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📃About LinkedIn
🤔Who is a Data Scientist?
🧑‍💻Responsibilities of Data Scientist at LinkedIn
👀Required Qualifications and Skill Set
🎉Benefits and Perks For the Employees
🛣️Career Roadmap For The Job
🤜🤛Data Scientist Preparation Strategy
Frequently asked questions
What is the work of a Data Scientist?
How many rounds of interviews are there for a Data Scientists role at LinkedIn?
Can a fresher join as a Data Scientist at LinkedIn?
What are the tools a Data Scientist must be good at?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Data Scientist at LinkedIn

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Does becoming a data scientist at LinkedIn sound interesting? If your answer is yes, you are at the right place to have an insight into the Data Scientist role at LinkedIn and what it's like to be the same. So let us begin this article by familiarizing you with the company itself.


📃About LinkedIn

LinkedIn operates via the website and mobile apps. It is a professional networking platform. LinkedIn helps people in networking with others professionally, and it also helps in discovering new opportunities and gaining insight. Its headquarters are in Sunnyvale, California.

about linkedin

At LinkedIn, people encourage one another to perform their best where it proves to be the best for the company. LinkedIn also helps its employees to find their dream job. It helps them find their passion and purpose. LinkedIn operates a diverse business with earnings from membership fees, advertising sales, and recruiting solutions. Microsoft acquired LinkedIn in December 2016.

Does LinkedIn sound like a great place to work? Okay! Now let us move on to knowing Data Scientist as a role.

🤔Who is a Data Scientist?

A data scientist examines raw data and pulls meaningful interpretation from it. They then utilize this data to identify trends and provide solutions. At LinkedIn, the data scientist collaborates with cross-functional partners like engineers, designers, product managers, and many others to build and improve products and features.  

about the role

As a data scientist, you will have the opportunities to create new technologies, services, and products that will help the company advance its aim of connecting professionals worldwide. A data scientist will be in charge of informing strategy and choices, as well as developing, measuring, comprehending, and enhancing goods. A data scientist will have to create data-driven product solutions that will provide value to the clients and improve our members' professional life. They will focus on delivering the most significant user experience possible for the users, allowing them to access global career prospects through professional identity.

Let us discuss the responsibilities of a Data Scientist at LinkedIn.

🧑‍💻Responsibilities of Data Scientist at LinkedIn

Data Scientists at LinkedIn have the following responsibilities:

  • As a Data Scientist at LinkedIn, you will collaborate with a Data Science team and cross-functional partners to find commercial possibilitiesoptimize product performance, and develop a go-to-market plan
  • You will have to analyze massive amounts of organized and unstructured data to increase member value and customer satisfaction.
  • Create fundamental business indicators and the technology to track and extract insights from them.
  • Create and evaluate experiments to test new product concepts and market entry tactics, and then turn the results into actionable suggestions.
  • Create intelligent automated dashboards and data visualization to track important company indicators and derive meaningful business and product insights.
  • Create interesting stories, offer data-driven suggestions, and convey results to a diverse group of people, from peers to senior management. With minimal supervision, initiate and push initiatives to completion.
  • Create and evaluate trials to test new product concepts or market entry tactics.
  • They will have to conduct cutting-edge research and development in the disciplines of MLOps and AIOps.
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👀Required Qualifications and Skill Set

The candidate applying for this job must have a set of technical and soft skills. Let us first see the qualifications a candidate must have to be eligible to apply as a Data Scientist at LinkedIn-

required skills


A candidate must have a Bachelor/Master/PhD degree in Computer Science/ Statistics/ Mathematics/ Engineering. This is the minimum qualification that a candidate must have. Let us now see the preferred qualifications for a Data Scientist at LinkedIn:

- It is preferred that the candidate have 1+ years of experience in product analysis or marketing analytics.

- A candidate will be preferred if they have 2+ years of experience in dealing with huge amounts of data at an internet-based company.

2+ years of experience in scripting languages like or PythonSQL, and Pig will be great for a candidate applying for this position.

- LinkedIn prefers candidates with experience with A/B testing.

- The candidate should be familiar with background languages such as ScalaJava, and Pig.

