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About Dell
About DevOps Engineer 
What exactly does a DevOps Engineer do?
Roles and Responsibility 
Skill Requirement for DevOps 
DevOps Roadmap
Frequently Asked Questions
What Exactly Is DevOps?
Does DevOps Require Coding?
Is DevOps simple to learn?
What exactly are DevOps skills?
What Does it Take to Become a DevOps Engineer?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

DevOps Engineer at Dell

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Dell Technologies is a global information technology business headquartered in the United States. It is located in Round Rock, Texas, and was founded in September 2016 by the combination of Dell and EMC Corporation. Dell's products and services are well-known.

DevOps Engineer

Dell is placed 31st on the Forbes 500 list for 2022. It is a fantastic organization to associate with and be a part of. In the year 2022, around 133000 workers will be working at Dell.

About Dell

Dell is an American corporation that develops, distributes, repairs, and maintains computers and associated goods and services. Dell Technologies owns the company.

About Dell

Dell offers PCs, servers, data storage devices, network switches, software, computer peripherals, HDTVs, cameras, printers, and gadgets manufactured by other companies. The organization is well-known for its supply chain management and internet commerce. 

This involves Dell selling directly to clients and delivering desired PCs. Dell was the only hardware seller until it purchased Perot Systems in 2009. Dell then joined the IT services sector. The firm has extended its storage and networking capabilities, and it now aspires to provide a spectrum of technologies to enterprise clients rather than just desktops.

About DevOps Engineer 

DevOps engineers decrease complexity by bridging the gap between activities required to swiftly alter an application and duties required to maintain its stability.

Development and IT operations teams may have distinct talents and aims. Developers want to add brand-new features to a program, but operations teams want to keep an application stable after deployment.

DevOps Engineer

DevOps is all about process unification and automation, and DevOps engineers play an important role in merging code, application maintenance, and application administration. All of these activities require a grasp of not only development life cycles but also DevOps culture, philosophy, techniques, and tools.

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What exactly does a DevOps Engineer do?

A DevOps official is in charge of both development and operations, as the name implies. 

What exactly does a DevOps Engineer do?

In the next part, we will go through the duties and responsibilities of DevOps engineers and what they do. 

  • IT infrastructure design and improvement: Your infrastructure might potentially hold you back. As a result, these engineers can rapidly identify and improve weak points. This would stimulate collaboration, and your release would eventually reach the market.
  • Project management: Sometimes, DevOps Engineers take the lead in handling the questions of who, when, where, and how in an IT project and ensure that everyone understands all questions, is aware of the deadline, and communicates regularly.
  • Benchmarking and performance testing: DevOps Engineers are in charge of evaluating how well the systems work. This is also an important aspect.
  • Release cycle optimization: Time is money. However, due to your delayed-release cycles, you may waste valuable time. This issue is also tackled by DevOps Engineers, who improve release cycles and eliminate hidden time drains, offering new ways of completing the process smoothly.
  • Automation: Have your releases been held down by certain necessary but recurrent tasks? Automation can help with this. This is one of the most important tasks for these experts. They automate and create software plugins to lighten the work on the development team.
  • Security: Sec-DevOps is an important and rising discipline that automates security alongside development and operation tasks. This is accomplished via automating procedures, release timeframes, and designs.
  • Reporting and monitoring: Another important job required of a DevOps engineer. They are meant to minimize TTD while decreasing TTM.

Roles and Responsibility 

Experience: The following DevOps tasks and responsibilities for a person discuss automation, integration, and cloud coding languages. 

Roles and Responsibility

As a result, at least two years of expertise in development, integration, or a similar field is required to succeed in this role. IT Project Managers, Systems Managers, and Database Administrators can obtain this.

  • Experience implementing several DevOps automation technologies is required. A thorough understanding of software development using automation technologies is required.
  • The agile technique of continuous iteration in software development and testing helps DevOps Engineers utilize agile in day-to-day DevOps responsibilities.
  • To progress as a development operations engineer, one must be proficient in deployment and software code testing.
  • To properly handle source codes, he must deal with a variety of technologies and several open-source tools.
  • Knowledge of one scripting language, many computer programming languages, and a basic grasp of Linux ideas would suffice.
  • DevOps aspirants must be able to connect with technical and commercial goals with zeal.
  • A full DevOps professional can manage a team and has excellent communication abilities.
  • To arrange the entire deployment and integration process, a thorough understanding of system admin responsibilities and IT operations would be quite beneficial.
Skill Requirement for DevOps

Skill Requirement for DevOps 

Technologies and tools

Multiple tools are necessary to bridge various phases in DevOps. Therefore one should be well-versed in testing, deployment technologies, and development.


