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Table of contents
About Expedia
About the Role
Job Expectations
Salary and Perks with the Job
Skills and Experience Required
Career Map
Preparation Strategy and Resources
Frequently Asked Questions
With whom does a Data Engineer at Expedia need to work and collaborate?
How long is the process of getting hired at Expedia?
What are the most commonly tested skills for Data Engineers at Expedia?
Does Expedia provide work-from-home options to its Data Engineers?
What is the role of a Data Engineer at Expedia?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Data Engineer at Expedia

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Hello Ninjas!

With the growing realization of the power of data, the demand for skilled professionals has increased who can use raw data to transform, analyze and evaluate. One such job is the Data Engineer. A data engineer helps in transforming the raw data into usable form and to design systems to collect, manage and transform the data. Everyone that wants to be a data engineer aspires to be a part of top IT companies, Expedia being one of them.


Let’s see what the role of a Data Engineer at Expedia is like and discuss the strategies to be one. But before that, let’s have a brief introduction to Expedia.

About Expedia

Expedia Inc. is owned by Expedia Group, which is an American travel shopping company and is based in Seattle. Their website and mobile app can be used to book hotels, airplane tickets, rent cars, vacation packages booking, or cruise ships.

About Expedia

Expedia is on a mission “to power global travel for everyone” and believes that travel is a force for goodExpedia facilitates connections between its partners and travelers and provides customers with a hassle-free travel and booking experience to its customers.

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About the Role

As we all know that today’s era is called the ‘Information Era’, where we produce zettabytes and exabytes of data. Basically, there is a data flood but a lack of information. Using this raw data and applying data mining techniques we can find interesting relations and patterns but the data that is collected from various sources is not clean and refined and is not used as it is by Data analysts or ML engineers. In order to remove noisy, inconsistent data and transform it into a usable form, Data Engineers are required.

Roles and Responsibilities of Data Engineer

Data Engineers seek to make data accessible in a usable form so that businesses and institutions may review, analyze, and enhance their performance. This work mostly entails developing new systems that collect, handle and turn raw data into useful forms. The Data Scientists and Business Analysts then utilize this form to interpret and do their specialized jobs.

Job Expectations

Following are the job expectations as a Data Engineer at Expedia:

  • Creating new aspects of data acquisition, processing, storage, distribution, and visualization.
  • Recognizing and implementing AWS standard methodologies and products (compute, storage and databases).
  • Writing code that is clean, maintainable, and well-tested.
  • Create scalable and high-performance distributed systems, including everything that requires (availability, monitoring and resiliency).
  • Communicating and documenting design solutions and decisions.
  • Contributing to the system architecture by proposing new ways of doing things.
  • Join an agile team that is always learning and developing.

Salary and Perks with the Job

Salary and Perks


The average pay of a Data Engineer at Expedia in India is ₹25.5 Lakhs per year for individuals with 4 to 10 years of experience. Data Engineer at  Expedia gets compensation that ranges from ₹19.9 Lakhs to ₹40 Lakhs per year. Salary estimates are based on 19 salaries obtained from Expedia employees.

The average Take Home Salary is ₹ 1,61,245 - ₹ 1,67,399/month

Range of Salary

₹ 19.9 Lakhs to ₹ 40 Lakhs per year.

Average Salary

₹ 25.5 Lakhs per year (4 to 10 years of experience)

Monthly Salary 

₹ 1,61,245 - ₹ 1,67,399 per month

( The figures presented above are subject to change by Expedia )


Following are the perks that Data Engineer at Expedia gets:

  1. Medical, dental, and vision care
  2. Accommodations are provided at the workplace
  3. Parental and family caregiving leave in the form of paternity and maternity leave
  4. Provides flexible spending accounts- health care FSA and/or dependent care FSA
  5. Membership in IATAN (International Airlines Travel Agent Network) is provided
  6. Assistance program for employees
  7. Customized financial education is provided
  8. Adoption and surrogacy assistance
  9. Therapy and mental healthcare with a Talkspace and 24/7 service
  10. Paid leave for vacation, holidays, and illness
  11. Reimbursement for travel and wellness
  12. Pet support benefits are provided as well

Skills and Experience Required


This section will discuss the skills and experiences that are sought in applicants for the role of Data Engineer at Expedia.

