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Table of contents
About D.E Shaw
Roles and Responsibilities🧑‍💻
🔥Software Development Engineer at D.E. Shaw
🔥Test Engineer at D.E Shaw
🔥Data Analyst at D.E. Shaw
🔥Research Analyst at D.E Shaw
🔥Quantitative Analyst at D.E. Shaw
🔥Systems Engineer at D.E Shaw
🔥Business Analyst at D.E. Shaw
Eligibility Criteria
Selection Criteria
Overview of the paper
Test Pattern🏆
🎯Technical Interview I & II:
🎯HR Interview
Preparation strategy🚀
Interview Experiences🧐
Best Strategy for D.E. Shaw
Frequently Asked Questions
What does D.E. Shaw do?
Is D.E. Shaw hard to get into?
How many rounds of interviews are there in DE Shaw?
What are the qualities that make you think that you are fit for this job?
What makes DE Shaw unique?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

D.E. Shaw Preparation Guide

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Nowadays, every student aspires to land the desired career and become a working professional. Everyone is looking for the ideal career path and an excellent company that pays well.


Are you currently searching for work and considering a position with D.E. Shaw?

You're in the right place if the answer is yes.

We will go over the entire plan in detail and give you a thorough D.E. Shaw preparation guide in this blog.

😄Let's begin by going over the D.E. Shaw Preparation Guide. I hope this D.E Shaw preparation guide will be helpful to you.

About D.E Shaw

About D.E Shaw

⭐David E. Shaw established the international investment management company D. E. Shaw & Co., L.P. in 1988. It is headquartered in New York City. 

The business is renowned for improved version mathematical models and cutting-edge computer systems to take advantage of market oddities.

The $55 billion in Assets that D. E. Shaw & Co. manages is made up of $20 billion in long-oriented assets and $35 billion in alternative investments. 

According to a 2018 Institutional Investor report, D. E. Shaw & Co. had produced the fifth-highest returns globally among hedge funds since its founding.

The D. E. Shaw group is trusted by investors worldwide to manage their assets by seeking the optimal balance of risk and reward.

For a new company, a novel trading scheme, or an enhanced back-office procedure, one disruptive concept that ultimately succeeds is worth a dozen fruitless ones. D.E Shaw has discovered that extraordinary breakthroughs can be anticipated when an extraordinary team sets extraordinarily ambitious goals.

This firm has been built partly by attempting to do what other companies might consider impossible or never imagined. 

Moving ahead in the D.E. Shaw Preparation Guide.

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Roles and Responsibilities🧑‍💻

Roles and Responsibilities


The organization offers a wide range of job roles. Are you looking for Employment Chances? Ninja, don't worry. Coding Ninjas is here to help you succeed in every turn. To search for job openings, click on Job Opportunities and DE Shaw.

Jobs openings at D.E. Shaw for graduates of this batch are-

🔥Software Development Engineer at D.E. Shaw

Software Development Engineer at D.E. Shaw

💡With the aid of some of the most cutting-edge computing resources in the world and their strong analytical, mathematical, and software design talents, members of our technical staff work together on complex problems that directly affect the company's continued development. 

💡Software engineers have the chance to work in a welcoming, cooperative, and enjoyable atmosphere.

💡Test and improve the bugs and provide D.E. Shaw quality code in production.

For more information, Refer to Software Development Engineer at D.E. Shaw.

🔥Test Engineer at D.E Shaw

Test Engineer at D.E Shaw

💡Delivering high-quality features and products by using strict testing procedures.

💡Acknowledging the various components of the enterprise system and evaluating the effects of the updates

💡Demonstrating significant ownership and steadily advancing your knowledge in your particular field of expertise.

💡Creating and maintaining automation systems and tools.

💡Enhancing productivity by locating and automating test cases.

For more information, Refer to Test Engineer at D. E. Shaw

🔥Data Analyst at D.E. Shaw

Data Analyst at D.E. Shaw

💡Understanding data requirements, implementing data solutions, documenting, and addressing data challenges involve collaboration between business and technical teams.

