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About Flipkart
About the Role📈
Salary and Perks🤑
Salary as Data Analyst at Flipkart💰
Perks as Data Analyst
 🛫Paid Vacation
🍟Free food
💥Skills and Experience Required
Experience Required
Technical skills
Behavioural Skills
Responsibilities as Data Analyst👨‍🏫
Career Map🏆
Preparation Strategy🧾
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Frequently Asked Questions
What is the salary of a Data Analyst at Flipkart?
What is the role of a Data Analyst?
What is the salary of a Data scientist at Flipkart?
What is the job of a Data Analyst?
Can a fresher become a Data Analyst?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Data Analyst at Flipkart

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Do you want to join Flipkart as Data Analyst? If the answer is yes, then you’re at the right place. Here you will get all the insights you need to reach over there.

Data Analyst

In this blog, you will get to know the roles and responsibilities of the data analyst, the salary they receive, and finally the career map to reach that position. This blog will cover every bit of it.

About Flipkart

Flipkart is an e-commerce company that was launched in the year 2007. It starts its early sales with online books and currently holds 100 million products across 120+ categories. It has more than 1,20,000+ registered users, and in 2016, it became the first Indian app to cross  50 million downloads.

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You can directly apply from their careers page, referrals, LinkedIn, or any other job portal. 

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About the Role📈

In this, we will discuss the role of a Data Analyst at Flipkart. We will see the work he performs, and what are his prime duties.

Role Image

⚡As a Data Analyst in a company, You are responsible for gathering the data, analyzing it, and giving suggestions that will help in the growth of the company.

⚡The data Analyst interprets and cleans the data. He tries to solve the problem with the insights of the data received.

He works for the stakeholders so that they can understand it, and make firm decisions.

He performs different surveys, gathers the information, tries to implement it, and makes the most of it. He works on the revenue collected and critical business decisions.

Working closely with the teams and collaborating with other departments.

Salary and Perks🤑

This section will give you insights into the salary you receive as a Data Analyst at Flipkart. You will also see the perks and benefits you can avail.

Salary as Data Analyst at Flipkart💰

The salary you receive as a Data Analyst at Flipkart is shown below:

Average Annual Salary  5,71,801 lakhs
With more than 5+ years of experience ₹11,00,000 - ₹17,60,000
Estimated Take-home Salary  ₹43,332 -  ₹44,447 / month

The salary figures mentioned above are subject to change.

Perks as Data Analyst

There are ample amount of benefits you receive as a Data Analyst at Flipkart. Some of them are shown below.

 🛫Paid Vacation

  • Sick leave
  • Paid Journey to travel

🍟Free food

  • Free snack and meal
  • Free lunch      


  • Paternity/maternity leave
  • Flexible hours
  • Unpaid extended leave


  • Life Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Work from home
  • Dental Checkup
  • Vision Insurance


  • Retirement Plans
  • Salary Increment
  • Performance Bonus

💥Skills and Experience Required

Below is the information about the skills and experience required to get a job as a Data Analyst at Flipkart.

Skills Image


A Bachelor's Degree of four years is the minimum qualification required to get an entry-level position as Data Analyst

Experience Required

A Bachelors Degree in the relevant field or equivalent. A 3 - 4 Years of experience with hands-on practice of data.

Technical skills

  • Proficient in Python, R, or any programming language Python with Data Structures and Algorithms.
  • Analytical Skills are needed. Learn Data Analytics.
  • Reporting tools
  • Working with Excel. Skilled in Excel.
  • Good with Macros
  • Software Development Life Cycle(SDLC)
  • Excellent Knowledge of Structures and DBMS.
  • Should have excellent knowledge of Power Bi, and QlikView.
  • Must be known to Data Warehousing & Mining. 
  • Hands-on Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • Expertise in data modelling using ER(Entity Relationship).

Behavioural Skills

  • Team Player
  • Good communication skills. Fluency in English both written and verbal.
  • Logical thinking ability
  • Able to do multiple tasks
  • Good verbal and presentation skills

Responsibilities as Data Analyst👨‍🏫

Responsible Image

 🎯You will be responsible for collecting, cleaning, interpreting, and analyzing the data.

