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What are interview puzzles?
What are some common puzzle questions? 
How to prepare puzzle questions for an interview?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Cross Bridge II

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Interview Puzzles


As we all know, puzzles can significantly impact our development. Puzzles help us develop our problem-solving and critical-thinking abilities, both necessary for mastery of other skills later in life.

This article will discuss a famous interview puzzle named cross-bridge part-2. Cross bridge II is a very typical puzzle. If you want to solve this puzzle, you need to think out of the box. For an untrained eye, the answer would seem obvious, but most people cannot come up with an obvious answer on their first try. So let us give this puzzle a try.

Problem Statement

Ravi is a farmer, and one day he is returning from the market in the market. He bought a goat, a wolf, and a carrot. He needs to cross the river on the way to his home, but he has one boat in which he can utmost take one of the three things at a time. 

But there is a bigger problem. The problem is that he can't keep the carrot and goat together because the goat would eat the carrot, nor can he keep the goat and the wolf together because the wolf would eat the goat.

He is asking you for help. He wants to know how many minimum trips he has to do so that everything is safe and is on the other side of the river. 

Crossing the river counts as one trip ( If you go back to the same side of the river, the count would be 2).

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If we follow this order:

  1. Ravi crosses the river with a goat
  2. Ravi returns alone
  3. Ravi crosses the river with a carrot
  4. Ravi returns with the goat
  5. Ravi crosses the river with the wolf
  6. Ravi returns alone
  7. Finally, Ravi crosses the river with the goat.

So, Ravi has to cross the river and come back seven times. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are interview puzzles?

Interview puzzles are critical thinking puzzles, similar to brain teasers, demanding the interviewee to use lateral thinking and problem-solving abilities. Interviewers widely use these sorts of puzzle questions to establish a potential employee's fit for the organization by measuring their ability to solve complicated issues utilizing strategies and higher-order thinking. Interview problems are often reserved for individuals looking for careers in information technology, such as software engineers and designers, computer programmers and coders.

What are some common puzzle questions? 

  1. Crossing the bridge puzzle
  2. Heaven or Hell puzzle
  3. Three mislabeled jars puzzle
  4. Gold bar cut puzzle
  5. Bags of coin puzzle
  6. Batteries puzzle
  7. Clock angle puzzle

How to prepare puzzle questions for an interview?

Practice various problems online and attempt to solve them without seeking solutions. Interviewers will put your reasoning skills to the test and place a premium on obtaining the correct response.


This article briefly discussed the puzzle cross-bridge II. I hope that you must have gained some knowledge after reading this blog, and also you must have understood the solution to this problem.

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