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Table of contents
DevOps Engineer at Nagarro
About Nagarro
Salary and Perks💸
Skills and Experience Required💹
How to become a DevOps Engineer 
Job Expectations
Roadmap and Carrier Map for the Job 
Levels of DevOps Engineers at Nagarro🎚️
Interview Process 🤝
✅Composed Test Round 1
✅Composed Test Round 2
✅Technical Round
✅HR Round
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the bug life cycle?
What is the V model?
What number of rounds are there in the Nagarro interview?
Does Nagarro compensate fairly?
How might I break my nagarro IQ test?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

DevOps Engineer at Nagarro

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Nagarro assists clients with changing, adjusting, and incorporating new ways into the future through an innovative, agile, and caring outlook. Nagarro can be a dream come true, and if it is your dream, you have come to the right place! 😉

Nagarro Preparation Guide CN

You will find the complete preparation guide on our website to achieve your dream fast. Let's begin our discussion with an overview of the job, followed by the skills needed, the roadmap, and the salary + perks at Nagarro.

DevOps Engineer at Nagarro

Hey Ninjas🥷as you know, a DevOps engineer is an IT generalist who should have wide-ranging knowledge of both development and operations, including coding, infrastructure management, system administration, and DevOps toolchains. Nagarro is a great organization to work in. Workers get a lot of chances to overhaul their abilities and are somewhat urged to up expertise. Regular information meetings and tests are held, and representatives are granted for expertise building.

About Nagarro

Nagarro CN

At Nagarro, you will settle complex difficulties for enormous ventures and thrilling new businesses. They work intimately with their clients to figure out their business issues and make the state-of-the-art answers to tackle them.

They are constantly searching for new associates who have an appreciation for 'DevOps'/CI and bapproach to working alongside experience in advancements like AWS, Ansible, Docker, Python, Linux, Azure DevOps, Kubernetes, CI/CD, VSTS, PowerShell, and that's only the tip of the iceberg. 🤔

To start your journey as DevOps Engineer instantly, you can apply to the nagarro website.

Salary and Perks💸

Salary and Perks

The following table lists the average salaries of the staff engineers.

Nagarro salary

**The salaries as mentioned above are subject to change.**

While the most significant compensation that a Senior DevOps Engineer can procure is ₹28.0 Lakhs each year (₹2.3L each month). 🤩

Along with an excellent salary, the company also provides various perks like:

🔺Strategic scheduling/Flexible Schedule

🔺Relaxed Dress/Atmosphere

🔺Paid Sick Leave

🔺Paid Holidays/Vacation

🔺Extra Security/Disability

🔺Discretionary Telecommute/Work from Home

🔺Schooling/Training/Tuition/Certification Reimbursement

Skills and Experience Required💹

DevOps skill

At Nagarro, you can anticipate a work culture that is dynamic and non-hierarchical. You will be given chances to enhance testing and complex tasks while teaming up with elite technologists. To cover up to the company’s requirements, you’ll need some skills, which are listed below.

🔸Solid Experience in Jenkins, CI/CD, Native Mobile App, Azure DevOps

🔸Experience in Source Code Management

🔸Experience in Build Automation Server

🔸Experience in Middleware and Automation Tool

🔸Holder Management and Collaboration

🔸Experience in Orchestration and Cloud

🔸Capacity to give Design, Solutions, and Develop Azure Pipelines for Mobile CI-CD in IOS and Android

🔸Top to bottom information in versatile marking Android/iOS and provisioning profile for iOS

🔸Principal information on plan designs

🔸Coaching your colleagues in undertakings and assisting them with staying aware of new advances


Other than that, there is some essential skill that is a must need for any DevOps Engineer:

🔹Communication and Collaboration 

🔹Soft Skills and Noble Thought 

🔹Understanding of Relevant Tools 

🔹Security Skills

🔹Robotization Skills

How to become a DevOps Engineer 

How to become a DevOps Engineer

In any commonplace association, the development group makes items, and the activity group oversees and keeps up with these items. Be that as it may, the DevOps idea is a joint effort among development and activity groups, which empowers consistent conveyance of utilizations and administrations to end clients.

This implies that when the development group is prepared with the item, it immediately goes to the support and the executives stages and is delivered to the end clients with the least deferral.

A DevOps engineer should know how to utilize different computerization instruments for developing persistent joining and consistent organization (CI/CD) pipelines. 

