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Table of contents
Introduction 📃
About Facebook
About the Role🤔
Job Expectations🪛
Salary and Perks💸
Perks and Benefits
Skills And Experience Required🔩
Career Roadmap🗺️
Preparation Guide for the Role 📝
Frequently Asked Questions
What are the most commonly tested skills for Data Engineers at Facebook?
How long is the Facebook recruiting process?
What level is a data engineering manager at Facebook?
What advantages do Facebook workers get?
Does Facebook provide work-from-home options to its Data Engineers?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Data Engineer at Facebook

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Prerita Agarwal
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23 Jul, 2024 @ 01:30 PM

Introduction 📃

Hello Ninjas! 🥷 Data-centric roles are one of the essential sought-after roles in today's time. And with the growing realization of the power of data, the demand for skilled professionals who can use raw data to transform, analyze and evaluate is increasing. One such role is Data engineer. 

Does becoming a Data Engineer at Facebook sound interesting to you? If your answer is yes, you are at the right place to learn about the role and how you can be a Data Engineer at Facebook soon. But before that, let's have a brief introduction to Facebook.

About Facebook

Facebook is an online social network service 📱 platform that is part of the company Meta Platforms founded in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Moskovitz, and Chris Hughes. All of the co-founders of Facebook were students of Harvard University.

Facebook Logo CN

Facebook, Inc is now known as Meta Platforms, Inc as of October 2021. The change is "reflecting its focus on building the metaverse". Meta's products and services include Facebook, Messenger, Facebook Watch, and the Meta Portal. It has also acquired big names like Oculus, Giphy, Mapillary, Customer, Presize and has a 9.99% stake in Jio Platforms. Last year the company generated 97.5% of its revenue from the sale of advertising.

Meta helps candidates who choose to build their careers with them by creating with shaping a future that will take them beyond what digital connection makes possible today—beyond the constraints of screens, the limits of distance, and even the rules of physics.

Does Facebook sound like a great place to work? Okay! Now let us move on to knowing Data Engineer as a role.

About the Role🤔

As mentioned above, data is the key to technology and innovation today. We produce zettabytes and exabytes of data. That creates a new challenge,  a flood of data but a lack of information. Data mining techniques on raw data can help find interesting relations and patterns. Still, the data collected from various sources is often not clean and refined and is not usable by Data analysts or ML engineers. To remove noisy, inconsistent data and transform it into a functional form, Data Engineers are required.

Data Engineer Role and Resposibility

Data Engineers make data more accessible and usable so businesses and institutions can review, analyze, and enhance their performance. Their work mainly entails developing new systems that collect, handle and turn raw data into proper forms. The Data Scientists and Business Analysts then utilize this data to interpret and analyze.

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Job Expectations🪛

You will have a few Expectations if you get hired as a Data Engineer at Facebook. These Expectations are listed below:

Job Expectations🪛

▶️Manage Data Warehouse plans for business verticals


▶️Design, build, optimize, launch and support new or existing data models and analytical solutions


▶️Build expertise in data and own data quality for allocated areas of ownership.


▶️Partner with internal stakeholders to grasp business requirements, work with cross-functional data and product teams to build scalable and efficient data solutions


▶️Conduct code and design reviews


▶️Work with Data Infrastructure to find out infrastructure issues and drive to resolution

▶️Manage the delivery of high-impact dashboards, tools, and Data Visualizations

Salary and Perks💸

Now we will get to the exciting part, Salary and Perks 🤩

Salary And Perks


The table below shows the expected salary as a Data Engineer at Facebook.

Salary Table

**The salaries as mentioned above are subject to change.**


Perks and Benefits

Apart from the monetary benefits we mentioned above, there are other perks and benefits that you can enjoy as a Facebook employee. These include:

  •  Facebook workers get a Headspace membership rebate, a Rethink program markdown, and a cell phone rebate.
  • They also provide essential benefits like :
    • Free Transport
    • Work from Home
    • Child Care
    • Health Insurance 
    • Education Assistance
    • On-job training and soft skill training
  • Meta provides financial assistance through a Pension Plan, Stock Options or Equity, and a Performance Bonus.

