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About the Role of a Data Engineer⭕
Responsibilities of a Data Engineer at Flipkart❓
Skills Required for the Job💻💻
Salary and Perks of the Job💰💰
Perks of a Data Engineer at Flipkart🎉
Experience Required for Data Engineer at Flipkart⭕
Preparation Strategy🎯
Career Trajectory for a Data Engineer⭕
Resources for Preparation✍
Interview Resources💻
Aptitude Resources💻
Other Resources💻
Flipkart Specific Resources💻
Frequently Asked Questions
Is data engineering a difficult job?
Can a person apply for this role without a degree?
Is data engineering a safe career?
Who earns more? A data scientist or a data engineer.
What is the difference between a data analyst and a data engineer?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Data Engineer at Flipkart

Author Akriti Bhan
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In this blog, we will try to explore the role of a data engineer at Flipkart. We will talk about the role, its perks, the skillset required to grab this opportunity, and much more.

Let’s dive deep into the topic now.

data engineer

About the Role of a Data Engineer⭕

As known by everyone, working at a company like Flipkart is a dream for many technical sophomores. However, before working and applying for any role, we must have complete knowledge about the role. Data engineers work with anything revolving around data and databases. 

In today’s world, every organization works with data. The management and efficiency of data is a significant concern. As the name suggests, data engineers work with data and systems to convert raw data into valuable pieces of information. Business analysts or Data Scientist then use this converted data further. Data Engineers also are supposed to work with bugs, performance issues, or inconsistencies in the data. A data engineer improves the quality and usability of data. The employment type of data engineer at Flipkart is full-time.

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Responsibilities of a Data Engineer at Flipkart❓


After knowing about the data engineer role at Flipkart, it is essential to go through the company’s expectations for this job role. Knowing the job responsibilities is also essential for the candidate to understand whether the job role is a perfect fit for them. Below given are some of the responsibilities of a data engineer at Flipkart -

1️⃣The candidate is supposed to team up and work on data ingestion frameworks and data streaming.

2️⃣The prime step in working on data is first to collect the data. Hence a data engineer should collect the data and check for its authenticity. This will avoid any later inconsistencies.

3️⃣Direct implementation on any data is not preferred. First, the data should be thoroughly analyzed. Then it should be tested for any bugs that might arise. Hence a data engineer should be careful about the testing of data.

4️⃣The data engineer at Flipkart must have a good knowledge of agile methods.

5️⃣They are also expected to devise and work on models that can reduce manual work. This is done to automate the task of data processing.

6️⃣A data engineer is supposed to keep himself updated. This includes advancements in machine learning and some of its algorithms.

Skills Required for the Job💻💻


This part forms a base for your selection as a data engineer at Flipkart. Only a candidate with appropriate skills will have a higher chance of grabbing this fantastic opportunity. Let us look at the skills required for getting a role at Flipkart as a Data Engineer. 

🎯Data Architecture

This includes the person being able to build complex database systems. It is related to data in motion, data at rest, etc.

🎯Data Warehousing

The data is initially collected in random or raw format. Such data is of practically no use. Hence data warehousing is vital to put the data in a structured manner.


As we know, python is a primary contributing language to data science. Hence good knowledge of python is required. Other databases like SQL and Java or C can also be used for this purpose.

🎯Operating Systems

Working with data requires working in different operating systems or machines. So a data engineer at Flipkart should also know about operating systems like Windows and Linux.

🎯Machine Learning

Knowing about machine learning can help you in statistical analysis or building models for data processing.

🎯Critical Thinking Skills

This is a kind of base for all the other skills. Theoretical knowledge is useless until it cannot be put into practice.

Critical thinking skills enable a person to find the optimal solution in a situation that is not pre-known.

🎯Data Analysis Techniques

Data should be appropriately analyzed and then should be worked upon.

Salary and Perks of the Job💰💰

salary and perks

Flipkart is one of the tech giants. Working in such a company will give its employees immense benefits and a handsome salary.

Let us look at the salary of a data engineer at Flipkart.

Average Annual Salary ₹ 22,39,231
Estimated In-hand Salary ₹ 1,44,508 - ₹ 1,49,905/month.
General Salary ₹ 14 Lakhs to ₹ 32 Lakhs.

This figure is approximately 104% times greater than the average salary of a Data Engineer at other companies.

**The salary figures mentioned above are subject to change.

Perks of a Data Engineer at Flipkart🎉

Flipkart is one company where almost everyone interested in the technical domain wants to work. One primary reason for this is the fantastic perks that the company offers. This increases the efficiency of the work of the employees.

The perks of a Data Engineer at Flipkart are-

1️⃣Health Insurance✔

Flipkart takes care of its employees. It knows that quality work can only be achieved when the employee is in good health. For this, health insurance is provided to the employees.

2️⃣Free Food🍕

Flipkart also offers free food to its employees. The variety of food is impressive.

3️⃣Free Transport🚓

The employees at Flipkart can also access the transport facilities without any cost.


