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About Apple
About the Role
Skills and Experience Required
Hard Skills
Soft Skills
Job Expectations
Eligibility Criteria
Recruitment Process at Apple
Career Map
Levels of Database Engineer at Apple
Frequently Asked Questions
What does an Apple Database engineer do?
What kind of expertise is required of a Database engineer?
What are the best skills for a Database engineer at apple?
Is doing a database engineer job good for future perspective?
How many rounds are there in the Database engineer in Apple?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Database Engineer at Apple

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Do you know what being a Database engineer at Apple looks like? Have you ever wondered how it feels to be a Database engineer in a company like Apple?

If you want to know all about Database engineer at apple. Then you're at the right place. 

Database engineer at Apple

In this article, we'll discuss the Database engineer at Apple, which will help you know everything you need about this role.

So, let’s get started.

About Apple

Apple Inc. is an American multinational technology company specializing in consumer electronics, software, and online services headquartered in Cupertino, California, USA. 

Apple logo

As of June 2022, the world's largest company by market capitalization, the fourth largest PC vendor by unit sold, and the second largest mobile phone manufacturer. It is one of his big five IT companies in America, along with Alphabet, Amazon, Meta, and Microsoft.

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About the Role

Database engineers are managers of the flow of information within an enterprise. They design and maintain databases that provide valuable and relevant data to employees across the organization. They work as application or system software developers and are typically employed by computer systems companies to design and monitor complex databases.

  • Database engineers ensure that the database is fully functional and provides valid and relevant data. A computer database must be implemented and maintained.
  • The database support team is responsible for supporting, monitoring, and maintaining mission-critical databases under Data Services in a 16x7 tier support model. 
  • This includes software installation, configuration, migration and upgrades, patching and updating, incident and problem management, troubleshooting, and database backup/restore/recovery across multiple technologies such as OracleMongoMySQL, and Vertica. Will be These databases are BareMetal, AWS deployments, and Kubernetes.


The average Database engineer salary in India varies with the demand and market engagements.  

Base Salary ₹150k - ₹160k
Bonus ₹80k - ₹360k
Profit Sharing ₹364k
Total Pay ₹24,96,364

**The salary figures mentioned above are subject to change.


For its employees, Apple provides a variety of bonuses and retirement benefits.

  • Flexible working hours 
  • Healthy work environment 
  • Health Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Flexible Spending Account (FSA)
  • Supplemental Life Insurance
  • Disability Insurance
  • Mental Health Care
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance
  • Occupational Accident Insurance
  • Health Care On-Site

Skills and Experience Required

These are some hard and soft skills that are required:

Hard Skills

Creating efficient websites, applications, and software is your primary responsibility as a Database engineer. You, therefore, need some hard, concrete talents, such as the ones listed below.

  • Deep understanding of database concepts, troubleshooting, root cause analysis skills, and experience with designing and running databases.
  • Extensive Experience with( OGI)Oracle Golden Gate and hands-on experience with Active Setup deployment, conflict detection, resolution, and log dump analysis. Extensive experience performing database setups with FSFO(Fast Start Failover), the load balancer/Netscaler configurations, and Application Continuity.
  • You should have a good understanding of PL/SQL and be able to write advanced functions/procedures/packages.
  • Experience working with large databases supporting high volume transactions with high availability and disaster recovery.
  • Knowledge of Python /Perl/Shell is required.
  • Experience migrating a critical database application from on-premises to the cloud or operating a hybrid cloud environment.
  • Expertise in configuring and administering Oracle 19c.
  • Infrastructure automation and scripting skills, knowledge, and use of (GitHub, Cloud Formation, Shell, Go, Python, Ansible, Terraform) automation tools/languages.
  • A powerful Unix internals experience.
  • Experience with cloud deployments on AWS/GCP.
  • Redis/MongoDB experience knowledge and practical experience in AI/ML.
  • Extensive understanding of his CI/CD tools and technologies in the DevOps landscape.

Soft Skills

You'll discover that your job isn't only Coding as you get more expertise in your field. Additionally, you'll need to communicate with other departments and lead teams while training others. Plan to rely on these soft creative skills as well.

Soft Skills
  • Excellent analytical, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills and proven collaboration skills. 

Job Expectations

  • Design, architecture, build, and ongoing development of a purpose-built, highly available database infrastructure.
  • Use different partitioning schemes to optimize database performance for scalability.
  • Work closely with the application team to drive important initiatives.
  • Support for stress testing different application teams during ramp-up.
  • Supports various database maintenance activities such as Oracle database upgrades, patch management, user management, and RMAN(Recovery Manager) backups.
  • Set up a Golden Gate active environment for databases in the same or other geographic locations.
  • Set up FSFO with and without Golden Gate for high availability and implement a zero data loss solution.
  • Development of innovations, strategies, processes, and standard methods.
  • Recommend and implement new Oracle database features for high availability and scalability.
  • Create automation for repetitive database tasks.
  • Implement industry standard practices and daily health checks in host server and database environments.
  • Work closely with the internal infrastructure team on infrastructure strategy, operational readiness, technical standards, and design.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Bachelor's degree in computer science or equivalent experience.
  • No backlogs at the time of the Interview
  • Functional/technical skills

Now that you know the eligibility for the company. let's see the recruitment process.