Skills And Experience Required🔩

Skills And Experience Required


To become a Data Engineer at Facebook you will need at least a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, a relevant technical field, or equivalent practical experience in education. Apart from this, the experience requirements for this role are as follows:

💡2+ years of experience in Data Warehousing, custom ETL design, implementation, and maintenance 


💡2+ years of experience in SQL or any similar DBMS languages, and development experience in at least one language like PythonPHP, etc


💡Experience in leading data-driven projects from definition through interpretation and execution


💡Experience with schema design, data architecturedata modeling, and software development


💡Experience with initiating and driving projects, and communicating data warehouse plans to internal clients and stakeholders


💡Experience with large Hadoop, data sets,  and Data Visualizations tools

Career Roadmap🗺️

When you increase your experience as a Data engineer in any organization, you are given better options and opportunities. Keep in mind that Data Engineering is not a beginner's job.

Career Roadmap


Data Engineers are typically software engineers or business intelligence analysts. As you develop in your career, you may be assigned to a managerial position, data architect, solution architect, or machine learning engineer. With increasing experience, the salary also increases.

Preparation Guide for the Role 📝

Let us now prepare a roadmap for your technical rounds and interviews. Check out the Facebook off-campus interview video for a detailed preparation guide to joining Facebook.

Roadmao to Facebook

There is generally one telephone interview followed by 2-3, including technical and HR rounds.

Coding Ninjas has an extensive gallery of resources that will help you master the skills required to crack these interviews and become a Data Engineer at Facebook.

  • Database Management Systems and Fundamentals of DBMS: To work efficiently with Databases, refer to this article to start from scratch and reach an advanced level. DBMS knowledge is one of the most crucial skills a Data Engineer should possess.
  • Data Warehousing and Data MiningKnowledge about Data mining and Data Warehousing are some crucial skills that Cisco expects to see in the candidates for the Data Engineer position.
  • PythonFollow the link if you are looking for resources to learn Python, one of the most in-demand programming languages for Data engineers.
  • AptitudeThis is an essential skill required to clear any interview.
  • Big DataRefer to this article to learn more about Big Data.
  • Guide to Kaggle: Get a complete guide on Kaggle for Data Science.


Also, check out these preparation guides, test series, and problems to practice your skills and ace your following interview.

  • Problems: Master Data Structures and Algorithms by solving the issues that are intricately designed for you.
  • Test-series: Follow the test series to get a good grip on concepts and test your abilities.
  • Interview bundle: This link contains the various questions asked during the interview in multiple companies.
  • Contests: If you want to practice in a coding game hosted by the coding ninjas for more practice, follow this link.
  • Guided paths for coding interview: Get a complete guide on what to do before an interview.


Finally, if you are interested in other roles at Facebook and skills for them, check out some of the specific articles:

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most commonly tested skills for Data Engineers at Facebook?

Algorithms, SQL, and Python, are the most commonly tested skills in any Data Engineer interview process. So for the Data Engineer interview at Facebook, you can expect SQL and Python questions.

How long is the Facebook recruiting process?

You can expect the Facebook screening to continue for around four to eight weeks and close to seven or eight meetings. Screening processes change intermittently, so if your experience doesn't follow a definite way, it's anything but a negative marker.

What level is a data engineering manager at Facebook?

The IC5 level would mean data scientists, while the IC6 and beyond are senior management positions of Facebook data engineering. So Data engineering manager position can be either IC5 or IC6

What advantages do Facebook workers get?

Facebook gives its employees a sensible work/life balance through paid debilitated leave days, adaptable timetables, and spent excursions and occasions. You will also get 21 yearly passes on days and admittance to psychological well-being programs.

Does Facebook provide work-from-home options to its Data Engineers?

Facebook allows all their full-time employees a permanent work-from-home option, provided they can do their jobs remotely.


This article gives insight into who a Data Engineer is and how you can become Data Scientist at Facebook. We discussed the job expectations for a Data Engineer, the skills required to become one, and the roadmap to your goal. Do upvote this article if you found it helpful, and also check out the below list of resources to guide you through your tech journey. With this, we will conclude our article.

You can also check out Facebook Interview Experience to learn about Facebook’s hiring process.

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