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Table of contents
💻 About the Role
💸Salary and Perks
💰Salary of a DevOps Specialist at Amdocs
🔑Key Responsibilities of DevOps Specialist at Amdocs
🧑‍🎓Skills and Experience for DevOps Specialist at Amdocs
📖Preparation Strategy for DevOps Specialist at Amdocs
Resources for the Preparation
🗺️Career Map
⚡Degrees and Experience
⚡Working as a Junior Level DevOps Engineer
⚡Moving up the Ranks
⚡Senior DevOps Engineer
Frequently Asked Questions
What are the other roles that Amdocs offer?
What does Amdocs stand for?
How can I prepare for the Amdocs interview?
How many interview rounds are there in Amdocs?
Is Amdocs a product-based company?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

DevOps Specialist at Amdocs

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Amdocs is a multinational firm headquartered in Chesterfield, Missouri, that was started in Israel and has support and development facilities across the world.

Devops specialist

Amdocs is a prominent provider of software and services to the world's most successful communications and media organizations. As customers reinvent themselves, Amdocs helps them to alter their digital and network infrastructures by providing new solutions, intelligent operations, and delivery expertise.

💻 About the Role

About the role

The DevOps specialist at Amdocs has the following Responsibilities:

  • 🧑‍💻Utilize CI/CD toolsets and automation to implement DevOps capabilities in cloud solutions.
  • 🧑‍💻Configure and implement Cyber security software stacks for highly available private and public cloud platforms.
  • 🧑‍💻Support the CI/CD automation needs of 24x7 essential systems.
  • 🧑‍💻Identify, address, and mitigate system faults and security flaws.
  • 🧑‍💻Support the migration of a software stack and servers to a public cloud, resulting in a highly secure and available architecture.
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💸Salary and Perks

Salary and Perks

✨Treat yourself with generous holiday gifts from Amdocs.

✨Access tons of complementary learning and upskilling programs to stay on top of what's new in your field.

✨Enjoy our generous paid parental leave policy.

✨Enjoy a wide range of fun company activities for you and your family.

✨Secure your and your family's future with Life and Disability insurance.

✨Take paid time off to volunteer for the causes that you're passionate about.

✨Explore internal mobility opportunities. Experience different roles within Amdocs.

✨Stay grounded with wellbeing and mediation courses, lectures, and self-development tools.

💰Salary of a DevOps Specialist at Amdocs


The salary figures mentioned above are subject to change.

🔑Key Responsibilities of DevOps Specialist at Amdocs

Key Responsibility

🧰Engineering: Complex infrastructure automation and deployment systems must be designed, developed, modified, and integrated. Ensure that the code and configuration are manageable, scalable, and supportable (IaaC). Use significant knowledge and skills of Amdocs products/solutions and technology to support the infrastructure solution's direction. Adhere to Amdocs software engineering standards, software development methodologies (such as design-led thinking and DevOps), and release processes. Improve system dependability and operability. Serve as a subject matter expert for a specific technology.

🧰Investigation: Examine infrastructure issues by reviewing/debugging the CI/CD pipeline and runtime environments and giving patches (analyze and solve errors) and workarounds. Review changes for operability to maintain existing software solutions. Highlight dangers and assist in mitigating them from technical perspectives.

🧰Technical Expertise: Serve as a highly specialized Technology / Product expert, functioning autonomously to meet agreed-upon technical goals. Provide technical experience in infrastructure architecture usage for both functional and non-functional elements. Obtain a thorough awareness of the technological background for making technical decisions and resolving technical challenges. Capable of resolving major and one-of-a-kind challenges with a high level of complexity.

🧰Professional Leadership: Assist DevOps engineers with E2E software deployment, maintenance, and lifecycle management. Enforce and guide technical standards (e.g., tools and platforms), and ensure that application life cycle architecture documentation is proper and up to date. Promote Developer autonomy by enforcing quality processes such as doing technical root cause analysis and detailing corrective action for given problems.

🧰Innovation & Continuous Improvement: Encourage continual improvements/efficiencies in the product life cycle and business processes through the use of common tools and varied innovation methodologies, as well as guiding the reuse of current ones.

🧰Team Work and Collaboration: Collaborate and provide value by participating in peer evaluations, providing comments and suggestions, and working with teams to achieve goals. Assist other teams in resolving challenges by acting as the technical focal point.

🧰Quality and SLAs: Help the firm satisfy numerous SLAs and KPIs, such as responsiveness, resolution, software quality SLAs, and so on. Ensure that allocated tasks are done on time and that delivery dates are fulfilled in accordance with the quality targets of the business.

🧰Onboarding and Knowledge Sharing: Train new recruits on processes, share knowledge with team members, play an active part in technical mentoring within the team, and raise the team's knowledge.

🧑‍🎓Skills and Experience for DevOps Specialist at Amdocs

Skills and Experience

📚At least 5 years of experience as a support engineer for corporate programs and customers, as well as extensive knowledge of IT operating systems, are required.

📚Terraform for Automation, Azure Security/Networking, Azure Monitoring, Azure DevOps, Azure Infrastructure Performance Tuning, and Optimization

📚Docker and Kubernetes infrastructures.

📚Extensive experience in Linux/Unix administration, scripting, development, and support.

📚Source control (like Git, Bitbucket, VSTS).