Fundamentals of Linux scripting

Knowing at least one scripting language is required since being a DevOps engineer will need you to update your infrastructure by automating. Many businesses use Linux, and Linux hosts master nodes for several CM technologies such as Ansible, Puppet, and Chef. DevOps engineers must have a deep solid understanding of Linux foundations and one programming language (Python, Ruby, or Pearl).

Technical Skills

A DevOps Engineer must have technical skills and knowledge of Data Structures and AlgorithmsCompetitive ProgrammingPythonCC++, and Java.

Infrastructure as Software (IAC)

IAC is a type of IT infrastructure. This may be controlled automatically, eliminating the need for a human procedure, and provisioning is accomplished by code. This is referred to as programmable infrastructure.

IAC is a godsend to the IT sector since it bridges the gap between developers and hardware administrators and links them on a single platform.

These tools include Saltstack, ChefPuppetAnsible, and more.

Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD)

CI and CD are facilitated by the tools. Technologies are sometimes employed to make Continuous Deployment easier, but it's also sometimes thought of as a bad thing to do. So, in addition to learning these talents, one also needs to be aware of when to use them.



DevOps Concepts

We've just talked about technical talents thus far. But always remember that DevOps is a technique, not a technology. It is vital to bring the Dev and Ops parts of the company together to release good software. 

DevOps approach is used for this. You can tackle any company challenge by knowing DevOps ideas.

Soft abilities

Developers and operations employees must have good communication skills to build, release, and sell software with higher quality, lower cost, and effort. Better soft skills would increase communication between developers and operations personnel. Understanding is required for a high-quality task.


Let's go into the salaries and benefits of working as a DevOps Engineer at Dell. The table below depicts the estimated average wage based on the entries of a few Dell workers.


** Salaries mentioned above are only estimated values. They are subject to change. **

These figures are not fixed in stone. The true determinant of your income is your talent, your mastery of them, and how rapidly you advance and help the firm thrive.

DevOps Roadmap

1) Understanding how Cloud Service Platforms work:

Because many businesses are moving their infrastructure to the cloud, it is important to understand how cloud service platforms function. It is a necessary skill that should be mastered.

2) Understanding of Using a Monitoring tools and Collect Important Feedback:

Implementing changes as quickly as feasible after receiving input is a necessary ability for a DevOps Engineer. Monitoring tools such as Splunk, Nagios, and others are required for a DevOps Engineer to master.

3) Application Deployment Knowledge and Experience:

Knowledge of production configuration and deployment using technologies such as Docker and Puppet is advantageous.

4) Continuous Testing, Continuous Delivery, and Continuous Integration expertise

DevOps must understand how things may be automated during the testing stage. The programs should be simple enough to execute in both development and testing environments.

5) Good understanding of source code management and build tools:

A qualified DevOps Engineer should understand the automation building process. One should understand how to consistently strengthen the commitment. DevOps should be familiar with the operation of some automation servers, such as Jenkins.

6) Source Code Management Skills:

A DevOps Engineer should be knowledgeable with at least one source code management technology (version control system), such as Git.

DevOps Roadmap


Below are some links to help in the Interview:-


In India, the chances for DevOps Developers are now at their peak.

For a better understanding of the roadmap and interview preparation, see this video here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Exactly Is DevOps?

DevOps is derived from dev (development) and ops (operations). As a result, it is necessary to combine the development of an application or service with the operational activities associated with its maintenance.

Does DevOps Require Coding?

Definitely, Yes, Usually. Applicants do what the code instructs them to perform. There is no application without the code. The program will not update to reflect new needs until that code is written and rewritten.

Is DevOps simple to learn?

DevOps is simple to learn but difficult to master since it requires mindset and behavior adjustments. You may master the language - the three methods, the agile manifesto, and so on - as well as the technical techniques.

What exactly are DevOps skills?

A strong DevOps team will have a variety of talents. Technical and coding abilities, as well as solid testing skills, commercial contacts, and operational skills, will be required.

What Does it Take to Become a DevOps Engineer?

If you are an experienced software engineer looking to move into a DevOps setting, you must demonstrate appropriate coding abilities, the ability to operate in a collaborative context, and an awareness of an application's whole lifecycle - not just how to develop it.


We learned about the role of the DevOps Engineer at Dell, their salary and perks, skills, experience required, job expectations, and career roadmap. If you would like to learn more, check out our articles.

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