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Table of contents
Introduction 🧾
About Salesforce
Data Science Engineer at Salesforce
About the role 📄
Roles and Responsibilities 🔗
Skills and Requirements 📌
Salary and Perks 💸💰
Preparation Strategy📍⏳
Career Map 📈
Frequently Asked Questions❔
How hard is it to be employed at Salesforce?
What are the perks offered by Salesforce to their employees?
What is data science?
Does Salesforce hire freshers?
How to become a data science engineer?
Conclusion 🔚
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Data Science Engineer at Salesforce

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Introduction 🧾

Hello Ninjas! Welcome to another preparation guide article. Do you want to become a Data Science Engineer but don't know how to start? Don't worry; we have you covered. Coding Ninjas will help you understand the job profile better. This article will discuss the Data Science Engineer role at Salesforce. Sounds interesting, right? 


You can also read our Salesforce Preparation Guide article to learn more. Also, check out our articles on Job opportunities at Salesforce and Ways to Join Salesforce. Check out the Internships at Salesforce article if you are looking for internships.

Isn’t it incredible? ✨

So, let's get started. 😃

About Salesforce

Salesforce Inc. is an American cloud-based IT company. It is headquartered in San Francisco, California. It provides CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software. Its applications are focused on marketing automation, sales, customer services, application development, and analytics. 

Salesforce Logo

Salesforce is founded by Marc Benioff, a former Oracle executive. It grew fast and became one of the largest companies in the world. It is ranked 136th in the 2022 edition of Fortune 500. 

Data Science Engineer at Salesforce

Data Science Engineer at Salesforce

Let us gear up and start with the Data Science profile at Salesforce. 

About the role 📄

Data Science Engineer role in Salesforce is a very crucial role. The Data Science or Data Intelligence(DI) team is one of the reasons behind the success of the Salesforce platform. Using data and artificial intelligence helps build more robust and personalized software. 

To apply for this role, visit Data Science Engineer at Salesforce. 

Data Science Engineer

Roles and Responsibilities 🔗

Okay. So when you are employed in a position, you are given some roles and responsibilities. Knowing this before applying or starting a position is good practice. 

Roles and Responsibilities

Let us now discuss the roles and responsibilities of a Data Science Engineer at Salesforce. 

📑 Collaborate with other teams and engineers on deliverables using the agile method. Encourage an agile environment. 

📑 Responsible for collecting, cleaning, using, and storing the data.

📑 Develop and manage data pipelines. 

📑 Ensure data protection and quality assurance. 

Skills and Requirements 📌

When you apply for a position in a company, the company expects you to have some relevant skills. It is good to go through the list and get prepared. 

Skills and Requirements

Following is the list of required skills:

📌 Experience in a relevant field is required. 

📌 Hands-on experience in Data analysis, modeling, provisioning, optimization, and performance tuning. 

📌 Capable of building scalable data pipelines using standards of data modeling.  

📌 Familiar with Python programming language.

📌 Familiarity with version control systems, including Git, GitFlow, Jenkins, and Bitbucket.

📌 Capable of building solutions in an AWS ecosystem.

📌 Capable of working with vast amounts of data and implementing high-performance data analysis. 

📌 Capable of collaborating with other team members and staff. Have Good communication skills. 

📌 Should have good knowledge of databases and query languages like SQL

📌 Familiar with Machine learning and artificial intelligence concepts and algorithms. 

📌 Familiar with various technologies like ScalaSpark, Trino, and Airflow. 

Salary and Perks 💸💰

Salary and Perks

Let us now move on and talk about salaries and perks at Salesforce. The following table shows the average salary depending on the entries of a few employees of Salesforce. 

Experience Level Salary (per annum)
4 - 5 years ₹ 17.0 Lakhs
8 - 9 years  ₹ 31.0 Lakhs

** Salaries mentioned above are only estimated values. They are subject to change. **

When you work for Salesforce, you do not only get a salary, but you also get a lot of perks. Apart from the fixed CTC, Salesforce offers many benefits to its employees. You can find the list of perks provided by Salesforce to its employees below.

