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Table of contents
About Google
Why Google 
Skills Required
Required Behavioral Traits
Roles and Responsibilities 
Manage Data Assets
Report Formation
Information Analysis
Collaborate with Other Departments
Salary and Perks 
Career Path 
Preparation for Interview
Frequently Asked Questions
How can I become a Data Analyst at Google?
What are the major skills required for becoming a data analyst?
Does resume play a vital role in selection? 
What is the average salary of a Data Analyst at Google in India?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Data Analyst at Google

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Everyone has the right to “DREAM” and getting into Google is almost everyone’s dream. Do you want to be a data analyst at Google❓❓

Here, we will provide you with a complete guide for completing this dream.

In this article, we will discuss the process of becoming a data analyst at Google, the skills required, and various other essential things related to the Data Analyst role. In this article, we will talk about data analysts. 

About Google

Google is an American multinational company that focuses on Search Engines, Cloud Computing, and Artificial Intelligence. It offers more than 50 Internet services, beginning from an online search firm. Google provides the best services and provides a healthy work environment by motivating its employees and keeping them happy. Getting into such a company is a tough row to how as it needs to have intense preparation.🦾🧠

But you need not worry; Coding Ninja is here to help you at every step. 

Let’s first discuss why Google is a dream company for most people.❓🤔

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Why Google 

“Innovation is the only way to win.”

Along with providing the latest tools and technology to its employees and friendly work culture, Google follows eight innovative principles that make it the most innovative company.

  • Be customer-centric
  • Accept everyone’s ideas
  • Think big, start small
  • Open to everyone to win
  • Be data-driven
  • Have a mission that matters
  • Launch early and iterate
  • Never fear to fail 


Google is the biggest brand globally and is extremely popular for its web search engines. Most of the products and services provided by Google are related to the Internet. Let’s have a look at a few fantastic services provided by Google.

  • Android, the most popular mobile OS, is also developed by Google.
  • Google has also launched a project named “Google self-driving cars,” in which google’s software will automate the cars.
  • Google Adance - The most extensive online advertisement program run by Google to show image, text, and video-based ads on the publisher’s website. It helps the publisher to earn money if someone clicks on the ads. 
  • One of the most popular products of Google is Google Maps, with which you can view the map of any part of the world.  

No doubt that Google has been the dream company for many. Here is a reason behind this:

  1. Work culture: They give their employees the privilege to work on the latest technologies. Also, the company tries to maintain transparency by sharing all possible information with their employees.
  2. Learning and growth: Google acknowledge their employee’s right to learn and developed a micro-learning program in which training content is delivered in small chunks directly to peers.
  3. Open Sharing: Every employee has the right to share their thoughts and ideas with top management as they treat everyone equally.
  4. Flexible timings: Google was the first company to understand the needs of their employees to have flexible working hours to have a greater level of productivity. 
  5. Friendly Environment: Employees are permitted to take their pets to their workplace to maintain cheerfulness in the environment.

Let’s discuss about the skills required to be a data analyst at Google.

Skills Required

Minimum Qualifications required is a Technical BE (Bachelor of Engineering) or MS(Master of Science) in Computer Science/Engineering.

  • Experience in data and analytics
  • Expertise in data modeling using ER(Entity Relationship  studio
  • Strong understanding + experience of data validation techniques
  • Azure Cloud Data solutions
  • Experience in Hadoop and PowerBI
  • Excellent working knowledge of data governance
  • Skills of Microsoft Excel
  • SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle)
  • Hands-on experience in Data/Analytics solution design
  • Knowledge of graph data models and techniques like data vault

Required Behavioral Traits

  • Multi-tasker
  • Self-starter
  • Attention to detail
  • Logical thinking
  • Good presentation skills
  • Skill to understand the emotional and culture blockers
  • Highly efficient with ambiguity and complexity
  • Strategic thinking and acting operationally

Roles and Responsibilities 

Data analyst is a rapidly growing field & changing in the past few years. A data analyst at Google performs the task of an Internet marketing manager. They also manage digital channels like social media and mobile apps. 

The primary responsibilities of a data analyst are to analyze the data and provide judgment for Google’s business goals by analyzing large datasets from various organizations and other sources and organizing this data into meaningful information for other clients 

A few responsibilities that a data analyst at Google has to work upon are:

Manage Data Assets

The key role of a data analyst at Google is to manage data assets. They ensure that all the data related to Google Analytics is fed into the google data tool. This management includes designing and integrating many technologies.

