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Table of contents
About Dell😀
Why Dell?🤔
Responsibilities at Dell for different roles🙄
Eligibility Criteria🙇
Test Pattern🧑‍🏫
Hiring at Dell🤗
Preparation Guide🧑‍💻
Interview Preparation💻
Interview Experience🎭
Frequently Asked Questions
Are Dell interviews easy?
How many rounds does Dell have for a software engineer?
What are Dell's main products?
How long is Dell's hiring process?
Are all open positions remote?
What should I keep in mind before applying to Dell Technologies?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Dell Preparation Guide

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Whether you belong from a computer background or not but you have surely heard about Dell.

Yes, I am talking about the Dell company that develops, sells, repairs, and supports computers and related products and services. Also, I am pretty sure that before buying a laptop, the first company that comes to mind is Dell.

Dell Image

You may think that is why I am talking about Dell. The main reason is that we will discuss the Dell Preparation Guide in this article.

So, let's start Dell Preparation Guide by briefly discussing Dell.

About Dell😀

Dell is an American multinational technology company. Generally, It develops, sells, repairs, and supports computers and related products and services. It is owned by its parent company Dell Technologies. Dell sells personal computers, servers, data storage devices, cameras, printers, etc., built by other manufacturers.

Dell Technologies Image 

Dell is known for how it manages its supply chain and customer services. Many of you agree with this because Dell's customer services are unmatchable.

Why Dell?🤔

Every Company has some ethics and values that bind the people of the Company to work for the upliftment of the company.

Why Dell? Image

So, let's discuss some values that unite them.

  • Customer: Behind the Company's growth, a customer keeps an eye on the services they provide. Therefore it is important to maintain the relationship with the customer. Dell believes its customer relationship is the ultimate differentiator and foundation of its success.
  • Winning Together: As you know, Everybody's Company will help in everybody's growth. Therefore Dell believes in its people that they perform better and smarter. Also, they believe in working together or as a team.
  • Innovation: Dell believes in their ability to innovate and cultivate breakthrough thinking as an engine for growth and success.
  • Result: I think we must work hard and smart in the right direction without thinking about the outcome, as this enhances the standard of excellence and performance.


Let's discuss the responsibilities for different roles under the Dell Preparation Guide.

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Responsibilities at Dell for different roles🙄

Dell Technologies hires for different roles such as - Software Engineer, Quality Engineer, Principal Engineer, Consultant, etc.

Responsibilities at Dell Image

Now let's discuss the responsibilities for the different roles.

  • You have to provide technical support. You also have to provide technical product presentations and demonstrations.
  • You have detailed knowledge of major competitors and baseline knowledge of all other competitions.
  • You have to design and deliver customized solutions to meet customers' needs.
  • Sometimes, You have to Work directly with customers in the sales and account management process.
  • You have to Provide customer assistance with all related test tools and applications.
  • Ensure customer satisfaction through proper expectation setting.
  • You have to Provide problem escalation on time whenever required.
  • You have to work with EqualLogic Technical Support when required to provide post-sale support.
  • You have to Complete management-assigned MBOs within the designated time frame.
  • You have to maintain the current information on EqualLogic demonstration inventory and status. Also, keep current on all EqualLogic product features, capabilities, and roadmaps.


Dell Preparation Guide is incomplete if we discuss this without the required Eligibility Criteria and the Skillset.

So, let's discuss the skills and the Eligibility Criteria.


The following are the skillset that is required.

Skills Image

  • They must have a good command of programming languages like CC++, etc.
  • They must have knowledge of Computer NetworksDBMSOperating systems, etc.
  • The main and most important things are Data Structures and Algorithms. Good knowledge of this is mandatory.
  • They should have a good User Experience.
  • Knowledge of UX design is used to create products that provide meaningful and relevant experiences to users.
  • They must have good communication skills. 
  • They have good management skills, as is required in Product Management, User Experience Research, and User Experience Design.

Eligibility Criteria🙇

The individual must score 70% and above in his academics and Class X and XII.

No active backlogs at the time of the recruitment process.