📚Continuous Integration and Deployment automation with Python, Ansible, Terraform, Helm, and Jenkins.

📚Understanding of the development and deployment procedures for enterprise applications.

📚Experience installing, setting, deploying, and troubleshooting Tomcat and Apache servers.

📚Database (like SQL and RDBMS).

📚Knowledge of SAFe agile processes.

📚Security appliances (like LDAP, ISAM, or VMware are highly valued).

📖Preparation Strategy for DevOps Specialist at Amdocs

Preparation Strategy

📄A bachelor's degree in math, information technology, computer science, or a related discipline is required.

📄Should gain experience in developing code in at least one high-level programming language.

📄Learn to design, manage, and maintain tools to automate operational processes.

📄Also should gain prior experience in building highly automated infrastructures and administering operating systems.

📄Should have good knowledge of SQL and RDBMS

📄Be able to articulate a thorough understanding of web-based application architecture.

📄In-depth knowledge of cloud-native and microservices architecture.

📄Should learn to build CI?CD pipelines, including automated infrastructure testing of big system deployments.

📄Proven expertise in developing, implementing, and maintaining Docker and Kubernetes infrastructures.

Resources for the Preparation


There are lots of resources you can search for, but we always need a systematic way to learn things. Here are some important resources which help to become a system engineer:

🔥Data Structure and Algorithm

🔥Operating System

🔥Learn and Practice Java

🔥Learn the basics of Python

🔥Learn and Practice C#

🔥Complete Library

🔥Resource to learn

🔥Test Series

🔥Prepare and Practice for Interviews

🔥Top Technical Problems

🔥Aptitude Preparation

“It's what you practice in private that you will be rewarded for in public.”

Watch this video to know the system design concepts explained for interviews:

🗺️Career Map

Career Map

DevOps Engineers often come from an IT background. DevOps Engineers frequently landed in their role after working as both a developer and in operations, and as DevOps engineers, they bridge the gap between these two departments. When it comes to customized cloud infrastructure IT services, they are frequently masters. Being able to demonstrate that a potential DevOps Engineer has obtained a combination of education and hands-on experience might catch the attention of a hiring manager and help you win entry into a company in an entry-level DevOps position. Other ways to distinguish yourself include:

💭Demonstrating your ability to work well both jointly and independently

💭Understanding the technologies that DevOps Engineers use on a regular basis, including automation tools, continuous integration, cloud technology, source control, and agile project management.

💭Capable of identifying gaps in current technical infrastructure and developing useful remedies.

💭Writing code that is straightforward and concise.

⚡Degrees and Experience

DevOps Engineers frequently hold a bachelor's degree in computer science or a similar discipline, though this isn't always required by many employers. Amazon Web Services also provides a Certified DevOps Engineer certification to help you advance your career. A prospective DevOps Engineer with a degree or particular certification will undoubtedly have an advantage over potential job vacancy competitors.

Experience is essential in the field of DevOps Engineers. Because not all technically knowledgeable people are inherently adept in the developer and operations spheres, aspirant DevOps Engineers must demonstrate where they obtained this experience. A DevOps Engineer seeking an entry-level role should have a degree and a portfolio demonstrating technical knowledge of DevOps tools.

⚡Working as a Junior Level DevOps Engineer

DevOps Engineers in their early careers have spent years accumulating on-the-job experience and demonstrating their expertise in the industry to colleagues and management. DevOps Engineers may operate alone at times, but they usually work as part of a DevOps team, cooperating to make an enterprise's automation process as quick, efficient, and secure as feasible.

⚡Moving up the Ranks

Because DevOps is still in its early stages, there are several prospects for DevOps Engineers in the sector, with lots of possibilities for progress. A devoted DevOps Engineer can progress from entry-level to junior-level to senior-level in their career over the course of a few years, carrying a toolbox full of techniques and skills with them. DevOps Engineers that continue in their work and go above and above to demonstrate their enthusiasm might stand out from their peers and advance even faster if this is their objective.

⚡Senior DevOps Engineer

A senior DevOps Engineer can stay in this job for years, helping to manage software releases that set their organization apart from the competition, as well as coaching and guiding junior team members who represent the future of DevOps Engineering.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the other roles that Amdocs offer?

Other Job Profiles at Amdocs include Software Engineer - FullStack Developer, DevOps Engineer, Software Engineering Specialist, Software Engineering Team Lead, etc. These alternative jobs are rewarding and offer a great career path.

What does Amdocs stand for?

AMDOCS. American Directories Operations & Computerized Systems (corporate care & billing software company)

How can I prepare for the Amdocs interview?

You should be prepared with the Data structures and Algorithms(DSA), DBMS, Networks(CN), OOPs concepts, and a programming language of your choice. Students are expected to write codes in the interview.

How many interview rounds are there in Amdocs?

The Amdocs interview process involves 3-4 rounds. Depending on your technical skills, it takes at least one to two weeks for the interview process to be completed.

Is Amdocs a product-based company?

It is a semi-product-based company, as it develops the products and provides services for the same.


In this blog, we have explored the job of DevOps Specialist at Amdocs, leaving no stone unturned. We have briefly discussed the DevOps Specialist role, salary and perks, skills and experience required, job responsibilities, and preparation strategy for the DevOps Specialist role.

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