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Table of contents
About Cognizant
Why Choose Cognizant 
From a Consumer Point of View
From an Employee Point of View
Data Engineer Role
Work of a Data Engineer 
Perks of the Job
Average Salary
Benefits of the Role
Job Requirements 
Required Experience
Required Skills
Stand-out Skills
Job Responsibilities
Preparation Strategy
Career Map
Different Job Levels at Cognizant
Cognizant Hierarchy
Frequently Asked Questions
Can you rejoin Cognizant after a few years?
How difficult is it to get into Cognizant?
Is Cognizant part of IBM?
Is data engineering a promising career?
Is data analysis the same as data engineering?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Data Engineer at Cognizant

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Hello ninjas,
Around 15 lakh engineers graduate in India each year. As this number increases day by day, so do the various types of roles of engineers. One such role is data engineer, offered by Cognizant.

Data Engineer at Cognizant

This article will discuss what a data engineer is and how to become a data engineer at Cognizant. We will also learn about the salaries, responsibilities, requirements, etc, of a data engineer at Cognizant.

About Cognizant

Cognizant is an information technology and consultancy company based in Teaneck, New Jersey, United States. It was founded by Kumar Mahadevan in 1994 in the Indian city of Chennai. 

About Cognizant

Cognizant offers business process and software outsourcing services. They maintain business operations and software for a company that wants to cut down its operational spending.  

Why Choose Cognizant 

Cognizant is a multinational company(MNC) with over ten offices in India. It is now the second-largest IT consultancy company in India after TCS. 

From a Consumer Point of View

Cognizant offers outsourcing services. Two features that make the company unique are:

📌 Focuses on making its current operations cost-effective and efficient.

📌 Investing in innovations for the continuous growth of the company.

These two combined enable cognizant of meeting client requirements to their fullest.

From an Employee Point of View

Cognizant offers a wide range of job benefits, making employees more excited about their work at the company. 
It provides a wide range of roles for candidates to apply for jobs. One of the most growing and in-demand roles to join Cognizant is as a data engineer. We will discuss it in this blog.

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Data Engineer Role

Data Engineers at Cognizant work on raw data. They develop it into usable informational data for business analysts and data scientists.

They use problem-solving, programming, and visualization skills to create scalable data. They work to design and build systems that collect, store and analyze data.

Work of a Data Engineer 

The work of a data engineer at Cognizant is:

Working as a data engineer at Cognizant or at any other company is a job of responsibility. Without a data engineer, business and data analysis is impossible as they require user data information. Thus, any company's growth depends on data engineers.

Perks of the Job

Average Salary

The below table shows the average salary offered to a data engineer at Cognizant.

salary table

**The salaries mentioned above are only estimates. The actual salary may vary.**

Average Salary

Benefits of the Role

Cognizant offers a wide set of benefits for its employees. A few of them are as follows:

Benefits of Working as a Data Engineer at Cognizant

📌 Soft skills training

📌 Free food and transport, depending upon the project

📌 Health insurance

📌 Team outings

📌 Child care

📌 Incentives based on work efficiency

📌 International relocation

**The benefits offered are based on your position in the company and work efficiency**

Job Requirements 



The eligibility criteria for becoming a data engineer at Cognizant is as follows:

  • BE/B.Tech/BCA/MCA/M.Sc./MS/MTech/ME with at least three years of relevant experience post-qualification.
  • B.Sc. Graduates with at least 3+ years of relevant experience post qualification.

Required Experience

Required Experience

Minimum 3 years of experience and maximum six years of experience.

Required Skills

Required Skills

The skills required to become a data engineer at Cognizant are as follows:

📌 ELT(Extract Load Transform) skills.

📌 Skilled in Apache Spark

📌 Azure cloud usage.

📌 Skilled in data engineering projects with experience.

📌 Good machine learning knowledge. 

📌 Python and Pyspark programming skills.

📌 Databrick skills.

📌 Porblem-solving skills.

📌 Data handling skills.

Stand-out Skills

Stand-out skills

In today’s world, getting a job is equivalent to winning a competition. One needs to stand out from the population. A few skills that will create a unique impression of you are as follows:

  • Business operational knowledge.
  • Proficient in Talend tester. 
  • Proficient in programming.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Decision-making skills.
  • Data visualization skills.

Job Responsibilities

The responsibilities and work that you need to do after joining as a data engineer at Cognizant are as follows:

Job Responsibilities

📌 Build infrastructure for ELT(extract, load, and transform) of data from multiple sources.

📌 Set data centers to keep data secure from national boundaries.

📌 Understand business requirements to assemble complex datasets.

📌 Detecting problems.

📌 Implement internal process improvements. 

📌 Work to improve data infrastructure.

📌 Help to solve data-related technical issues by working with stakeholders.

📌 Provide high data system functionality by working with Data Analyst.

You can also check out Data Analyst vs Data Scientist here.