Test Pattern🧑‍🏫

Let’s briefly discuss the Test Pattern of Dell Technologies.

It consists of one Written Round (exam based) and generally two interviews (Technical and HR Rounds).

In the Written round, the questions are asked from the General Aptitude, Verbal Ability, and Programming section. The topics which were asked are discussed below in the Preparation Guide Section.

For the Interview Round, You may also check the Interview Experiences in this article. For more information, check out the article, Ways to join Dell.

Hiring at Dell🤗

There are three stages to hiring at Dell Technologies.

Hiring at Dell Image


It consists of various steps- 

Apply Image

  • Search for the required jobs on the official Dell Website. You can also check it from here.
  • The step is to create your profile. The profile must fulfill the desired role that you are applying for.
  • The third step is to apply for the job you are searching for.


It is the most important part of any selection process. It completely depends on your performance of yours.

But there are certain tips you must follow to ace the Interview.

After matching the qualifications, they only want what you bring to the role that you have applied for.

Interview Image

They only want a good match for the company. Always be open with them no matter who you are talking to at your desired Company. It makes you look more approachable and authentic.

There may be a possibility of one or more interview rounds according to the role.


It is the last stage that decides whether you are fit for the company or not.

Decision Image

If you have a future with them, then congratulations.

Now, let's discuss the preparation guide that will surely help you under the Dell Preparation Guide.

Preparation Guide🧑‍💻

The followings are the foundations required for different roles at Dell.

  • The primary things the individual must know are Data ScienceMachine Learning, AI, etc.
  • In addition, you should regularly practice Competitive Programming to enhance your capacity for practical problem-solving and learn about Data Structures and Algorithms to become an expert in coding languages like C++Java, and Python.   
  • Excellent knowledge of API management platforms and technologies.
  • Prepare for the CS fundamentals like Computer NetworkDBMSOperating System, etc.
  • Learn the OOPs Concept, which includes Abstraction, Encapsulation, Inheritance, and Polymorphism.
  • Work on your communication, presentation skills, and ability to explain technical issues to non-technicians.


Now, let's see the preparation strategy for Dell under the Dell Preparation Guide.

Interview Preparation💻

The Interview is the last and the most important stage during the selection process that decides whether a candidate should be selected or not.

That's Why you have to prepare yourself accordingly to ace the Interview.

Questions may vary from situational and scenario-based to technical inquiries and your CVs.

They may also ask questions about the puzzle.

You may check out this link. Click Here

Below we list some of the most asked topics.


We learn things from experiences, so let's see some Interview Experiences to learn new things from the experienced ones.

Interview Experience🎭

You can check out this Interview Experience provided by the Coding Ninjas.

Interview Experience Image

Please take a look at this video 📹

You can also check out the Preparation Guides of other companies.


Now, let's discuss some FAQs related to the Dell Preparation Guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Dell interviews easy?

Dell interviews are generally easy if you have enough confidence and skills to fill the role. 

How many rounds does Dell have for a software engineer?

Dell conducts 3 to 4 rounds to select freshers as Software engineers in their organization.

What are Dell's main products?

Dell mainly sells personal computers, servers, data storage devices, network switches, software, computer peripherals, HDTVs, cameras, printers, electronics, etc.

How long is Dell's hiring process?

It took about 2-3 weeks for the hiring process.

Are all open positions remote?

No, Not all Dell Technologies positions are available as a remote working opportunity.

What should I keep in mind before applying to Dell Technologies?

Before applying for a specific position, ensure you meet the basic criteria and possess the foundational skills and knowledge. 


In the Dell Preparation Guide, we have discussed the Company, Why you chose Dell, Skillset required, etc. e have also addressed the Interview Preparation and some Interview Experiences under the Dell Preparation Guide.

Refer to our Guided paths on Coding Ninjas Studio to learn more about DSA, Competitive Programming, JavaScript, System Design, etc. Enroll in our courses and refer to the mock test and problems available; look at the Top 150 Interview Puzzlesinterview experiences, and interview bundle for placement preparations.

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Happy Learning!

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