💡Work with counterparty companies to get, validate, and load the data on the company's behalf.

💡Questions from businesses about data can be directed to one person. Clearly and concisely communicate complicated concepts to the business and technology teams.

💡In charge of estimation, status reporting, and data documentation for data project management.

💡During the various phases of data project inception, implementation, and maintenance, assume end-to-end ownership.

For more information, Refer to Data Analyst at D. E. Shaw

🔥Research Analyst at D.E Shaw

Research Analyst at D.E Shaw

💡Primary and secondary research, contact finding, and corporate profiling are all under their responsibility.

💡Find, gather, and organize company data as needed from various web sources.

💡Finding emails, gathering contacts, and constructing lists by campaign requirements.

💡To verify the integrity and accuracy of the data, review it daily.

💡Centred on attaining daily/monthly goals set for oneself and the team.

💡Thinks analytically and has excellent theoretical and research skills.

💡The capacity to understand and interpret customer behavior and competitive strategies.

For more information, Refer to Research Analyst at D.E. Shaw

🔥Quantitative Analyst at D.E. Shaw

Quantitative Analyst at D.E. Shaw

💡This position aims to help with the data analysis requirements needed to launch a worldwide equities algorithmic trading platform.

💡Large data volumes must be managed, analytics and signals must be developed and tuned, performance must be measured, and market analysis is required.

💡Unstructured or time-series data should be cleaned, separated, and transformed into sets of data that can be studied and analyzed.

💡Support trading activities by performing scenario assessments, creating and distributing quantitative tools, creating reports, and providing analytics and signals for transaction cost analysis and Algo trading.

💡Analyze and record procedures for back-testing and simulating quantitative models for algorithms used in electronic equity trading.

💡Possess the capacity to reason, investigate time series and unstructured data, and generate testable and verifiable hypotheses.

For more information, Refer to Quantitative Analyst at D.E. Shaw

🔥Systems Engineer at D.E Shaw

Systems Engineer at D.E Shaw

💡Good knowledge of TCP/IP stack, switching, routing, and networking principles (CISCO/Juniper).

💡Issues that arise in the production environment should be resolved swiftly and effectively.

💡Handle HD (L1) team L2/L3 escalations.

💡Analysis of trends and proactive observation.

💡Perform updates, patches, and maintenance in the production environment.

💡Take on tasks by yourself or in cooperation with other engineering teams.

💡Python or other scripting skills and knowledge of configuration management

💡SME in a couple of network domains.

💡The discipline of change management and documentation responsibilities.

For more information, Refer to Systems Engineer at D. E. Shaw

🔥Business Analyst at D.E. Shaw

Business Analyst at D.E. Shaw

💡You are involved in discovering challenging fuzzy challenges, decomposing them into more straightforward difficulties, and putting innovative, data-driven solutions into practice.

💡You must define, analyze, and communicate essential KPIs and business trends to the management teams.

💡You model the data to build reporting platforms and dashboards for business process management and data mining.

💡You carry out quantitative analysis that converts information into valuable insights.

💡Through the stakeholders, you promote data-driven decision-making.

For more information, Refer to Business Analyst at D. E. Shaw

Eligibility Criteria

🥇The D E Shaw campus recruitment process is open to students majoring in IT, CSE, ECE, MCA, or M. Tech.

🥇Candidates should graduate with a minimum GPA of  6.5.

🥇Candidate must have at least 65% in both the 10th and 12th grades.

🥇No backlogs should exist.

🥇Excellent interpersonal and communication skills are required of candidates.

Moving forward in D.E. Shaw Preparation Guide.

Selection Criteria

Candidates should go through a three-stage selection process to get recruited in D.E. Shaw:

✨Written Exam

✨Technical Interview-1

✨Technical Interview-2

✨HR Interview

Overview of the paper

🛑Ninety minutes are given for the written exam.

🛑The coding paper consists of one on Dynamic Programming problems and the other on Binary Tree Transversal, which has to solve in just 50 minutes.

🛑There are math, logic, and English questions in the aptitude test. Coding-decoding, series, riddles, and other topics are the main topics of  logical reasoning questions.

