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Table of contents
What is Goldman Sachs?
Why Goldman Sachs?
Work Diversity
Care for Employees
Medical Aids
Brand Culture
Job Description
Skills Required
Technical Traits
Behavioral Traits
Roles and Responsibilities 
Report Formation
Manage Data Assets
Collaborate with Other Departments
Information Analysis
Career Path 
Preparation for Interview
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the salary of a fresher data analyst in Goldman Sachs?
How many rounds are there for the data analyst at Goldman Sachs? 
What is the average salary of a Data Analyst at Goldman Sachs in India?
Is Goldman Sachs a great place to work?
What are the major skills required for becoming a data analyst?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Data Analyst at Goldman Sachs

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Do you want to become a Data Analyst at Goldman Sachs? Yay!  you are at the right place.

goldman sachs data analyst

Here, we will provide you with a complete guide for grabbing this opportunity.

In this article, we will discuss the process of becoming a Data Analyst at Goldman Sachs, the skills required, and various other essential things related to the data analyst role. 

Let’s first discuss a little bit about the company itself. 

What is Goldman Sachs?

Goldman Sachs was established in 1869. It is a multinational financial services company and investment bank having headquarters in New York City.

It delivers a broad range of financial services across security, consumer banking, investment banking, and management to a diverse and large client base, including corporations, financial institutions, governments, and individuals.  

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Why Goldman Sachs?

Let us explore the benefits of working with Goldman Sachs.

Work Diversity

One marvelous feature of Goldman Sachs is its employee diversity. One of the main reasons why their careers is far from tiring is their workplace tenor. The company prefers to select its employees from far and wide based on their capability to add to the company.

Care for Employees

The welfare of employees is considered to be the priority. The company hardly takes decisions that can affect its employees. Providing a comfortable environment is the first entitlement for the company since, in the long run, they are the ones who will contribute to the company.

Medical Aids

The company has left no stones unturned in taking care of its employees, especially regarding health issues. Moreover, the company has its on-site medical facility free of charge for its employees.

Brand Culture

The brand name that Goldman Sachs has become has also incorporated its employees with a certain sense of intrinsic consciousness of its value both in and out of the office doors. Despite many other gigantic competitors, Goldman Sachs stands tall owing to its reputation over the years.

Getting into a company with such great values is challenging as it needs intense preparation.

But you need not worry, Coding Ninja is here to help you at every step. 

Let’s now discuss a little about the role.❓

Job Description

A data analyst uses technical skills to analyze and generate a report based on their analysis. They also review the data to identify the key insights and how data can be used to solve problems in the company. A data analyst might use SQL (Structured Query Language) to pull data from a company database, use programming skills to analyze it, and use communication skills to report their results to company leaders and stakeholders.

In simple words, data analysts convert numbers and figures into simple language to help the organization conveniently make better decisions.

Skills Required

The minimum qualification required is a 

Technical BE (Bachelor of Engineering)

MS (Master of Science) in Computer Science and Engineering. 

Goldman Sachs is looking for strong analytics and problem-solving abilities, programming skills, good verbal and written communication, etc.

Technical Traits

Behavioral Traits

  • Multi-tasker
  • Self-starter
  • Attention to detail
  • Logical thinking
  • Good presentation skills
  • Skill to understand the emotional and cultural blockers
  • Highly efficient with ambiguity and complexity
  • Strategic thinking and acting operationally

Roles and Responsibilities 

Data analyst is a rapidly growing field & changing in the past few years. They also manage digital channels like social media and mobile apps. 

The foremost responsibilities of a data analyst are to analyze the data and provide judgement for Goldman Sachs’s business goals by analyzing large datasets from various organizations and other sources and organizing this data into meaningful information for other clients 

A few responsibilities that a Data Analyst at Goldman Sachs has to work upon are:

Report Formation

Data analysts analyze data and give considerable time to report formation regularly.  Reporting is an integral part of the process that helps measure progress and performance against goals. They also analyze these reports for decision formation. 

Manage Data Assets

The key role of a Data Analyst at Goldman Sachs is to manage data assets. They ensure that all the data related to Goldman Sachs Analytics is fed into the Goldman Sachs data tool. This management includes designing and integrating many technologies.

Collaborate with Other Departments

Data analysts often need to collaborate with other departments to collect, store and manipulate data according to their department. The collaborative analysis creates an environment of shared ownership, which makes better decisions.

