copywriting is the text that appears in a Facebook ad's caption. It's the title of a Google advertisement or the summary of a YouTube video. From the landing page to the product page, it is the text on a website.

The language on billboards, the headline of a newspaper story, and the sign outside a physical store are examples of non-digital marketing.

People refer to "clickbait" headlines when they discuss copywriting. Copywriting encourages website visitors to click through, explains why they should purchase the product, and persuades them to exchange money for goods and services.

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What is Copywriting NOT?

The brief response is: essentially any other kind of writing.

The goal of copywriting is to inspire action. It is both strategic and direct. Anything then that avoids doing that? Not advertising copy. Facebook advertisements in a blog post? Not advertising copy. Do you know that book on your shelf about copywriting that you haven't read yet? NOT copywriting AT ALL.

See, content writing and copywriting are sometimes conflated. However, they aren't exactly the same.

This entire article's content was written.

The material in this article that you see promoting the DigitalMarketer goods is called copywriting.

See the distinction?

But there is frequently some overlap.

Content authoring offers free value in the form of practical knowledge. If you'd like, you can sign up for a free trial, browse our other informative content, or have it delivered to your inbox. The articles range in length from 500 to 3,000 words.


Copywriting is direct and to the point. Sign up for this free offer. It says (in a very convincing tone). A shorter version, between 100 and 1,000 words, explains what the product does, why you need it, and how to get it RIGHT NOW.

Who Needs Copywriting?

You require copywriting if you have a product that you're trying to sell to people.

Consider picturing your target market on one ledge and your product on a different ledge not far away. Your clients need a bridge to cross from their ledge to the ledge of your product.

Alternatively, you may picture copywriting as the officiant at the union of the consumer and the business.

Anyone knows they have an issue because of this, and, wouldn't you know it, your product can fix it.

If a business wants to turn visitors into customers, it needs copywriting. Without copy, websites cannot generate sign-ups or opt-ins, increase brand recognition, or persuade visitors to donate money.

When should you use Copywriting?

All of your company's online platforms, including social media, emails, and websites, should include a copy. This is distinct from employing copy exclusively on your platforms.

Consider the last company that kept urging you to make a purchase, whether it was via email marketing, direct mail, a Facebook advertisement, a TV ad, etc.

When a company approaches us with sales pitches too frequently, its reputation suffers. They abruptly change roles from problem-solvers to obnoxious younger siblings. Regardless of the secret, they are itching to share it with us. We want them to leave us alone and buzz off.

We still have to ask customers to make purchases, though, as business owners. Just be diplomatic in our approach.

For instance, it might be excessive to overburden your blog page with copywriting (ironic coming from a blog about copywriting, no?). Prior to requesting, you should concentrate on creating valuable content. On the other hand, your landing page's copywriting is crucial. This is the page on your website that will entice someone to visit your blog rather than using the dreaded back button.

Types of CopyWriting

The most common forms of copywriting and content writing that both in-house and freelance copywriters will create are listed below.

  • Reach new audiences 


  • Educate users on an industry


  • Communicate the brand’s vision
  • Persuade a potential customer of the benefits of the service.
  • Develop trust

In the next sections, we'll go through each of these types in more detail.


A company blog writes articles that instruct, inform, and motivate readers on subjects related to the good or service the business provides in an effort to raise the brand's profile and get more visitors to its website. A blog may also be used for business news, corporate updates, and sector news.


An ebook offers a chance for a business to thoroughly explore a subject, showcasing its subject-matter expertise while providing readers with helpful knowledge, tips, or guidance to help them solve problems or find answers to frequently asked questions. As a result, the brand gets recognized by customers as a reliable resource for assistance with similar issues in the future.

Social Media Posts

Businesses have the chance to interact directly with their current clients through social media, reach out to new markets, and market their ideas, goods, or services in a recognizable manner. Here, the copywriter's job is often to produce a brief funny, educational, or persuasive text that goes along with and relates to a posted image.


A newsletter is a trackable, customized email that delivers top-notch information right to users' inboxes. There are several ways a business can use newsletters, including:

  • Sharing business updates or activities
  • Highlighting goods or attributes
  • Highlighting items on the corporate blog or social networking platforms for the user
  • Monitoring user engagement and interest

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the six core copywriting skills?

The six copywriting skills are Research Skills, Staying Up To Date, Adaptability, Knowing Your Audience, Awareness Of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), and the Ability To Hook The Reader.

What are the challenges of copywriting?

Copywriting challenges you will have to face Issues with clients, Getting paid, High competition, Creative differences, Technical copywriting challenges, Time management, and Overextending.

What are the levels of copywriting?

The five steps in the copywriting process are Prepare, Organize, Write, Edit, and Review.

Is marketing a form of copywriting?

Copywriting can be found in print, web, television, print adverts, sales sites, and many other places. The marketing development process relies heavily on copywriters.


We covered Copywriting in this article. We hope this article helps you to learn something new. And if you're interested in learning more, see our posts on INTERVIEW EXPERIENCES OF POPULAR COMPANIESOnline Mock Test Series.

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