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Last updated: Dec 14, 2021

Deep Dive into Machine Learning

Learn about each technique or algorithm used in the Machine Learning domain for building models, solving real-world problems, and delving into one of the most exciting technological domains in the twenty-first century.

Supervised Learning

Learn about Supervised Learning, one of the most widely used Machine Learning techniques. This technique requires trained data and input-output pairs, so are familiar with all aspects and master the technique.
Introduction to Supervised Learning
This article explores the ins and outs of Supervised Learning.
What is-Regression EASY
Regression is a popular statistical method used in statistical analysis. It is used to find the relationship between a variable unknown to us and a variable whose values are known to us.
Classification Algorithm in Machine Learning EASY
In this article, we will learn what is classification in Machine Learning and understand all about supervised learning.
Classification vs Regression
In this blog, we’ll learn about fundamental differences between classification and regression tasks.
Drawbacks of Supervised Learning EASY
In this blog, we’ll discuss the drawbacks of the supervised machine learning technique.

Reinforcement Learning

Another machine learning technique that aids in achieving a better and more accurate output is reinforcement learning. This strategy improves a model's decision-making and decision-making path.
Introduction to Reinforcement Learning
This article is an overview of Reinforcement learning.
Markov Decision Process
In this blog, we will learn about the Markov Decision Process.
The primary objective of this article is to understand Q-learning.
Epsilon Greedy Algorithm
This article aims to throw some light on the epsilon greedy algorithm.
What is Genetic Algorithm?
In this blog, we’ll learn what Genetic Algorithm is and how real-life evolution theories inspire it.
TradeOffs like Exploration vs. Exploitation
This blog aims to understand tradeoffs like exploration and exploitation.
Introduction to the Actor-Critic Model MEDIUM
In this article, we will discuss the actor-critic method, model-free and policy-based reinforcement learning, pseudo-code to the actor-critic method, and implementation of the Cartpole game.
Real-life Applications of Reinforcement Learning
This blog walks you through on real-life applications of RL agents to give you an insight into just how powerful it is.
Drawbacks of Unsupervised Learning EASY
This article will take you through Unsupervised Learning and its drawbacks.