  • Knowledge of at least one modern programming language like ScalaPython or Java, etc.
  • Extensive experience delivering and supporting highly available, scalable solutions with high transaction volumes.
  • Experience with cloud services (e.g. AWS)
  • A strong desire to learn, particularly in the areas of data, technology, service design patterns, and system architecture.
  • To work in a multi-disciplinary team, you must be self-motivated, driven, and have excellent organizational abilities.

Career Map

This section will go over the career opportunities and future prospects for Data Engineers at Expedia. Basically, when your experience as a Data engineer rises in any software organization, you are given better options. Data Engineering is not a beginner's job. 

Data Engineers are typically software engineers or business intelligence analysts, and as you develop in your career, you may be assigned to a managerial position, data architect, solution architect, or machine learning engineer. Also, with increasing experience, the salary increases as well.

Preparation Strategy and Resources

Resources to prepare

Check out the following articles to boost your preparation:

  • PythonFollow the link if you are looking for resources to learn Python, one of the most in-demand programming languages for Data engineers.
  • Data Warehousing and Data MiningKnowledge about Data mining and Data Warehousing are some crucial skills that Cisco expects to see in the candidates for the Data Engineer position.
  • Database Management Systems and Fundamentals of DBMS: To be able to work efficiently with databases, refer to this article to start from scratch and reach an advanced level. DBMS knowledge is one of the most crucial skills a Data Engineer should possess.
  • AptitudeThis is an essential skill required to clear any interview.
  • Big DataRefer to this article to learn more about Big Data.
  • Guide to Kaggle: Get a complete guide on Kaggle for Data Science.

Being skilled at problem-solving has become a necessary skill for any tech-related job. We bring you a well-curated list of problems and resources to practice from to master problem-solving abilities:

  • Test-series: Follow the test series to get a good grip over concepts and test your abilities.
  • Problems: Master Data Structures and Algorithms by solving the problems that are intricately designed for you.
  • Interview bundle: This link contains the various questions asked during the interview in multiple companies.
  • Contests: If you want to practice in a coding contest hosted by the coding ninjas for more practice, follow this link.
  • Guided paths for coding interview: Get a complete guide on what to do before an interview.

Check out the courses attached below to learn more about Machine learning, Data Science, and Data Analytics.

To know more about the job and salary difference between that a software engineer and a data engineer, refer to this video:

Frequently Asked Questions

With whom does a Data Engineer at Expedia need to work and collaborate?

Data scientists and data engineers collaborate to increase information quality and accuracy, allowing enterprises to make more responsible decisions. They work with leaders from across the organization to support business choices.

How long is the process of getting hired at Expedia?

After analyzing the experiences of 1000+ candidates it has been observed that Expedia Group takes an average of 28 days to hire someone.

What are the most commonly tested skills for Data Engineers at Expedia?

Algorithms, SQL, and Python are the most often tested skills in the Expedia Data Engineer interview process. Ordinary Data Engineer interviews, on the other hand, frequently include SQL and Python questions.

Does Expedia provide work-from-home options to its Data Engineers?

Yes. Data Engineers at Expedia get options to work from home.

What is the role of a Data Engineer at Expedia?

Data engineers are in charge of converting raw data into information that can be used for analytics and corporate decision-making. They work with a wide range of systems that are used in anything from businesses, hospitals, and schools to building platforms. As a result, companies now have access to the most up-to-date performance indicators for all of their divisions.


In this blog, we discussed the role of a Data Engineer at Expedia. We looked had a brief introduction to the work culture at Expedia, the salary and perks that it provides to its Data Engineers, and the job expectations it has in return. We also discussed the important skills required to grab the position of a Data Engineer in a reputed company like Expedia. The blog has resources linked to it to help the candidates prepare well for their interviews and other rounds of the process of becoming a Data Engineer.

To know more about Jobs at Expedia and preparation strategies follow the following links:

To learn more about DSA, competitive coding, and many more knowledgeable and interesting topics, please look into the guided paths on Coding Ninjas Studio. You can also enroll in our courses and check out the mock test and problems available. Do check out our interview experiences and interview bundle for placement preparations.

Happy Reading!

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