There are also several DevOps certifications you can do to stand out like:

  1. Certified Kubernetes Administrator Certification
  2. Puppet and Ansible Certification
  3. DevOps Certification
  4. DevOps Engineer Masters Program
  5. CI/CD Pipelines with Jenkins Certification
  6. Docker Certified Associate Certification
  7. Puppet and Ansible Certification

Job Expectations

Expectations CN

The basic expectations the job will have are:

👉Experience building CI/CD pipelines utilizing CircleCI, Jenkins, or Octopus to arrange secure development and creation conditions.

👉Experience interacting with or administrating different AWS administrations and assets.

👉Solid information on Kubernetes and compartment-based conditions.

👉Excellent comprehension of systems administration ideas, especially with AWS or potentially Azure.

👉Substantial involvement in Terraform scripts, Helm graphs, and Shell prearranging.

👉Profoundly capable of current checking devices and related reconciliations.

👉Information on Amazon EKS or Azure AKS is an or more.

Roadmap and Carrier Map for the Job 

Nagarro roadmap

If you are a Developer, an Ops individual, a Quality Assurance fellow, or even a fresher, you can turn into a DevOps Engineer. Yet, we shall let you know it will be a really lengthy excursion to call yourself a DevOps fellow:🧑‍💻

📍Source Code Management Skills (Version Control System)

Be capable with no less than one form of control/source code the board device; ideally, Git; you ought to have great information on Git and Git work processes.

📍Figure out How To Integrate Build Tools And Source Code Management Tools For Continuous Build/Integration (CI)

When you know Git, the following stage is comprehending how you can computerize the form cycle and constantly fabricate the most recent focus on the source code storehouse. For that, you ought to understand how robotization servers like Jenkins work, fundamentally, how you can coordinate Build apparatuses like Maven with Source code Management devices like Git. This interaction is named Continuous Integration. Indeed,  we are looking at creating a Continuous Integration pipeline.

📍Figure out How To Take Continuous Integration To The Next Step (Continuous Delivery) For Continuous Testing

The following stage is to figure out how you can computerize the testing stage and how you can make it less perplexing on the grounds that we expect all of you to have dealt with issues like the code turning out great in the dev climate yet not in the test climate. You should comprehend how you can imitate the Dev climate in your testing servers.

📍Figure out How To Deploy And Configure Dev, Test And Prod Environment

At last, you ought to comprehend how you can securely send the application to the creation server. Once more, you want devices like Puppet or Docker to design and convey it in the nudge climate.

📍Figure out How You Can Use Monitoring Tools To Collect Useful Feedback

Likewise, a DevOps Engineer needs to gather input and carry out the progressions rapidly. You ought to know about observing instruments like Nagios, Splunk, etc.

📍Comprehend How Cloud Service Platforms Work

Alongside everything, you ought to have excellent cloud information to consolidate Cloud and DevOps's benefits. Most associations have their foundation in Cloud, so it is a should master expertise.

To get hypothetical information, you can check the authority site of all the major DevOps apparatuses. Yet, that isn't sufficient to find a DevOps line of work; you ought to have detailed information. For that, you want to deal with projects which may be there in your association.

You can consider our complete Nagarro preparation guide for coding ninjas and look into the topics linked below. 🔗

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▪️ Aptitude| learn & practice



▪️ Data Structures and Algorithms

▪️ Database Management System

▪️ Data Science & ML

▪️Data Analytics


🏃Practice links:

▪️ Test series

▪️Tech Problems

▪️ Interview Bundle

Nagarro- Thinking Breakthroughs

Also, take look at this Youtube video below to crack interviews with a hack! 😉

Levels of DevOps Engineers at Nagarro🎚️

DevOps, a title that straightforwardly addresses a development where development and task groups impart and team up instead of conflicting with one another, has rapidly disturbed the undertaking business environment as a prevailing philosophical system for a few years.

Here are a few titles you can hope to see inside DevOps associations of types:

▶️DevOps or Platform Engineer

Contingent upon what side of the discussion over an association lands on, it might utilize somebody called a DevOps Engineer. If not, in any case, assuming that the association is adopting a DevOps strategy, they probably have a Platform Engineer to help the framework of the stage that contains in-house development and different oversaw administrations.