- The candidate will get a bonus point if they have experience with applied statistics and statistical modeling.

Let us now move on to seeing the technical skills a candidate must have if they want to be a Data Scientist at LinkedIn:


Candidate should have: 

  • Strong knowledge of scripting languages such as R or Python.
  • Knowledge of Machine Learning models.
  • Deep understanding of Statistics.
  • Knowledge of Natural Language Processing and Deep Learning.
  • Should be able to work with database languages such as SQL.
  • Good understanding of tools used for data visualization such as PowerBiTableau, and Excel.
  • Good understanding of statistical software like Julia, MATLAB, etc.


Now talking about the soft skills, candidates should have excellent communication abilities, including the ability to synthesize, clarify, and explain complicated challenges to various audiences.

Does it seems like you have all that it takes to be a Data Scientist at LinkedIn; then check out LinkedIn’s Career Page to apply for the job. Also, if you think you want to know about all the other career opportunities at LinkedIn, then this article is for you. And check out more about some of those opportunities with these articles:


The average salary of Data Scientist at Linkedin is between the range of 20-23 lakh per annum.

salary table

**The salaries as mentioned above are subject to change.**

🎉Benefits and Perks For the Employees

LinkedIn offers a range of benefits and perks to its employees.

benefits and perks
  • LinkedIn allows its employees to take paid time off to rest, refuel and recharge.
  • It provides life insurance to its employees.
  • It also provides its employees a wide range of premium accountsLinkedIn learning subscriptions, and discounts on Microsoft products.
  • It has a week-long shut down at the end of the year.
  • It provides health insurance for its employees as well as their families.
  • It has a wellness program that allows the employees to use their onsite gymfitness classes, and events.

🛣️Career Roadmap For The Job

The role above Data Scientist is Staff Data Scientist. To be a Staff Data Scientist, you must have at least 5+ years of experience in the domain. They assist senior executives in prioritizing/scoping projects, making suggestions, and evangelizing data-driven business choices in support of strategic goals. 

A Staff Data Scientist can be promoted to the post of Senior Staff Data Scientist. They generally have a minimum of 10 years of experience. They act as primary domain experts in the firm. Senior Staff Data Scientists provide mentorship to the junior members. 

🤜🤛Data Scientist Preparation Strategy

Let us now set up a roadmap to prepare for your technical rounds and interviews. For a detailed preparation guide to joining LinkedIn, check out the Preparation Guide. 

preparation strategy

There is generally one telephone interview followed by 2-3 interview rounds, including technical and HR rounds.


  • You should have a strong knowledge of SQL. The telephone interview will mainly focus on your understanding of SQL.
  • Prepare machine learning topics thoroughly.
  • You must understand how to apply statistical techniques to what type of data.
  • Have strong coding skills in R or Python.
  • Knowledge of DSA is also recommended.
  • Know everything about your projects. Build at least 1-2 projects to highlight your analytical and statistical skills.

Check out our articles on Ways to Join LinkedIn and Internship Opportunities at LinkedIn to find your way to LinkedIn. To help you better prepare for this role, here's a curated list of articles that you must give a read:


There's a Youtube video attached below that will guide you in preparing a roadmap to become a data scientist-


Frequently asked questions

What is the work of a Data Scientist?

A data scientist examines raw data and pulls meaningful meaning from it. They then utilize this data to identify trends and provide solutions.

How many rounds of interviews are there for a Data Scientists role at LinkedIn?

The telephone interview will be the first technical interview round, and then around 2-3 more interview rounds are conducted before hiring the candidate.

Can a fresher join as a Data Scientist at LinkedIn?

Yes, a fresher can apply for the role, but 2 or 3 years of experience is preferred for the role.

What are the tools a Data Scientist must be good at?

A data scientist must be good with data visualization tools such as MATLAB, Power Bi, and Excel.


This article was an insight into who a Data Scientist is and how we can become Data Scientists at LinkedIn. We also saw the job expectations for a Data Scientist and the skills required to become the same. Check out the below list of resources to guide you through your tech journey.


You can also consider our online coding courses such as the Data Science Course to give your career an edge over others.

Happy Learningninja!

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