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About Apple
About DevOps Engineer at Apple
Skills and Experience required💹
Required Qualifications
Skills Required 
Required Experience
Salary and Perks💸
Career Map  
Preparation Strategy  
Frequently Asked Questions
What do DevOps Engineers do?
Is networking required for DevOps?
What number of rounds are there in the Apple interview?
Is DevOps easy to learn?
Is DevOps a good career?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

DevOps Engineer at Apple

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Apple is called Apple because those with the most expertise in an area of work have decision rights. Apple can be a dream come true, and if it is your dream, you have come to the right place! 😉


Let's begin our discussion with an introduction to Apple, an overview of the job, followed by the skills needed, the roadmap, and the salary + perks provided by Apple to DevOps Engineers.

About Apple

Apple is a multinational American technology company having headquarters in Cupertino, United States, and California. The company specifically focuses on software, electronics, and various online services. Apple was founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne in April 1976. Since 2011, the CEO of Apple has been Tim Cook.  

About Apple

Let’s look at a few services provided by Apple:

App Store - It is available in around 175 countries and regions. The app store by apple is considered the best app marketplace for discovering new apps. It also features developers to create apps that influence others to develop.

Apple Music - It is available in around 167 countries and regions. This music app offers more than 60 million songs from world-class music experts. The app consists of thousands of playlists, global radio stations, daily music selections, etc.  

iCloud - Who doesn't like to have backups of their data? So this iCloud service keeps users' personal data safe, accessible on all apple devices, and up to date. It has free storage of 5GB, which can be extended to 50GB, 200GB, or 2TB, according to the user’s requirements. This service is also available in around 175 countries and regions. 

This is just a small list out of numerous services offered by Apple, like Apple Podcast, Arcade, Fitness, News, Cards, Care, One, Map, etc. 

Let us now discuss the job role of the DevOps engineer at Apple. 

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About DevOps Engineer at Apple

Hey Ninjas🐱‍👤 as you know, a DevOps engineer is an IT generalist who should have wide-ranging knowledge of operations and development, including coding, infrastructure management, system administration, and DevOps toolchains. Apple is a great organization to work in. Workers get a lot of chances to overhaul their abilities and are somewhat urged to up expertise. Regular information meetings and tests are held, and representatives are granted for expertise building.

Apple is looking for candidates: 

  • Having exposure to big-scale operations to join their GSLB (Global Server Load Balancing) team. 
  • Responsible for supporting GSLB Infrastructure while working in a small team environment. 
  • Candidates are expected to excel in a dynamic and fast-paced environment with the ability to multi-tasking and provide operational support across a complex and global infrastructure. 
  • The primary role of a DevOps engineer at Apple is to concentrate on process and systems automation in a big-scale environment. 

To apply for this job, you must know what qualifications, skills, and experiences are required to become a DevOps Engineer at Apple. So, come on, let us discuss this. 

Skills and Experience required💹

At Apple, great ideas quickly become great services, products, and customer experiences. Bring dedication and passion to your job; there's no telling what you could accomplish here. To cover up to the company’s requirements, you’ll need some qualifications, skills, and experience, which are listed below: 

Skills and experience

Required Qualifications

💠 BS(Bachelors of Science) in computer science with 7-10 years, or 

💠 MS(Master of Science) plus 5-7 years experience or related experience.

Skills Required 

Skills required

🔸 Expertise in configuration management for configuring, deploying, and managing servers and systems. 

🔸 Should be comfortable working with multiple teams and understand complex architectures.

🔸 Experience managing and deploying CI/CD(continuous integration, continuous delivery, and continuous deployment) pipelines.

🔸 Having strong experience in managing distributed computing systems, e.g., Cassandra, NoSQLHadoop

🔸 Having a passion for automation by creating tools using JavaPython, or Bash. 

🔸 Experience managing infrastructure in AWS(Amazon Web Services)

🔸 Strong expertise in troubleshooting complex production issues

🔸 Expert understanding of Unix/Linux-based operating systems

🔸 Have a keen focus on improving the uptime availability of our mission-critical services. 

🔸 Ability to conduct performance analysis and troubleshoot large-scale distributed systems.

🔸 Excellent critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills.

🔸 Monitor production, test, staging, and development environments for various applications in an agile and dynamic organization.

Required Experience


🔷 Kubernetes, Docker or other container orchestration framework

🔷 Database technologies - MongoDBOracle

🔷 Big Data technologies - Hadoop, Solr

🔷 Queuing technologies - Kafka

🔷 Building and operating large-scale search infrastructure.

🔷 Caching technologies - Redis

Salary and Perks💸

Salary & perks

The following table lists the average salaries of the DevOps Engineer at Apple based on their experiences.



2 - 4 years 

4 lakhs/yr

4 - 5 years 

6.8 lakhs/yr

5 - 6 years

8.3 lakhs/yr

6 - 7 years

9.7 lakhs/yr

8 - 9 years 

10 lakhs/yr

**The salaries as mentioned above are subject to change.**

While the most significant compensation that a DevOps Engineer at Apple can procure is ₹14 Lakhs each year approx. 🤩

Along with an excellent salary, the company also provides various perks like-

🔺 Job/Soft Skills Training/ Education Assistance

🔺 International Reallocation 

🔺 Paid Sick Leave

🔺 Paid Holidays/Vacation

🔺 Free Transport 

🔺 Work from Home

🔺 Free lunch and diner 


Your primary responsibility is to maintain DNS(Domain Name System) GSLB tools and software. You have to work in a team that supports a global content delivery network and DNS infrastructure and be part of the on-call rotation. In addition, you have to motivate changes in accordance with the management and participate in implementing teams to combine new designs into production with minimal impact to operate, develop and write standards and procedures, and coordinate with external partners and other internal business groups.