Report Formation

Data analysts analyze data and give considerable time to report formation regularly. Because reporting is an integral part of the process that helps measure progress and performance against goals. They also analyze these reports for decision formation. 

Information Analysis

A data analyst is responsible for analyzing collected data for providing suggestions for business decisions. This process of analyzing involves investigation, developing solutions, data visualization, and advising on how better performance can be achieved in the future.

Collaborate with Other Departments

Data analysts often need to collaborate with other departments to collect, store and manipulate data according to their department. The collaborative analysis creates an environment of shared ownership, which makes better decisions.

Salary and Perks 

According to the data received by reviews of 50 Data Analysts at Google, we came to know that the salary of a data analyst at Google is ₹10,11,806 per year in India, which is the Base Pay Average.

Along with this, an average cash bonus of ₹2,53,350 and a stock bonus of ₹8,42,655 is observed.

Data Analyst Salary by Location


Estimated Pay

Average Salary

Additional Pay









New Delhi









The salary figures mentioned above are subject to change.

Career Path 

Data analyst plays a vital role in business because the world runs on data. Since the data is worldwide, it is the right time to become a Data analyst.

The career path for a data analyst starts from Analyst I, promoting toward Analyst II, Senior Analyst position, and Data Scientist.

Although it is a long journey, sometimes candidates want some change. That’s why there also exist two most common paths for this role.

  • Freelancer to Consultant

If you want to have a job with flexible hours, choose your projects and work from home, you can start working as a freelancer.

After building up a solid client base and gaining a few years of experience, you can apply as a consultant in companies, work with them for a fixed duration and help them improve their business operations as consultants enjoy maximum work flexibility and sturdy salaries.

  • Manager to Chief Technology Officer

If you prefer a stable job as an employee, you can start as an entry-level analyst and move to manager. You can also land the role of CTO(Chief Technology Officer) if you want to develop leadership qualities.

With the right data analysis skills, you can shape an ideal career for your personality and fulfill your goals. Let’s now discuss how you can prepare because H.Jackson Brown says, “The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.”

Preparation for Interview

Before discussing the preparation strategy, we would like to share a video with our Ninjas. Don’t feel stuck in your life; we are here to guide you on every path. Have a look at the video.

A data analyst requires organizing, gathering, and retrieving data from multiple sources. In this job, you don’t have to work on quantitative aspects; instead, you have to work on business impacts.

The interview process of a data analyst at Google is followed by Google’s technical interview process. Starting with a phone call with HR to an onsite interview consisting of three one-on-one rounds. 

While interviewing, Google uses standardized questions from topics like Statistics, experimental design, a lot of SQL queries, and questions from Python.

Also prepare yourself with attractive answers to the below-mentioned questions

  • The time when you disagree with the team and how you dealt with that.
  • Explain a situation when you were leading a group.
  • A situation where your client has unreasonable demands, how you responded to them.
  • Where you took a leadership role formally or informally.
  • The time you were at risk for any particular challenging project. 

While giving your interview, just be relaxed and give answers calmly and confidently.

We wish you all the very best.🤗

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I become a Data Analyst at Google?

By getting hands-on experience with various tools like XML (Extensible Markup Language), SQL (Structured Query Language), and programming languages like Python, Hadoop, and R. Along with these technical skills you must possess creative and analytical thinking with good communication skills.

What are the major skills required for becoming a data analyst?

This position requires analytical skills along with the knowledge of other software tools like SAS (Statistical Analysis System), R, Tableau, etc.

Does resume play a vital role in selection? 

A resume is the most crucial factor considered before giving an interview. As a result, it is critical that you have a beautiful Resume even before you start looking for work.

What is the average salary of a Data Analyst at Google in India?

The average salary is ₹10,11,806 per year in India.


In this article, we have extensively discussed the details to become a data analyst at Google. We have explored Salary packages, skills required, roles, and responsibilities of a data analyst and also discussed the preparation strategy to prepare yourself for securing this position.   
Also, refer to our Google preparation guideGSOC(Google Summer of Code)STEP programCoding Jam Google , How to get into GoogleGoogle Kick startGoogle hash code and other job opportunities.  You can also consider our Data Analytics Course to give your career an edge over others.

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Happy Learning Ninja!🧡🙂

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