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Table of contents
About Deloitte
Career at Deloitte
Eligibility Criteria
Documents Required
Recruitment Process
Preparation Strategy
Make a study schedule 
Practice Data structures and Algorithms 
Resources for Preparation 
Coding Resources
Aptitude Resources
Other Technical Resources
Interview Experiences
How to Apply?
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the most important skill one should have to crack any Interview? 
Does a well-framed resume play a vital role in selection? 
What are the perks offered by Deloitte to their employees?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Deloitte Preparation Guide


Still, trying to decide on a career? Were you ever advised to pursue a career at Deloitte? Do you still wonder what Deloitte is and how you can join it? You'll find answers to all of your questions here. Don’t worry, Ninja; Coding Ninjas is here for you.

deloitte preparation guide

Coding Ninjas has brought you yet another preparation guide - Deloitte Preparation Guide. This article covers the Hiring procedure, perks, and, most importantly, resources to get you placed in your dream Company - Deloitte

So, let’s get started. 

About Deloitte

Deloitte is a renowned company with branches across 150 countries. It is among the big four consulting firms. The company provides professional services to the world. Their services include audits, consultancy, risk management, taxes, etc. Every candidate has heard the name Deloitte primarily because of its exceptional services and excellent work culture.


Industry Financial, consultancy services,provides audit
Employee Count 415,000(approx)
Founded in 1845
CEO Punit Renjen
Headquarters London
Deloitte Website Deloitte
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User rating 4.7/5
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95% placement record
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Career at Deloitte

Career at Deloitte

Awards and Recognition

Deloitte ranks #3 and #4 on Universum’s Most Attractive Employers in India. Deloitte is recognized among the Top 10 Best Companies for Women in India. 

Career Opportunities 

Opportunities to work across industries and geographies, gain international business skills, foster relationships with professionals, and make an impact that matters on your career. 


Deloitte collaborates with startups to take their technology to the next level. Using AI to automate tasks can free our professionals for higher value work. 

Learning & Development 

Deloitte offers extensive learning opportunities to advance your career, including mentoring to support your learning, development, and success as well as cutting-edge training on the skills that will help you succeed in the company.


A wide range of health and fitness programs are available as part of comprehensive benefit plans, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your needs in terms of your career and personal life.

You get a lot of perks when working with Deloitte. Following are a few of them. 

  • Vacation and holidays. 
  • Health and Well-being.
  • Education amends.
  • Emotional and mental well-being.
  • Financial benefits.
  • Time off
  • Work and life

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility Criteria 

Graduation Criteria

In general, these are recent college graduates who are considered inexperienced but have been assigned a large number of coding tasks that appear to be and are simple. 

  • B.E / B.Tech  in any discipline (CSE/ECE/IT/EEE/TELECOM/M.E/CIVIL etc.).
  • Engineering candidates who have passed out are eligible to apply.
  • M.Sc graduates in Computer Science & Information technology are eligible to apply.
  • MCA graduates are also eligible to apply.
  • The graduation should be a Full-Time course recognized by the Central/State government of India.
  • Please keep in mind that a candidate must have excellent communication and interpersonal skills and a strong command of technical subjects.


Academic Criteria

  • 7 CGPA for 10th, 12th, and graduation.
  • A candidate should not have any pending backlogs when appearing for the Deloitte selection process.

Documents Required

Documents Required

Below are the mentioned necessary documents: 

  • At the time of the interview, all original mark sheets from the 10th, 12th, and Graduation must be presented. Also, bring a copy of each set of documents to the interview.
  • A copy of the candidate's most recent resume is required. 
  • A passport-size photograph.
  • An original identification proof issued by the government of India (Aadhar Card, Pan Card, Voter id, Passport, etc.


Now, let us discuss the most important part, i.e., The Recruitment Process .

Recruitment Process

Recruitment Process

Deloitte has 3-4 rounds of selection to select freshers as SDE (SDE-1) in their organization. 

The following rounds are held:

  • Online Test
  • Case Study Round
  • Technical + HR 


Online Coding Round ( 90 mins - 3 coding Questions )

In this round, candidates are presented with 3-4 coding questions of intermediate difficulty, primarily from arrays, strings, and matrices.

To pass this round, you must have a solid understanding of data structures and algorithms.

Case Study Round

A case study interview involves a business or organizational problem the company may have encountered and provides an opportunity to demonstrate your analytical, reasoning, and communication skills. 

It is a detailed examination of a single topic. Interviews are usually included in case studies, but they go much further. They also include observations made by the researcher about the participant.

Technical + HR

This is typically the most technical round, with questions ranging from projects you've completed to the technology used in them, design problems and DS/Algo problems, and tricky puzzle-like questions.

It is then followed by the HR round. 

HR round generally revolves around Leadership Principles:

Below are some sample questions: 

1. What was the most critical criticism you got, and how did you respond?

2. What are your views on Women's Empowerment? 

3. What is one life crisis that you have faced?


Don’t worry Ninja, we’re here for you! This article covers almost everything you need to prepare for your dream job. So, Keep on Reading.

Preparation Strategy

Preparation Strategy

Make a study schedule 

Make a prioritized list of things you need to study using the information you gathered in the previous stage. 

