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About the Role 
Salary and Perks💲🔥
Salary as DevOps Engineer at Oracle🤑💸
Perks and Benefits👍
Skills and Experience👀
Technical Skills✅
Soft Skills🤓
Experience and Qualification👨‍💻
Roles and Responsibilities👨‍💻
Career Map🚀
Preparation Strategy✅
Graduation Degree
Learn these skills
Get Certifications
Build a Resume and Start Applying
Resources for Preparations
 Interview Resources
   Coding Resources
   Aptitude Resources
   Technical Resources
Frequently Asked Questions
Is DevOps good for freshers?
What is the salary of a DevOps Engineer at Oracle?
Do DevOps Engineers code?
Which language is best for a DevOps Engineer?
Is DevOps harder than Development?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

DevOps Engineer at Oracle

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In this article, we will learn about DevOps Engineer at Oracle. We will look at the roles and responsibilities, salary and experience, skill and knowledge, and finally, learn about the preparation strategy and career map.

DevOps Engineer at Oracle

Oracle is an American MNC with its headquarters in Austin, Texas. Oracle has been the first and only company in the world to automate the databases of customers for their data security and privacy. When we calculated the revenue and capitalization in 2020, Oracle was the third-largest company in the world.

About the Role 

DevOps Engineer is an engineer with skills both in development and operations. He not only helps in development but, as a single person, handles and manages the operational work of the software. In the IT industry, a DevOps engineer not only manages the development but also helps in increasing the efficiency of the software. They are highly skilled and knowledgeable IT engineers that help in a smooth process and manage the SDLC process.

Role Information

DevOps Engineer at Oracle works with the development team and collaborates with them to provide the customers with the best results. They manage the needs and requirements of the software, tools and methodologies, updates, and the deployment of the product. They highly focus on automation and on increasing the efficiency of the process. From the maintenance to the coding and the deployment, they manage the development process from end to end.

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Salary and Perks💲🔥

Below are the salary and perks you receive when joining Oracle as a DevOps Engineer.

Salary as DevOps Engineer at Oracle🤑💸

The salary of a DevOps Engineer at Oracle is mentioned below. 

Average salary of a DevOps Engineer ₹ 11,00,000 lakhs
With an experience of 5-7 years ₹12,00,000 to ₹16,00,000 lakhs
With an experience of 8-10 years ₹17,00,000 to  ₹22,00,000 lakhs

The salary figures mentioned above are subject to change.😐

Perks and Benefits👍

The company provides you with ample opportunities to explore and perks for a better work experience. 

✨Flexible working hours

✨Maternity and Paternity leave

✨Medical health insurance

✨Educational training and guidance

✨Free snacks and meals

✨Salary increment and performance bonus

✨Sick and vacation leave

✨International reallocation

Skills and Experience👀

As a DevOps Engineer at Oracle, you need to have good knowledge of development and operational skills.

Skills and Experience

Technical Skills✅

🔥Should have command of any one programming language like Java, Python, Ruby, JavaScript, Bash, MySQL, PHP, or Perl.

🔥Knowledge of Docker and Kubernetes.

🔥Good Knowledge of Structures and DBMS.

🔥Expertise with CI/CD pipelines and Azure DevOps.

🔥Strong knowledge of Linux and scripting languages.

🔥Understanding of management tools like puppet, Ansible, postman, etc.

🔥Good knowledge of cloud providers AWS, Azure, GCP, etc.

🔥Hands-on experience with working with software development and its tools.

Soft Skills🤓

🔥Good communication skills and team management.

🔥 Problem-solving and thinking ability.

🔥Collaboration and leadership skills.

🔥Active listening and critical thinking.

🔥Curios and willing-to-learn attitude.

🔥Creativity and positive thinking.

🔥Good verbal and written presentation skills.

Experience and Qualification👨‍💻

📙A bachelor's degree or equivalent degree in a related field. 

📙A minimum of 4 years of Bachelor's Degree is required to get into this domain.

📙Seven to Eight years of experience in software development is required to get a job as DevOps Engineer at Oracle.

Roles and Responsibilities👨‍💻

With high income comes great responsibility. A DevOps Engineer at Oracle is expected to perform the below roles and responsibilities.

Roles and Responsibilities

🎯Focus on automation of tools and methodologies. Increasing the efficiency of the product and meeting the client's requirements.

🎯Test the code of developers and analyze the workflow of the process.