▶️Build Engineer

A Build Engineer is usually implied to as a Build and Release Engineer. In that capacity, the Build Engineer works intimately with the Release Manager title illustrated underneath. A build Engineer is liable for guaranteeing that form and organization necessities are met in a speedy CI/CD climate.

▶️Reliability Engineer

The Site Reliability Engineer, or Reliability Engineer as in any case known, is the individual answerable for guaranteeing the nature of coordination and reconciliation of devices expected to help everyday activities.

▶️Release Manager

A Release Manager is likewise some of the time called a Release Engineer. We are giving the engineer section a rest with the aim of this situation. We should consider it. The word engineer suggests organizing something tender loving care, information, and artfulness.

▶️Data Analyst

Your DevOps Data Analyst filters through and siphons information to help with development objectives. A fundamental individual from the development group, the Data Analyst, utilizes existing and client information to contemplate designs that influence client experience and other plan concerns.

▶️Item Manager

The Product Manager is the main title on this rundown, which is an activities position. While the previously mentioned Release Manager has a few cross-overs with both development and tasks, it's still, to a great extent, a development group position.

Also see, Azure Data Engineer Interview Questions

Interview Process 🤝

Interview Process CN

Nagarro is quite possibly of the most pursued organization. Knowledge of the most expected Nagarro inquiries questions outflanks the fierce opposition with supported certainty. Through technical and circumstance-based inquiry questions, the organization centers around a competitor's range of abilities, skills, and cooperation capacities. Comprehend the Nagarro screening and set up the most customarily asked Nagarro interview inquiries to break the most challenging rounds.

✅Composed Test Round 1

General Aptitude Test: Mathematical and sensible thinking and verbal capacity test.

Specialized Ability Test: Questions on working frameworks, calculations, information structures, programming dialects, and systems administration-based issues.

Coding Test: Three coding issues.

✅Composed Test Round 2

The competitors who clear the main composed round must show up for a coding interview round. This written test comprises three to four coding inquiry questions. It is a paper pen-based round or could be held online using a test on HackerRank.

✅Technical Round

The meeting round directed at the organization's office expects the possibility to advance the code they wrote in the second composed round. The questionnaires set up inquiries on information designs, calculations, and SQL. The questions can likewise be impacted by the specialized abilities referenced on an up-and-comer's resume. Frequently bewilders are again a piece of the Nagarro screening.

✅HR Round

The HR round includes social and situation-based questions. The scout asks about a competitor's objectives and assumptions from the gig while surveying their delicate and complex abilities to decide whether they fit the position and the organization.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the bug life cycle?

The bug or imperfection life cycle in the product testing process is the finished excursion of a deformity during its lifetime. It changes for various associations and tasks. Its motivation is to facilitate and convey an imperfection's ongoing status, making the deformity fixing process effective and orderly.

What is the V model?

An SDLC model that consecutively executes processes following a V-shape is called a V model or the Verification and Validation model. It has a testing stage lined up with every improvement stage.

What number of rounds are there in the Nagarro interview?

There are four rounds in my meeting. The main round is the Coding Test, trailed by the Technical game. The third round is Technical, followed by the conclusive Technical band.

Does Nagarro compensate fairly?

Nagarro pays its representatives a normal of ₹1,355,585 every year. Pay rates at Nagarro range from a normal of ₹560,397 to ₹2,773,565 every year.

How might I break my nagarro IQ test?

To break this round, its don't mean a lot to endeavor all the ques, try to endeavor as numerous ques accurately as u can without squandering even whenever on any ques. In the event that u can endeavor around 30-35 ques accurately, that implies u are through with this round.

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In this article, we have covered a complete roadmap and requirements for becoming a DevOps engineer at Nagarro and also learned a lot about the company. You need a wide range of knowledge, pretty good skills, and an equally excellent salary.

To learn more about such interviews and topics related to engineering, refer below.

Refer to our Guided Path on Coding Ninjas Studio to upskill yourself in pygameCompetitive ProgrammingJavaScriptSystem Design, and many more! If you want to test your competency in coding, you may check out the mock test series and participate in the contests hosted on Coding Ninjas Studio! But suppose you have just started your learning process and are looking for questions asked by tech giants like Amazon, Microsoft, Uber, etc. In that case, you must look at the problems, interview experiences, and interview bundle for placement preparations.

Nevertheless, you may consider our paid courses to give your career an edge over others!

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Happy Learning!

Thank You CN
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