This list should include the following items:

  • Remembering two useful sorting algorithms and their Big-O equivalents.
  • Binary Search memorization.
  • Basic data structures such as hashmaplinked liststackqueue, and trees (n-ary, trie, heap) and their Big-O complexities should be remembered.
  • Graph traversal algorithms (BFSDFS Algorithm, and the shortest path algorithm like Dijkstra's) should be memorized.
  • 2 Powers of Memorization Exercises in Bit Manipulation (working with bitmaps, bit shifting).
  • The terminology used in Object-Oriented Programming (abstraction, inheritance, cohesion, coupling).
  • Understand the collections and math APIs for the programming language you're using.
  • RecursionBacktracking, and memoization.
  • Review the fundamentals of discrete mathematics and statistics. 

Practice Data structures and Algorithms 


  • Choose two or three items from your list and devote two or three hours every day to working on them (e.g., 1 hr before work, lunch break, 1 hr after work). 
  • Test yourself by drawing out an algorithm or data structure on paper or on a whiteboard as you recall stuff.  
  • Please keep track of any compilation errors so you can prevent them the next time you do the exercise. 
  • You can and should write unit tests to ensure that your code is correct.
  • Start practicing complex coding challenges and time yourself. For each solution, evaluating the Runtime and Memory complexity is critical. 


Don’t worry, Ninja; Coding Ninjas is here to help you by providing useful resources to prepare. 

Resources for Preparation 

Resources for Preparation

Here we have created a curated list of resources that will help you in preparing for the Interview: 

Coding Resources

Free Coding Competitions

CN Library | Free Online Coding Resources


Competitive Programming

Coding Ninja Test Series

Top Problems of top tech companies for practice

Problem List

Java | Learn & Practice 

Free Coding Competitions

Aptitude Resources

General Aptitude

Data Interpretation 


Time and Work

Permutations and Combinations


Ratio and Proportions 

Order and Ranking

Cause and Effect

Error Detection and Correction 

Aptitude | Learn & Practice

Other Technical Resources


OOPs in C++

Operating Systems


Compiler Design

Computer Networks

Data Structures and Algorithms

Microsoft Excel

Mobile Technologies


Web Technologies

Problem Lists


Also, check out the articles on: 

one million resources

Guided Paths

  1. Aptitude Preparation - This guided path has covered all the necessary domains in aptitude. Moreover, company-specific examples in notes and company-specific practice questions help in mastering all necessary concepts with a focus on accuracy and time, for cracking the aptitude rounds.
  2. Programming Languages: You can choose any of these to master in any programming language of your choice. 
    1. Basic of C++
    2. Basic of Java 
    3. Basic of Python 
  3. Data Structure and Algorithms Enrol in this data structure and algorithms-guided path to learn data structures like Hash Tables, Trees, Tries, Graphs, and various algorithms. 
  4. Competitive Programming - Enrol in this Competitive programming-guided path to master your problem-solving skills and ace any tech giant Interview. 
  5. DBMS - This guided path is made to prepare you for acing any DBMS Interview.
  6. Operating System - Enrol in this Operating System guided path to learn the core concepts of OS. We’ve also covered the questions frequently asked in Top-Tech companies. 

The list is not over yet; you can check more free paths through this link. So, what are you waiting for? Now, you must be thinking about where to practice the Coding Problems. Here you go! One Non-Stop Destination to Crack Your Deloitte Interview - Coding Ninjas Studio

In the end, it's always you vs. you! You’ll crack it. 

Interview Experiences

During the placement season, it is critical to understand candidates' previous experiences because it provides you with a clear direction to prepare for the interview. It advises us on DSA questions, behavioral questions, technical rounds, and resume preparation.


Ninjas learn about previous Deloitte interview experiences provided by the candidates listed below-

For more experiences, look here.

Wishing you all the best in your interview selection and hope this Deloitte preparation guide assisted you.

Now, let us see how we apply for jobs at Deloitte: 

How to Apply?

How to apply?

Step 1: Open the Deloitte official site using this link. 

Step 2: Scroll down and Go to Careers Section as mentioned in the below image. Click on Entry Level Jobs. 

deloitte preparation guide

Step 3Now, you will be prompted to the page mentioned below. Choose as per your choice. 

deloitte preparation guide

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most important skill one should have to crack any Interview? 

During the job interview process, excellent communication skills and a technical grasp are essential. Written, vocal, and nonverbal communication abilities are all included. 

Does a well-framed resume play a vital role in selection? 

Your Resume is the most crucial factor that potential employers consider before taking you to an interview. As a result, it is critical that you have a beautiful Resume even before you start looking for work.

What are the perks offered by Deloitte to their employees?

When you work for Deloitte, you not only get a salary, but you also get a lot of perks. You are given paid leaves for vacations, maternity and paternity leaves, health and life insurance, company social outings, tuition fee reimbursements, and many more.


In this article, we’ve explored the Deloitte Preparation Guide. We’ve extensively discussed the Recruitment Process, Eligibility Criteria, Syllabus, Resources, and Interview Experiences. 

To know more about Deloitte Jobs, the way to get into Deloitte, or different profiles, you can check out these articles:


You can also consider our Aptitude Course to give your career an edge over others.

Happy Learning!

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