 🎯Examine and analyze the functional, technical, and business requirements.

 🎯Communicating the data requirements to and from the partners and L&D team. Understanding the raw data and creating the charts on the workboard for stakeholders.

 🎯Responsible for making the report to share with the stakeholders. Creating, developing, and managing reports daily, weekly, and monthly.

 🎯Will be maintaining the data integrity and preserving the documentation. For developing solutions to client complex issues and helping them in decision making.  

 🎯To collaborate with other departments and meet business requirements. Try to upgrade the business challenges and get an effective solution.

 🎯Work closely with the teams to understand the client’s needs and meet the requirements.

 🎯Use the new technology and data-driven tool to provide suggestions and decisions for the growth of the business.

Career Map🏆

Career Map Image

🥇Senior Data Analyst:  As a senior Data Analyst at Flipkart, you will be responsible for the advancement of the reports. To directly handle the client, understand their complex issues, and provide the solution. To increase revenue by studying their previous data and interpreting the best solution.

 🥇Data Scientist: In this role, you will closely work with the company’s vertical. The directors and the domain experts will lead you. You will be studying a large amount of data and understanding it. Primary roles will be working with analytics tools, understanding patterns, and finding relations between data.

 🥇Analytics Manager:  Analytics Manager is the managerial position in which you will manage a team of business analysts and data analysts responsible for data-driven decisions. You will act as a role model and be responsible for building the business/ data analyst team.

🥇Director Analytics: As a Director of Analytics, You will be responsible for building the strategy values. You will be partnering with all the business units and increasing the profitability of growth. You will bring new analytical tools to help analyze the data and meet the business goals.

You can also check out Data Analyst vs Data Scientist here.

Preparation Strategy🧾

Preparation Image

Don’t Worry after reading the responsibilities. Prepare yourself well and You’re good to go. Coding ninjas have ample amount of resources that will help in your preparation.

The links mentioned below will help you prepare for the Data Analyst role at Flipkart.

 🔥You should be having strong knowledge of any one programming language. Python, Java, Ruby, Perl. Learn Python

 🔥Problem-solving skills. Improve problem-solving by practising Data Structures and Algorithms with Python.

 🔥Learn Analytics. Prepare your Data Analytics topic for interviews.

 🔥Knowledge of Databases is a must. Learn Database Management System.

 🔥Prepare your Aptitude for the interviews.

 🔥Learn Big Data and Data Science.

   Interview Resources

   Coding Resources

   Aptitude Resources

  Other Technical Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the salary of a Data Analyst at Flipkart?

Data Analyst at Flipkart receives an average salary range of ₹5,71,801 lakhs - ₹11,00,000 lakhs.

What is the role of a Data Analyst?

The Data Analyst is responsible for collecting, cleaning, interpreting, and analyzing the data. He studies the previous data and gives information that helps in generating more revenues and growth of the organization.

What is the salary of a Data scientist at Flipkart?

At Flipkart, it can range from ₹2,50,000 - ₹46,91,440 per year.

What is the job of a Data Analyst?

A data Analyst is primarily responsible for collecting, cleaning, and analyzing data. They are in different sectors like finance, healthcare, insurance, banking, etc.

Can a fresher become a Data Analyst?

Yes, a fresher can become a Data Analyst. All it requires is a desired skill set and should be able to understand and handle the data well.


In this blog, we started with an introduction to what a Data Analyst at Flipkart is. We have seen the insights about the company. We further discuss the salary he receives as  Data Analyst at Flipkart. We further look at the skills required to get a job as Data Analyst. The roles and responsibilities of  Data Analysts at Flipkart were discussed. In the end, we have seen the career map and the preparation strategy to get a job as  Data Analyst at Flipkart. To learn more about Flipkart, please refer to our blog:

Refer to our guided paths on Coding Ninjas Studio to learn more about DSA, Competitive Programming, JavaScript, System Design, etc. You can also consider our Data Analytics Course to give your career an edge over others.

Happy Coding!

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