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Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Dashboard in Cloud Logging

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This article describes how to view resource severity and error log fields in our Google Cloud project over time using dashboard.We can use the Logs dashboard to visualize log severity and error metrics for resources in our cloud projects.

Dashboard in Cloud Logging

Dashboard visualizations help us identify system behavior trends, monitor workloads, and diagnose and fix problems.

Log Dashboard is pre-configured. We cannot change the resource or log-based metrics displayed on the dashboard.

The Logs Dashboard provides information only for resources that generate log data.

View the Logs Dashboard

Go to Cloud Logging and select Logs Dashboard to open the Logs Dashboard.

The Logs Dashboard is organized into two charts for each resource type. One graph shows all logs related to a particular resource type by severity and provides an overview of how log severity is distributed over time. The other graph shows only error logs for that resource type.

The following screenshots are examples of these graphs.

Example of a dashboard that displays Google Kubernetes Engine severity and errors.


The dashboard focuses on a number of resource types, each represented by two graphs. Chart pairs are pre-ordered as follows:

  • Google Kubernetes Engine
  • App Engine
  • Compute Engine
  • Cloud SQL
  • BigQuery
  • Cloud Load Balancing

View and analyze logs

  1. Go to Cloud Logging in the google cloud console and select Logs Dashboard
  2. Select a log severity type on the chart.
  3. Click on View logs to open the Logs Explorer and to run the corresponding query at the same time
Click view log entries to view entries in the Logs Explorer.


Select a time range

By default, graphs on the Logs dashboard display data for a period of one day.

To change the time range, use the time range menu on the toolbar. We can select a predefined value or enter a custom duration.

Select time range using the drop-down menu.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does log information remain in cloud logging?

Cloud Logging retains the logs in this bucket for 400 days; you can't change this retention period. You can't modify or delete the _Required bucket.

What is the purpose of log monitoring?

Logging and monitoring are both valuable components of maintaining optimal application performance. Using a combination of logging tools and real-time monitoring systems helps improve observability and reduces the time spent sifting through log files to determine the root cause of performance problems.

What is the difference between logs and metrics?

While logs are about a specific event, metrics are measured at a point in time for the system. This unit of measure can have the value, timestamp, and identifier of what that value applies to (like a source or a tag)


This article describes how to view resource severity and error log fields in our Google Cloud project over time.

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Dashboard in Cloud Logging
View the Logs Dashboard
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Frequently Asked Questions
How long does log information remain in cloud logging?
What is the purpose of log monitoring?
What is the difference between logs and metrics?