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About TCS
Data analyst at TCS
Perks of the job
Average Salary
Benefits of working at TCS
Job Requirements 
Required experience
Required skills
Stand-out skills
Job Responsibilities
Preparation strategy
Career map
Job levels 
Resources for Preparation
Interview Resources
Coding and other Resources
Frequently Asked Questions
Can you rejoin TCS after a few years?
Is Infosys better or TCS?
Is coding necessary for becoming a data analyst?
Is Data analysis a promising career?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Data Analyst at TCS

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All of us must have heard about TCS. It is one of the top companies that pop up in mind when talking about information technology.
TCS is an acronym for Tata Consultancy Services. Its headquarters are in Mumbai. It provides consulting services and IT solutions to its customers.

data analyst at TCS

There are many opportunities that TCS provides to the candidates. One of them is a data analyst at TCS. We will learn what is data analysis and how to become a data analyst at TCS.

About TCS

TCS, or Tata Consultancy Services, is an Information technology and consultancy company owned by the Tata group and sons. It is a software development and management company. Mr. JRD Tata is the founder of the company. 
TCS works on the outsourcing concept, which can be executed on large scales by obtaining licenses. They maintain software for companies that want to cut down their IT expenditure.

about TCS

TCS is a dream company for many candidates. It is one of the largest recruiting companies in India, along with Wipro and Byjus. In today’s date, it has over 600,000 + employees working from 150+ office locations across 46 countries. Its headquarter is in Mumbai, India.
TCS offers a wide range of job benefits, making employees more enthusiastic about their work at TCS. 

It offers a wide range of roles for candidates to apply for jobs. One of the most growing and in-demand roles to join TCS is as a data analyst, which we will discuss in this blog.

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Data analyst at TCS

Data analysts at TCS use data to solve problems. The Data Analyst revolution led to the emergence of SQL. It retrieves data from databases.

data analyst at TCS

Data analyst at TCS does different work for different domains. They mainly work with IT teams and management.

Work of a data analyst:

📑Help to regulate and handle data in the databases.

📑Analyse results using statistical tools.

📑Help to detect trends.

📑Create data reports for further analysis.

📑Detects problems and queries.

📑Build solutions with databases. 

📑Market research

Data analytics is used in business analytics. There is a slight difference between the business analyst and the data analyst at TCS. 

Data analyst deals with handling and modelling data to gather information. This will help in problem-solving and better decision-making whereas business analyst deals with the research of this data to gauge success.

Perks of the job

Average Salary

The below table shows the average salary offered to a data analyst at TCS.

average salary

**The salaries mentioned above are only estimates. The actual salary may vary.**

data analyst at TCS

Benefits of working at TCS

data analyst at TCS

📌Job training, including soft skills training.

📌Free food and transport, depending upon the project.

📌Health insurance.

📌Team outings.

📌Child care.

📌Work from home available after six months of on-site job.

Job Requirements 


data analyst at TCS

📑BE/B.Tech/BCA/MCA/M.Sc./MS/MTech/ME with at least three years of relevant IT experience post Qualification.

📑B.Sc. Graduates with at least 3+ years of relevant IT experience post qualification.

Required experience

data analyst at TCS

2-6 years of experience.

Required skills

data analyst at TCS

📌Advanced SQL.

📌Advanced Excel.

📌Business problem-solving skills. 

📌Understanding of physical and logical data.

📌Excellent in data handling.

📌Data quality checking skills for accuracy.

📌SQL query writing skills.

📌Finance knowledge.

Stand-out skills

data analyst at TCS

📑Data warehouse knowledge.

📑Proficient in VBA (Visual Basics for Application) programming.

📑Good communication skills.

📑Data mining and data cleaning skills.

📑Data visualization skills.

Job Responsibilities

Expectations from the role are given below:

data analyst at TCS


📌Help to regulate and handle data in the databases.

📌Analysing results using statistical tools.

📌Creating data reports for further analysis.

📌Detecting problems.

📌Building solutions with databases. 

📌Writing queries to retrieve data from the database.

📌Analysing trends for problem-solving.

Preparation strategy

If you are planning to get into the domain of data analysis at TCS, then follow the given steps:

data analyst at TCS

📑Join a good data analytics course.

📑Learn SQL.

📑Learn Excel

📑Work on projects that give you practical experience and knowledge.

📑Develop problem-solving skills.

📑Learn data visualization.

📑Create a portfolio. Work on a good project and add it to your portfolio.

📑Apply for the job as a data analyst at TCS.

Career map

You will be placed at a job level depending upon your skill and experience.
The more projects you do and the more problems you solve for TCS, the chances for you to grow within the company quickly increase.

data analyst at TCS

The Basic TCS hierarchy is as follows:

📌Assistant system engineer trainee.

📌Assistant system engineer.

📌System engineer.

📌IT analyst.

📌Assistant consultant.

📌Associate consultant.

📌Senior consultant.

📌Principal consultant.

As you can see, you will join as a data analyst at TCS under IT analyst at a sub-level. Once you are promoted to the IT analyst role from working as a data analyst under the IT analyst, then you will become a significant part of this hierarchy. You can grow as a consultant at TCS after your promotion from IT analyst.

Job levels 

Different job levels at TCS are:

data analyst at TCS

📑As a fresher, you will join as a data analyst at TCS, dealing with significant data research work.

📑After that, you will become a team lead. You will deal mainly with the visualization of data 

📑Then, as a Manager, you will guide everyone under you. You will also solve problems that emerge from data analysis.

📑Senior manager deals with issues that arise within people. A Senior Manager also works on presenting solutions to respective seniors.

After this, you will be a part of the hierarchy. You can then start your journey into becoming a consultant at TCS.
TCS provides a vast opportunity for growth, making it the dream company of many.

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Resources for Preparation

Some essential links mentioned below might help you with your TCS Preparation.

Interview Resources

Coding and other Resources

These are the following links that will help you out in the process of the coding round of TCS.


You can also check out the Preparation Guides of other companies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you rejoin TCS after a few years?

No, you can’t rejoin as a data analyst in TCS.

Is Infosys better or TCS?

Infosys and TCS both grant high job security. Both provide a good working experience.

Is coding necessary for becoming a data analyst?

Coding is necessary to become a data analyst at TCS. Other companies may not require data analysts with coding knowledge.

Is Data analysis a promising career?

Data analysis is one of the most emerging career roles. It has a high scope. Every industry requires a data analyst.


We have learned data analytics and how to become the best at it. We also learned how to join TCS as data analysts.
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Happy learning!

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