Information Analysis

A data analyst is responsible for analyzing collected data for providing suggestions for business decisions. This analysis process involves investigation, developing solutions, data visualization, and advising on how better performance can be achieved in the future.


The Average Base salary of a data analyst at Goldman Sachs is ₹10,38,314 per year in India.

The average cash bonus is ₹82,000 

The average salary of a senior analyst is ₹11,00,000 approx. 

Data Analyst Salary by Location


Estimated Pay

Additional Pay

Senior Analyst





Salt Lake City




New York




The salary figures mentioned above are subject to change.

Career Path 

Data analyst plays a vital role in business because the world runs on data. Since the data is worldwide, it is the right time to become a Data analyst.

The career path for a data analyst starts from Analyst I, promoting toward Analyst II, Senior Analyst position, and Data Scientist.

Analyst I is responsible for retrieving, gathering, and organizing data to understand it better. They help the organizations understand their customers better.

Analyst II solves and analyzes problems of comparatively advanced level on computer systems and applications. They also lead research and development from medium to large levels. 

Senior Analyst works on operational, technological, and financial risks within the business. Their role is to test and maintain business operations and build good relationships with stakeholders 

Data Scientist is someone who initially collects, cleans and understands the data, and then builds complex software models which make accurate future predictions based on the learnings from the data.

Although it is a long journey, sometimes candidates want some change. That’s why there also exist two most common paths for this role.

  • Freelancer to Consultant

If you want a job with flexible hours, choose your projects and work from home, you can start working as a freelancer. After building up a solid client base and gaining a few years of experience, you can apply as a consultant in companies, work with them for a fixed duration and help them improve their business operations as consultants enjoy maximum work flexibility and sturdy salaries.

  • Manager to Chief Technology Officer

If you prefer a stable job as an employee, you can start as an entry-level analyst and move to manager. You can also land the role of CTO(Chief Technology Officer) if you want to develop leadership qualities.

Preparation for Interview

After discussing the salary and role & responsibilities you must be wondering🤔 how to prepare for it. So now let us discuss the process and what preparation strategies you can follow to fetch the job.

A data analyst requires organizing, gathering, and retrieving data from multiple sources. In this job, you don’t have to work on quantitative aspects; instead, you have to work on business impacts.

The interview process of a Data Analyst at Goldman Sachs spans 10-12 different topics and the most commonly tested skills for this role are SQLalgorithms, and product metrics.

Round 1 includes resume based shortlisting for having a good resume is the first and vital step for selection.

Round 2 is a hacker rank test including coding, networkingaptitude, and data science.

For this round, you can refer to the links given below:

To become an expert at Coding Ninjas Studio must refer to the video -    

I hope you have watched the video and explored Coding Ninjas Studio as well.


Round 3 is a personal interview round which can be in two or more divisions. Questions asked during these interviews are from your resume and other topics like aptitude, programming, and algorithms.

Also, prepare yourself with attractive answers to the below-mentioned questions for HR (Human Resource) rounds:

  • What is Goldman Sachs?
  • Why should we hire you?
  • What motivates you to work more?
  • What is your biggest weakness and strength? 

You can refer to the list of HR interview questions on Coding ninjas

While giving your interview, just be “honest” and give answers calmly and confidently.

We wish you all the very best.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the salary of a fresher data analyst in Goldman Sachs?

The salary for a fresher data analyst at Goldman Sachs in India typically starts at around INR 8-10 lakhs per annum.

How many rounds are there for the data analyst at Goldman Sachs? 

There is one resume shortlisting round, one technical test round, and 2 to 6 interview rounds for a data analyst at Goldman Sachs.

What is the average salary of a Data Analyst at Goldman Sachs in India?

The average salary is ₹10,38,314 per year in India.

Is Goldman Sachs a great place to work?

Goldman Sachs ranks 45 out of 100 top companies to work for. This ranking is based on the feedback received from their employees.

What are the major skills required for becoming a data analyst?

This position requires analytical skills and knowledge of other software tools like SQL (Structured Query language), aptitude, data science, algorithms, etc.


In this article, we have massively discussed the details of becoming a Data Analyst at Goldman Sachs. We have explored Salary packages, skills required, roles, and responsibilities of a data analyst and discussed the preparation strategy to prepare yourself for securing this position.  

To know the difference between data analysts and data scientists, click here

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Happy Learning Ninja!🧡🙂

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