🛑Fill-in-the-blanks, synonyms, antonyms, and other comprehension-based problems are common in Vocab exams. Quantitative tests are based on variable topics such as speed, distance, time, work, profit, and loss.

🛑Technical paper questions cover fundamental concepts in C, C++, Operating System, Networking, Databases, and Data Structure and Algorithms(DSA), among other topics.

🛑The paper's overall difficulty ranges from Moderate to Hard. Only those applicants who pass the written test will move to the next stage.

Moving forward in D.E. Shaw Preparation Guide.

Test Pattern🏆

Test Pattern

🎯Technical Interview I & II:

This round includes questions on particular technical fields. When applying for a job, candidates may be asked to answer questions based on their knowledge of the organization's technical operations, comprehension of the technical tasks involved, or ability to resolve real-world technical issues.

🎯HR Interview

HR Interviews are the last phase in the hiring process since they help to identify a candidate's personality. Your introduction, qualifications, experience, industry-specific experience, attended courses, strengths, and weaknesses, remuneration expectations, friends and family, etc., can all be topics for questions.

Preparation strategy🚀

🌟Aptitude Preparation -The relevant aptitude domains have all been covered by this guided path. Additionally, company-specific examples in the notes and practice questions aid in grasping all essential concepts with an emphasis on precision and timing, which is essential for passing the aptitude rounds of D.E. Shaw.

🌟Programming Languages: You can choose any of the below mentioned to master in any programming language of your choice. 

Basics of C++

Basics of Java 

Basics of Python 

🌟Data Structure and Algorithms(DSA) - Enroll in this data structure and algorithms guided path to learn the data structures and algorithms like Hash Tables, Trees, Tries, Graphs, DP, and various algorithms. 

🌟Competitive Programming - Enroll in this Competitive programming-guided path to master the problem-solving skills and ace any tech giant Interview, including D.E.Shaw. 

🌟DBMS - This guided path is made to prepare you for acing any DBMS Interview. This will help you to clear the core CS concepts.

🌟Operating System - Enroll in this Operating System guided path to learn the various core concepts of Operating Systems. These guided paths also covered the questions that Tech-giants are frequently asking. 

Moving forward in D.E. Shaw Preparation Guide,

🥷The sprint is not over yet. You can check more free paths through this link to practice for D.E. Shaw. So, what are you waiting for?

Preparation strategy

How to get better at DSA

Product Based Companies

Interview Experiences🧐

Various Interview Experiences for D.E. Shaw are-


Interview Experience

Akarsh Mittal

Interview Experience

Aakash Sharma

Interview Experience

Abhinav Aggarwal

Interview Experience

Rajveer Singh

Interview Experience

Vaishali Thakur

Interview Experience

At the end of D.E. Shaw Preparation Guide, Have a look at the below video.

Best Strategy for D.E. Shaw

Frequently Asked Questions

What does D.E. Shaw do?

Investors worldwide rely on the D. E. Shaw group to manage their assets by attempting to strike the ideal balance between risk and profit. Even though we are recognized as pioneers in quantitative investing, we also possess extensive knowledge in fields like fundamental analysis and portfolio manager discretion.

Is D.E. Shaw hard to get into?

The overall difficulty level for the DE Shaw interviews and Coding tests is moderate to difficult. Therefore you must prepare very well for all areas to clear the selection process.

How many rounds of interviews are there in DE Shaw?

Generally, after you clear coding rounds, there will be two rounds of interviews.

What are the qualities that make you think that you are fit for this job?

Communication skills, Honesty, Loyalty, and Dependability. Teamwork, Flexibility, Self-reliance, Eagerness to learn.

What makes DE Shaw unique?

The D. E. Shaw group is trusted by investors worldwide to manage their assets by pursuing the best balance of risk and profit. While we are renowned as a pioneer in quantitative investing, we also have significant competence in fundamental analysis and portfolio manager discretion.


In this blog, we have extensively discussed various hirings at D.E. Shaw under D.E. Shaw Preparation Guide.

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