🎯Updating the software and identifying technical problems and errors.

🎯Collaborate with the development team and ensure the delivery of products on time.

🎯Interact with the system administrators and ensure that system is safe and secure from all cyber attacks.

🎯To interact with the stakeholders and discuss the work with the development team.

🎯Creating new development tools and infrastructure, planning the projects, and getting involved in the decision-making.

🎯Involvement in complete planning, testing, integrating, and deploying the product.

🎯Troubleshooting bugs and errors in the code and reviewing and verifying the code.

Career Map🚀

Career Map

🏆Release Manager: You can start as a Release Manager in DevOps. You will be responsible for planning, designing, and preparing for software development. You will also be guiding and helping the DevOps team to ensure the on-time delivery of the software.

🏆DevOps Test Engineer: You can become a DevOps test engineer. Your primary responsibility will be handling the tools' testing and automation. You will be performing manual and automated testing with the DevOps team. You will also be responsible for increasing the efficiency of the product.

🏆DevOps Cloud Engineer: In this role, you will be responsible for managing and deploying the cloud services. You will interact with the development team and discuss the methodologies and the updates in the technology that will further help improve the performance.

🏆DevOps Architect: As a DevOps Architect, you will be responsible for creating a DevOps team in the organization. Solving the shortcomings, fixing the issues, and designing efficient plans to help the DevOps engineering team. 

Preparation Strategy✅

You should prepare yourself well to get the job as DevOps Engineer at Oracle. You should have strong knowledge of both domains, i.e., development and operational. Coding Ninjas is always there for you. The preparation strategy below will help you grab the job without difficulty.

Preparation Plan

Graduation Degree

Get a bachelor's degree in CS, IT, or a related field. This will help you with the eligibility criteria for the company.

Learn these skills

Ensure that to grab the job as DevOps Engineer at Oracle, you need to be skilled.

🔶Get yourself well-trained in scripting languages.

🔶Have expertise and knowledge of Linux and administration tools.

🔶Good knowledge of  Python programming language.

🔶Learn about CI/CD pipelines and deployment.

🔶Get hands-on experience with any cloud platform. AWS, Azure, GCP, etc. Learn Cloud Computing.

🔶Learn about automation tools and prepare yourself well.

Get Certifications

Getting certifications in this domain is great and important as it increases your chances of getting the job.

Some of the popular certifications are given below:

📍Microsoft Certified DevOps Engineer Expert.

📍DCA (Docker Certified Associate).

📍CKA (Certified Kubernetes Administrator).

📍AWS Certified DevOps Engineer.

📍Puppet Certified Professional.

Build a Resume and Start Applying

It is time to build your resume, as it is the first step to getting the job.

👉Keep an updated resume with the skills given above.

👉Create projects in the domain that helps you in your interviews.

👉Add your certifications and qualifications to your resume.

👉Do mention internships if done. It increases your chances.

👉Now it's time for you to start applying and giving interviews.

Resources for Preparations

Don't worry after reading the role description. Coding Ninjas have well structured and well-designed course plan just for you. The below resources will help you in your preparation and will help you to get the job.

 Interview Resources

   Coding Resources

   Aptitude Resources

   Technical Resources

You can refer to the video below for better guidance for product-based companies:

Frequently Asked Questions

Is DevOps good for freshers?

DevOps is a bright career for a fresher to start with. There is rapid growth in this industry with six figures earning income. This domain has a bright future for any graduate to start their career.

What is the salary of a DevOps Engineer at Oracle?

As a DevOps Engineer at Oracle, you receive great pay. The average salary of a DevOps engineer at Oracle is ₹ 11,00,000 lakhs. 

Do DevOps Engineers code?

Yes, a DevOps engineer needs to have good knowledge of programming languages. He sits with the development team and helps the team in writing more efficient code.

Which language is best for a DevOps Engineer?

A DevOps engineer needs to know programming languages. The best language for a DevOps Engineer can be python, java, JavaScript, Golang, PHP, Ruby, etc.

Is DevOps harder than Development?

DevOps is a more stressful job when we compare it with development. A DevOps engineer needs to be skilled in both Development and Operational work. There are no two different persons for the work of DevOps. 


In this blog, we have discussed DevOps Engineer at Oracle. We have looked at the insights of DevOps engineers, the skills and experience, the roles and responsibilities, and the career map for a DevOps Engineer. 

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Happy Coding!

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