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HackWithInfy (HWI)
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Preparation Guide
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Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Difference between HWI and InfyTQ

Author Ankit Kumar
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Do you find any better company than Infosys to kickstart your career in the field of engineering? We believe there are not too many other than above mentioned. One of the biggest service-based companies of India comes up with two of the most famous examination every year to benefit job seekers across the country.

These two examinations are listed below.

  1. HackWithInfy (HWI)
  2. InfyTQ

Since both of these examinations offer employment in the company, the students always remain confused about their differences. This article will see the differences between these two and the different opportunities they offer.

Let us first discuss the HWI.

HackWithInfy (HWI)

It is a type of competitive programming contest for second-year to pre-final-year students. Top performers in the competition get many cash prizes and a direct interview with the company. Let us have a look at the pattern of the examination.


There will be two rounds of test in total, along with the final technical interview with Infosys.
1. Online coding competition

This test will consist of three coding questions of difficulty, easy to difficult. You need to complete the test in the stipulated time.

The Top 100 performers will be invited to one of the Infosys campuses for the next round.

2. Hackathon

A team event to be hosted in any one of the Infosys campuses for the top 100 performers in round 1.

3. Technical Interview

The last round before getting full-time employment in the company will be the technical interview. The interview will be based on the Online test, Resume, DSA skills, etc.

Preparation Guide

Although there is no fixed syllabus for the examination, we have shortlisted some of the crucial topics you should cover to clear the Online coding round.

  1. Dynamic programming
  2. Recursion
  3. Back Tracking
  4. Greedy algorithms
  5. Array and string manipulation
  6. Stack and Queues
  7. Trees 
  8. Graphs
  9. Bit mapping and Hashing

These all topics are sufficient enough to get you through the coding round.

Let us now see the InfyTQ examination.

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Infosys offers InfyTQ, and it is considered a certification examination, which also allows you to work with Infosys. This exam consists of two rounds followed by the technical interview in the end. Let us see the pattern of the exam in detail.


It starts with the qualifier round.

It starts with the qualifier round.
1. Qualifier round

It is a web-proctored examination that consists of 40 Multiple choice questions, to be completed in an hour.

The questions will be based on Java/Python, DBMS, and Aptitude.

Students who qualify for this round will get through to the next round.

2. Final round

This will also be a web-proctored examination. It is segregated into two parts.

  • Objective questions based on Java/Python, DSA, DBMS, and OOPs.
  • Two Coding questions.

A technical Interview will follow these two rounds.

Let us see the preparation guide for this examination.

Preparation Guide

Regarding InfyTQ, you must be precise with at least one of the programming languages between Java and Python. You can choose your preferred language at the time of registration for the exam.

As the qualifier round involves multiple-choice questions from Aptitude and DBMS, you should practice as many questions from both of these topics as possible.

The final round consists of many different topics like DSA OOPs concepts, so you also need to prepare these well to get a full time employment offer from Infosys.

After reading these articles, we hope you must be clear about the differences between these two examinations. Still, we have answered some of the frequently asked questions below to enhance your knowledge and understanding.

Frequently asked questions

Q1. Can we code In C++ in both of these examinations?

Ans - As discussed above, the InfyTQ exam only allows you to write your code in two programming languages,i.e., Java and Python, But HackwithInfy enables you to write your code in a language of your own choice.

Q2. Can anyone register for both of the examinations?

Ans-  If you are eligible for them, then It’s a good idea to register for both examinations. You need to take care of your preparation as both demand different skills.

Q3. How They will communicate with us about the test results and further schedules of rounds.

Ans- All communication about necessary details will be done through your registered mail id with the company. Make sure you register with an active email id!

Let us see what the key takeaways of this content are.

Key takeaways

In this blog, we looked upon two of the critical examination offered by tech giant Infosys for college students. We discussed the difference between them In terms of their pattern, and subsequently, we shared a full-proof preparation guide for students to excel in the examination and get placed in the company. In the end, we saw answered some of the frequently asked questions related to the exam.

You can also consider our Competitive Programming Course to give your career an edge over others!

We wish you all the best for your exam!


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