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About Samsung
Embedded Software Engineer
Responsibilities of an Embedded SW Engineer
Eligibility Criteria
Skills required
Prepare for Interview
Salary and Perks 
Additional Perks at Samsung
How to apply in Samsung
Frequently asked questions
Is embedded engineering a rewarding profession?
How difficult is embedded programming?
Are embedded systems jobs in demand in 2022?
Is learning embedded systems simple?
Do embedded systems require programming?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Embedded SW engineer at Samsung R&D

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Interested in knowing what it takes to be an embedded software engineer? What responsibilities and roles an embedded software engineer should take care of and most importantly how to land a job at a world-renowned company like Samsung? 

Then you landed at a right place where you can find all the resources and roadmap of how to become an Embedded SW Engineer at Samsung R&D.

embedded engineer

Before we discuss the Job, let's have a brief introduction about the company Samsung.

About Samsung


Samsung is a South Korean firm that ranks among the top manufacturers of electrical goods. Samsung focuses on producing a wide range of consumer and business electronics, including integrated systems, digital media players, semiconductors, and appliances. 

It now ranks among the most famous names in technology and contributes to nearly one-fifth of all exports from South Korea.

Embedded Software Engineer

embedded engineer

Who is an Embedded Software Engineer?

An embedded Software Engineer is in charge of developing and implementing the software used in embedded systems and devices. 

The system software will be designed, created, coded, tested, and debugged by the engineer. The engineer is also in charge of keeping track of and evaluating the system's reliability and effectiveness.

Responsibilities of an Embedded SW Engineer

  • From conception to production and deployment, design and implement software for embedded systems and devices.
  • Debugging and testing system software.
  • Following the development, keep an eye on and maintain the system.
  • Following development, increase the system's effectiveness and stability.
  • Create systems in conjunction with customers based on their requirements.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Minimum bachelor's degree in engineering or computer science is required.
  • Professional software engineering experience.
  • Profound expertise in C or C++ programming.
  • Expertise in resolving embedded system issues.
  • Working knowledge of real-time operating systems.
  • Knowledge of hardware subsystems, IP protocols, and interfaces.

Skills required

skills required

Skills set for an embedded software engineer

You don't have to be proficient in each and every skill mentioned above in the figure. But you need to be aware of each of them in order to become a skilled embedded software engineer.

Now that you know what skills it requires to be an embedded engineer. You may be wondering where to learn those skills. 

Well, this blog got you covered for that too. Keep on reading! 

Wanna know how to apply at Samsung? check out this video below:



C: This section covers what you need to know about the C language.

C++ : C++ is an essential language in order to become an embedded software. So in order to clear your basics of C++ language, a linked article in the front is best for you.

Data structure in C++: Looking to learn data structures in C++, check out the article in the front that will help you understand data structures.

IOT(internet of things): In order to clear doubts about the IoT internet of things. check out the link in the front.

Computer networks: if you are looking for an article to know about computer networking check out this article.

Designing system: This article will help to expand your knowledge about how to do structured analysis and design for designing systems.

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Prepare for Interview

interview preparation

Now that you are confident in your knowledge about the topics that you have learned in order to become an embedded software engineer you will surely want to test or practice your skills in order to become a skilled programmer.

The following links will surely help you to polish your skills:

Mock test series

Top companies problems

Prepare yourself to be interview ready

Interview preparation resources for software engineers

Complete guide for coding interviews

Samsung Interview Experience 

Product Based Companies in India

Wondering how to crack interviews at top product based companies?

Check out this link to clear your doubts.

Participate in coding competitions in order to expand your knowledge more.

Coding competitions

Salary and Perks 

salary perks

An average annual salary of an embedded software engineer at Samsung ranges from 9.5lakh - 16.4 lakh

This is an estimation based on the salaries received by the Samsung employees and the range may vary according to your performance and knowledge.

Additional Perks at Samsung

  • Healthcare and insurance
  • Performance bonus
  • Maternity and paternity leave
  • Sick leave
  • Employee discount
  • Company car
  • Diversity program

How to apply in Samsung

apply at samsung

You can go to Samsung's official page to apply for the job.

  1. Go to Samsung careers
  2. Go to job fields
  3. Click on the search jobs
  4. Search the job you are applying for:
job field


Follow this link to apply:  Search for jobs at Samsung

Frequently asked questions

Is embedded engineering a rewarding profession?

For both new and seasoned developers, embedded software engineering is an attractive field. The creation of new technologies depends heavily on embedded systems, making this a profitable career path. Additionally, due to their high demand, you can anticipate earning a respectable compensation.

How difficult is embedded programming?

For the app developers, it's a reliable abstraction layer or foundation that makes life simple. Hardware and software challenges must be understood in order to create embedded systems. It is upsetting to see how much hardware appears to be created by individuals who have little knowledge of what makes software easy or difficult.

Are embedded systems jobs in demand in 2022?

An embedded system is a fairly common, programmable combination of hardware and software. Embedded systems have significantly developed over the past few years into a leading industry to be acknowledged in our technological age.

Is learning embedded systems simple?

The majority of embedded system products are made to support the C programming language. This is a wonderful place for beginners to start because it is simple to learn. For the creation of embedded software, C is preferred. C language programmes are readable and simple to debug.

Do embedded systems require programming?

According to industry estimates, C is the programming language of choice for embedded systems. Cons: Requires developers to comprehend and use complex technical coding approaches


In this article, we learned about what it takes to be an embedded software engineer at Samsung R&D and also what is the average annual salary of an engineer of an Samsung employee and the additional perks at Samsung. This article also covers the resources you need in order to become an embedded software engineer.

For more information about Samsung please check out the following articles.

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Job opportunities at Samsung

Check out the Samsung Interview Experience to learn about Samsung’s hiring process.

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