The basic expectations the job will have are:

  • Capable of revealing quickness to handle multiple simultaneous competing priorities and delivering solutions on time.
  • Provide proceeding resolution for all issues related to technical production.
  • Creating and maintaining up-to-date and accurate documentation and configuration. 
  • Responsible for writing justifications and training users on complex topics.
  • Providing guidance to improve systems' security, stability, efficiency, and scalability.
  • Writing documenting procedures and status reports and interacting with other Apple staff and management.
  • Determining future needs for investigation and capacity for new products and services.
  • Administration and ensuring the proper execution of backup systems.
  • Using troubleshooting ability on a daily basis for isolating issues and resolving root causes through investigative analysis in environments where the candidate has little experience/ knowledge/ documentation.
  • Provide 24x7 on-call support for handling urgent critical issues.

Career Map  


DevOps, a title that straightforwardly addresses a development where development and task groups impart and team up instead of conflicting with one another, has rapidly disturbed the undertaking business environment as a prevailing philosophical system for a few years.

Here are a few titles you can hope to see inside DevOps types:

  • Platform Engineer
    Contingent upon what side of the discussion over an association lands on, it might utilize somebody called a DevOps Engineer. If not, in any case, assuming that the association is adopting a DevOps strategy, they probably have a Platform Engineer to help the framework of the stage that contains in-house development and different oversaw administrations.
  • Build Engineer
    A Build Engineer is usually implied to as a Build and Release Engineer. In that capacity, the Build Engineer works intimately with the Release Manager title illustrated underneath. A build Engineer is liable for guaranteeing that form and organization necessities are met in a speedy CI/CD climate.
  • Reliability Engineer
    The Reliability Engineer as in any case known is the individual answerable for guaranteeing the nature of coordination and reconciliation of devices expected to help everyday activities.
  • Release Manager
    A Release Manager is likewise some of the time called a Release Engineer. A Release Manager is an IT person responsible for managing the complete SDLC(software development Life Cycle). They have to work with the team from the planning phase to the deployment phase through the development and testing phases.
  • Data Analyst
    Your DevOps Data Analyst filters through and siphons information to help with development objectives. A fundamental individual from the development group, the Data Analyst, utilizes existing and client information to contemplate designs that influence client experience and other plan concerns.
  • Item Manager
    The Product Manager is the main title on this rundown, which is an activities position. While the previously mentioned Release Manager has a few cross-overs with both development and tasks, it's still, to a great extent, a development group position.

Career paths

Preparation Strategy  

Preparation plan

If you are a Developer, an Ops individual, a Quality Assurance fellow, or even a fresher, you can turn into a DevOps Engineer. Yet, we shall let you know it will be a really lengthy excursion to call yourself a DevOps fellow. There are also several DevOps certifications you can do to stand out like:

  1. Certified Kubernetes Administrator Certification
  2. Puppet and Ansible Certification
  3. DevOps Certification
  4. DevOps Engineer Masters Program
  5. CI/CD Pipelines with Jenkins Certification
  6. Docker Certified Associate Certification
  7. Puppet and Ansible Certification

To get hypothetical information, you can check the authority site of all the major DevOps apparatuses. Yet, that isn't sufficient to find a DevOps line of work; you ought to have detailed information. For that, you want to deal with projects which may be there in your association.

You can consider our complete Apple preparation guide for coding ninjas and look into the topics linked below. 🔗


Practice links🏃:

Also, take a look at this youtube video below to find the best way of revising DSA(Data Structure and Algorithms)! 😉

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To start your journey as DevOps Engineer instantly, you can apply to the Apple website

Frequently Asked Questions

What do DevOps Engineers do?

Engineering tools and expertise in the software development process are used by DevOps engineers to manage the operations of software development and speed up software creation.

Is networking required for DevOps?

A DevOps team will need a segmented network for testing purposes. This network should be able to operate as close to production as possible. A DevOps team can reasonably ensure that an application performs the same on a development or test network when migrated into the production network.

What number of rounds are there in the Apple interview?

Apple follows a unique model for their interviews. In on-site interviews, two panelists will be there at a time. And there were around six to eight rounds of on-site interviews, focusing on coding, DSA, etc. 

Is DevOps easy to learn?

DevOps is simple to learn, but it can take some time to master because it requires a change in mindset and behavior. You can become familiar with the technical methods, such as continuous integration, delivery, release, deployment, monitoring, and configuration management tools, as well as the vocabulary, such as the three ways, agile manifesto, and others. 

Is DevOps a good career?

Beyond 2022, a wonderful career in DevOps is possible. It might be a field for you if you are interested in the intersection of development and operations. The future of DevOps is dazzlingly bright, with six-figure incomes, rapid job growth, and plenty of opportunities for upward mobility.  


In this article, we have covered a complete roadmap and requirements for becoming a DevOps Engineer at Apple and also learned a lot about the company. You need a wide range of knowledge, pretty good skills, and an equally excellent salary.

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Happy Learning!

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