Recruitment Process at Apple

The Apple Data Engineering interview consists of 4 rounds.

The first round is a phone interview with Human Resources. HR will schedule the following next Interview, HR  interview. This is mostly a conversation about a project that you would have worked on. The third round is a technical phone interview that tests basic programming skills, SQL, and ETL. Last and most important is an onsite round consisting of 4-5 interviews. Complex SQL, database designdata modeling, and data warehousing are tested.

  1. HR Interview - This is the company's first call to speak to HR. You will be asked to briefly introduce yourself and discuss related projects you worked on in your previous role. HR will also plan for your next round of interviews, which shall be the interview with the manager.
  2. Onsite Round - This is the final set of interviews in the series and is considered the most challenging round. It tests your presence of mind and how effectively you can handle pressure. 
  3. Coding Interview - In this round board members will ask you a couple of questions related to coding, but only with your language vis, C++, java, or python. The level of questions being asked in the interview may vary from medium to tough level.  
  4. Programming Round - Tests general programming skills, technical concepts, and problem-solving approaches. You are expected to write the code for the questions asked.
  5. Database Design Interview - How well do you understand the problem, derive data from it, and turn it into a solution?
  6. Hiring Manager Interview - This is a general interview about the job and your role in the company.
  7. Interview with an experienced team member - Your programming skills will be tested. Interviewers can dig deep into conceptual topics or ask you to develop algorithms or code for various questions.

Career Map

Following is the career map for a Database Engineer at Apple:

Now is a very good time to consider a career in database engineering. Database engineers can work in almost any industry alongside a team of experienced IT professionals. And as more companies move to big data, cloud computing, and social media, the statistics predict continued growth in demand for database engineers and system architects.

Database Architect: With the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, machine learning, and artificial intelligence (AI), all organizations generate some form of data. Companies need database administrators and database architects to process, organize, and store this data.

Database Architect

The value of in-house database administrators and database architects is reflected in their salaries.

Database Administrators: A database administrator (DBA) is the person who manages, protects, and ensures the availability of the data that organizations today produce and consume through their IT systems. The DBA plays a very important role in many of her IT departments today and therefore plays an important role throughout the organization. The median US annual salary for database administrators is $81k. 

Database Architects: Database architects design and build large databases. Set standards for database operations, programming, and security to ensure that they work as intended. A normal database engineer at apple earns $101k.

Your team leader will serve as a mentor to you and be your point of contact. You have the chance to develop new abilities and acquire the necessary experience working on actual software projects at this phase of your career.

Senior Database Engineer: The Senior Data Engineer oversees the department's data integration activities, including developing data models, maintaining the data warehouse and analysis environment, and writing scripts for data integration and analysis.

Senior Database Engineer

They present plans to senior management and oversee hardware and software upgrades to improve performance. This position requires good communication and leadership skills and the ability to multitask under pressure. 

Levels of Database Engineer at Apple

These are some levels that Apple follows:


Year of Experience

Grade 4 (Entry Level/ New Grad)

0 to 2 years

Grade 6 (Database Engineer II)

0 to 3 years

Database Engineer

1 to 11 years

Grade 8 (Database Engineer III)

3 to 8 years

Grade 10 (Database Engineer IV)

5 to 15 years

Distinguished Engineer (Database Engg.)

18 to 22 years


Are you still unsure about how to start gearing up? Coding Ninjas are here to help, so don't worry! We always need a systematic way to learn things. Here are some necessary resources which help to become a Database Engineer at Apple:


You may look into the following to have better practical knowledge,

If you are thinking about whether coding is your cup of tea or not, or how you will get through this journey of coding which nevertheless seems to be quite hard. Do not forget to watch this video to clear all your doubts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does an Apple Database engineer do?

Database engineers are responsible for fast-paced and demanding distributed database environments that develop solutions for multiple database technologies (mainly Oracle) and support OLTP (Online Transaction Processing) systems on various platforms.

What kind of expertise is required of a Database engineer?

They are expected to be proficient in big data frameworks and databases, building data infrastructure, containers, and more. 

What are the best skills for a Database engineer at apple?

Experience in Mysql and Vertica DB will be valued. Experience with public clouds (GCP & AWS) is highly desirable. Knowledge of Kubernetes is a plus.

Is doing a database engineer job good for future perspective?

Data engineers will always be needed since there will always be data to process. So, the answer is that database engineers are a solid career choice.

How many rounds are there in the Database engineer in Apple?

In total, six rounds are there, first is the introductory HR interview, followed by 2 or 3 rounds of managerial interviews, one Coding round and then one Interview to test your coding knowledge skills in depth, and the last Interview with an experienced employee of Apple, who is engaged in the same work profile.


This blog covered the role of a Database Engineer at Apple. We went through responsibilities as a Database Engineer at Apple, with salary and perks, skills and experience required, a career path as a Database Engineer at Apple, and a roadmap to becoming a Database Engineer at Apple.

If you would like to learn more, check out our articles:

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Happy Learning Ninja! 🥷

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