Some great, considerable cafeterias in the company help you relax during work hours.

5️⃣Job Training

Flipkart also provides job training to its employees. This ensures that are ready and prepared for upcoming tasks with appropriate skills.

6️⃣Team Outings

These provide a great way to build a stronger team and also help to refresh the mood of the employee so that greater efficiency can be achieved.

7️⃣Soft Skill Training

Flipkart also focuses on soft skill training for its employees, for their overall personality development.

8️⃣Work from Home💻

The employees can also work from their homes conveniently.

Experience Required for Data Engineer at Flipkart

The experience required for being a data engineer at Flipkart 

🎯1-3 years experience with Bachelor’s Degree in computer science or technology. In some cases, an experience of 3-5 years can also be required.

🎯1 year of experience in software development. The candidate must have a good hold on database modeling and data architecture.

🎯An experience in HadoopMapreduce, Spark, and Scala programming is the cherry on  the cake.

🎯Experience in engineering large-scale systems.

🎯Understanding of Kafka, and Spark streaming.

🎯Experience in multi-petabyte DW environments.

Preparation Strategy🎯

preparation strategy

Preparation Strategy forms the basis of how a particular candidate should prepare for becoming a data engineer at Flipkart. Firstly, the candidate must be well versed in all the abovementioned skills.

1️⃣Prepare the data modelling and SQL strategies properly.

2️⃣Make some projects based on this field, that show your passion and determination towards working in this domain. The interviewer might ask anything related to the project or the technologies used.

3️⃣Study about spark internals and optimization techniques

4️⃣DSA is an integral part of any technical interview. Hence do not forget to study DSA thoroughly before technical rounds.

Let us elaborate on this point a bit more.

Written Test/Coding Test interview

This round is generally the machine coding round. You are given a use case document. Your task is to provide the solution to the queries in the document using JSON files.

⭕You can use any language, or framework for the same. Once you are done with this, you have to explain your solution and how it approaches the problem in the best possible way.

Problem Solving Round

This is usually the second round. In this round, you will have to code the solution for a problem that the interviewer might give you. The questions are usually standard coding questions.

Technical Round

In this round the interviewer will ask you questions about your project and the technologies used in the project. You must be well prepared with everything you used to create the project and a bit more!

Managerial Round

This round forms the basis for your selection. In this round, you will have to answer basic behavioral questions. This round checks whether you are a perfect fit for the company.

Career Trajectory for a Data Engineer⭕

There are quite a few people who directly become data engineers. Usually, the starting phases include

🎯Database administrators

The role of a database administrator is to keep all the activities of maintaining a successful database in place. They are responsible for the efficient management of the database of a company.

🎯Business analysts.

Business analysts analyze the past and current data of the business so that the decisions which are made in the organization in the future are efficient. With the advancement in career and experience, further roles come in the way of a data engineer.

🎯Data scientists 

Data scientists are responsible for the management of extremely huge volumes of data. They collect, transform, and process data. They use data to devise proper solutions for the problems.

🎯Senior data scientists 

The senior data scientists supervise their junior staff. They do not devise models but decide the basis for the models so that these models can be used as solutions. Their contribution is important for a company to grow.

🎯Data architect

A data architect designs the process, procedures, or policies that are used to collect or use the company’s information.

🎯Solutions architect

These are the people who contribute to the selection or devising of hardware, software, or other models that help to solve a particular problem in the company.

🎯Machine learning engineer

Basically machine learning engineers design or research self-running artificial intelligence models.

You can also check out Data Analyst vs Data Scientist here.

Resources for Preparation✍


Below are some resources to help you prepare for the exam and interview.

Interview Resources💻

Aptitude Resources💻

Other Resources💻

Flipkart Specific Resources💻

Frequently Asked Questions

Is data engineering a difficult job?

Yes! Data Engineering involves the preparation of models and working with data. Data can be pretty complex. Therefore, it is a challenging yet exciting job to pursue.

Can a person apply for this role without a degree?

No, any candidate applying for this field must have a bachelor’s degree in the software domain, mathematical domain, or other related fields.

Is data engineering a safe career?

Data is growing enormously day by day. People keep on working with data which increases the need for data management. Thus the field of data engineering has untapped potential and is a safe career path.

Who earns more? A data scientist or a data engineer.

Usually, the salaries of data scientists are much higher than that of data engineers. One can become a data scientist only after sufficient training in data engineering.

What is the difference between a data analyst and a data engineer?

A data analyst uses static techniques to model. A data engineer develops and maintains data pipelines.


In this article, we discussed the role of a data engineer and the responsibilities of a data engineer at Flipkart. We also looked at the skills required for the position and peeked into the salaries and perks offered by the company to the employees.

Following this discussion, we saw about the experience and preparation strategy. Finally, we looked at the career trajectory of a data engineer.

Refer to our guided paths on Coding Ninjas Studio to learn more about DSA, Competitive Programming, JavaScript, System Design, etc. Enroll in our courses and refer to the mock test and problems available.

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Happy Learning Ninja!🥷

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