Preparation Strategy

If you plan to make a career as a data engineer at Cognizant, follow the given steps:

Preparation strategy

📑 Join a good course required for data engineering.
This will make you understand the basic concepts of everything that you need to know and learn. A course is suggested because your learning pace is systematically divided into parts and durations. It is easy to maintain consistency if you have proper guidance. Moreover, good courses from verified sources provide certificates that hold great values when developing your CV.

📑 Learn and gain proficiency in Python programming language.

To assemble data and to store it in a way that somebody can easily access that data with permission, we use databases. It is an organized collection of data. To create new databases or to even add data information to existing databases, you need a programming language. Python is suggested because it is the most widely used language for database handling.

📑 Learn Cloud computing.

Cloud computing is one of the most in-demand skills in the technical industry these days. With the immense amount of data to be stored, it is hard to compensate for everything in one memory location(single system or multiple system). Thus as a solution, cloud computing emerged. It is the concept of storing data in different places on thousands of systems in a way that anyone can access any specific data without the management of the systems. 

📑 Work on cases that give you practical experience and knowledge.

In today’s world, due to this increasing competition, only theoretical knowledge gets you nowhere. You need to have practical knowledge of concepts which you can obtain by working on projects. This can be done through internships or training under some professors. Working on good cases is the key to getting placed in any field. 

📑 Develop data gathering and data storage skills.

As a data engineer, two of the main job responsibilities you will have is to collect relevant data from different sources and storing this data in databases in a way that anyone can access it with permission. This might seem like something you think you don’t need practice or extra knowledge for, but it is a typical concept. It is easy to learn but you need to go through each and every step in detail to become a good data engineer at Cognizant.

📑 Learn Big data tools and data security.

Big data is a term used for the collection of huge amounts of complex data. These kinds of data are difficult to discover. Thus there are a few big data tools which make the life of a data engineer easier. It is necessary to learn and understand how to use big data tools, few of them are MongoDB, Apache, etc.
Along with extracting and storing data, data hiding is also necessary. With the ease of the internet it is very convenient for anybody to access a company's data. To prevent this you need to learn data security to maintain privacy in the lives of people.

📑 Create a portfolio. Work on good cases and add them to your portfolio.

Portfolio is also called a CV (curriculum vitae). It consists of all the information regarding you, from your name, education, experience, certificates, extra curricular activities, etc. It is basically everything you want the employer to know about you. If you have worked on any project or case, don’t forget to add that in your portfolio. It will make you stand out from other candidates.

📑 Apply for the job as a data engineer at Cognizant.

Now that you have learned all the required skills and worked on cases to gain practical knowledge and your portfolio prepared, you can now apply for the job of a data engineer at Cognizant. All the luck to you! 

Check out this video to avoid Job Interview mistakes.

Career Map

You will be placed at a job level depending upon your skill and experience. You will play a significant role in the organization’s success as a data engineer at Cognizant.

The more cases you work on and the more problems you solve for Cognizant, the chances for you to grow within the company quickly increase.

Career map

Different Job Levels at Cognizant

The different job levels at Cognizant are as follows:

  • As a fresher, you will join as a software engineer or business analyst. Dealing with data ELT as a data engineer at Cognizant is not an entry-level job.
  • As you gain experience, you move up to the data engineer role at Cognizant. This is the level that you join as a data engineer at Cognizant.
  • As a Manager, you will design data systems based on ELT while guiding employees under your supervision.
  • Senior manager deals with issues that arise within people under him. He also works on presenting ideas to respective seniors.

Cognizant provides a vast opportunity for growth. This makes it the dream company of many. After gaining experience, you will be a part of the Cognizant employee hierarchy.

Cognizant Hierarchy

As a data engineer at Cognizant, you will move up to a managerial role with the Job description as follows: 

📌 Software engineer or Business/Data analyst

📌 Data Engineer

📌 Data Architect

📌 Solutions Architect/ Machine learning engineer

As you can see, even if you don’t join as a data engineer, you still can grow within the role of a data engineer at Cognizant after gaining experience.   

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you rejoin Cognizant after a few years?

Yes, you can rejoin Cognizant. It depends on your performance at the company before leaving, your experience after leaving, and your reason for leaving. Although you can’t rejoin as a data engineer at Cognizant, you’ll either move up to managerial roles or not rejoin at all.

How difficult is it to get into Cognizant?

Getting into Cognizant is not that hard. All you need to do is to clear your basics and be confident, you can then crack all the interview  rounds with ease.

Is Cognizant part of IBM?

Cognizant is in collaboration with IBM, where the company collaborates with IBM architects and IT specialists to develop effective data systems.

Is data engineering a promising career?

There will be a production of over 463 exabytes of data per day by the year 2025, and as long as there is data, data will be needed for data engineers. Thus, data engineering is a promising career.

Is data analysis the same as data engineering?

Data analysis and data engineering are two different roles. Although in some companies in the past and even now, responsibilities are shared within these roles, if you look into the majority, both these roles are distinct.


We have learned what data engineering is and how to become a data engineer at cognizant. We have also discussed the various responsibilities, benefits, and requirements, along with the career map of a data engineer at Cognizant.

To learn more about different roles at Cognizant, refer to

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Happy learning! 

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