🌟 Office Perks include - 

  • Free Food. 🍱🍵
  • Pet-Friendly offices. 🐱🐶
  • Company Social Outings. 🚌
  • Legal Assistance. ⛏
  • Unique Office Space. 🏢
  • Work From Home Policy. 🏡

🌟 Health & Wellness includes - 

  • Dental Insurance. 🦷
  • Vision Insurance. 👀
  • Health Insurance. 🏥
  • Gym Membership / Reimbursement. 💪
  • Life Insurance. 😄

🌟 Paid Time Off

  • PTO / Vacation Policy. ⛱
  • Paid Holidays. ⛵
  • Maternity / Paternity Leave. 👶

🌟 Financial Benefits include -

  • Tuition Reimbursement. 🎓
  • 401K / Retirement Plan. 👴👵
  • Performance Bonus. ⭐
  • Employee Stock Purchase Plan. 🔯

Preparation Strategy📍⏳

With correct guidance and preparation, anything is possible. So let’s get you geared up with the best preparation strategy to help you crack this job profile at Salesforce. To be a data science engineer, you should have strong programming knowledge. Let us start with programming. 

Preparation Strategy


Programming Languages and Data Structures: You must have good command over at least one programming language for the coding rounds. In the field of  Data science, Python is most used. Python has vast libraries collection, with the help of which data analysis and other data science tasks become easier. Follow our courses to learn common programming languages.

Programming Languages and Data Structures

📘 C++ with DSA.

📙 Java with DSA.

📗 Python with DSA.

📚 Data Structures and Algorithms.

Data Science Specific: You should have sound knowledge of data science, data analysis, data modeling, and machine learning. You should know artificial intelligence and cloud computing concepts. 

Data Science Specific

Follow the below links to learn and understand the main data science concepts: 

📚 Data Science & Machine Learning Free Course.

📚 Free Machine Learning Online Courses in 2021.

📚 Coding Ninjas | Data Analytics

📚 Data Analyst vs. Data Scientist

📚 Data Analysis | Learn & Practice from Coding Ninjas Studio

📚 Coding Ninjas | Data Analytics

Some more articles to help you understand how to prepare: 

📄 Interview Questions | Learn & Practice from Coding Ninjas Studio.

📄 Getting started with Git & GitHub - Coding Ninjas Coding Ninjas Studio.

📄 Introduction to AWS - Coding Ninjas Coding Ninjas Studio.  

You can also check out Your Ultimate Job Interview Preparation Guide for Salesforce. You will find the Salesforce interview questions and experiences compiled in one place. 

Career Map 📈

The world is getting digital, and things are changing. We can see how things are getting automated. All this is possible because of the data and how it is handled by Data science engineers. Data is increasing exponentially as more people are using the internet. As the data increases, the power of what data can do is also increasing. 

Career Map

The demand for data science engineers is also increasing with such a rise in data. Data Science engineers are responsible for building innovative solutions to everyday problems. They find trends and patterns in data and uncover valuable insights. They use the power of Machine Learning and Data Analysis algorithms to enhance the outcome of businesses.  

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the data science profession is expected to grow 31% by 2030. The approximate salary of a data science engineer at Salesforce is 17 LPA for 4-5 years of experience employees and 31 LPA for 8-9 years of experienced employees. At Salesforce, with experience, you move on to the Senior Data Scientist position, and the average salary of this position is around 33 LPA. These figures are also expected to grow in future years. 

You can also check out Data Analyst vs Data Scientist here.

Frequently Asked Questions❔

How hard is it to be employed at Salesforce?

It’s not very hard to get employed at Salesforce. You can crack any position at Salesforce with proper guidance and preparation guide. You should have all the relevant skills and be good with aptitude and programming. 

What are the perks offered by Salesforce to their employees?

When you work for Salesforce, you do not only get a salary, but you also get a lot of perks. You are given paid leaves for vacations, maternity and paternity leaves, health and life insurance, company social outings, tuition fee reimbursements, and many more.

What is data science?

Data Science is a discipline of computer science that deals with data and how the data is handled. It includes all the activities performed on data or with the help of data. 

Does Salesforce hire freshers?

Yes, you can apply at Salesforce even if you are a fresher. Salesforce hires both freshers as well as experienced developers. If you are a fresher and have all the required skills and certifications, you can be employed at Salesforce. 

How to become a data science engineer?

To be a data science engineer, you should first get a degree in a relevant field. Then you should start building your skills and find an entry-level job. To become a data science engineer, you should have good communication and analytical skills. 

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Conclusion 🔚

This article discussed the Data Science Engineer profile at Salesforce. We have also discussed the required skill sets along with the approximate salary.

You can read our Salesforce Preparation Guide article to learn more about Salesforce. Also, check out our articles on Job opportunities at Salesforce and Ways to Join Salesforce. Check out the Internships at Salesforce article if you are looking for internships.

I hope you would have gained a better understanding of these topics now!

You can also consider our online coding courses such as the Data Science Course to give your career an edge over others.

Happy Coding!

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