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Last updated: Nov 28, 2022

Discrete Logarithms

Discrete Logarithm in Cryptography is a problem statement that is discussed among the community. There are various theorems that help us in solving this problem, such as Shank's algorithm... We will be discussing them one by one and getting to know more about this problem.
Hello! I am ElGamal Cryptosystem
This article incorporates the ElGamal Encryption Algorithm in Cryptography.
Algorithms: It’s Shank’s not Sharks MEDIUM
Several aspects of one most important algorithms for discrete logarithms- Shank’s Algorithm in detail.
The Pollard Rho but for Discrete Logarithm Algorithms
In this blog, we will discuss the pollard rho method for solving discrete logarithms, its the algorithm, and its implementation.
Pohlig and Hellman joined forces for this Algorithm
This article incorporates information about how Pohlig and Hellman joined forces for the Pohlig–Hellman algorithm.
Calculus but Index Calculus Method HARD
This article incorporates information about the ElGamal Cryptosystem and Index Calculus algorithm.
Lower Bounds on the complexity of Generic Algorithms In Cryptography
This article incorporates information about the lower bounds on the complexity of generic algorithms' work.
Galois Field in Cryptography EASY
This article will briefly explain the Galois field in cryptography.
Joux’s Index Calculus for Fields of Small Characteristic
This blog discusses Joux’s Index Calculus for fields of small characteristics in detail.
Not just in mathematics but here as well Elliptic Curves HARD
This article incorporates information on elliptical curves and elliptic curve cryptography.
Let’s practice some Discrete Logarithms
This article discusses the Discrete Logarithms in cryptography in detail. We will solve the problems based on Discrete Logarithms along with their solutions.
Author Alisha
Bit Security of Discrete logarithms
This article discusses the Bit Security of Discrete Logarithms in detail.
Author Alisha
Semantic Security of ElGamal System EASY
In this blog we have discussed about the ElGamal Encryption system and their semantic security
Again Hellman, Diffie-Hellman Problems
This blog explains the Diffie-Hellman Problem of Cryptography. In detail, we will discuss cryptography techniques and then the diffie-hellman key exchange algorithm.