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Table of contents
About Dell
About the role
Salary and Perks
Required Skill Set
Essential Qualifications
Desirable Qualifications
Responsibilities of Escalation Engineer at Dell
Preparation Strategy
Dell Interview Round
Dell HR Interview Round
Career Path
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the role of the escalation engineer?
How do I become a support escalation engineer?
What do you mean by software escalation company?
What is an embedded escalation engineer?
What are the perks offered by Dell to their employees?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Escalation Engineer at Dell

Author Manan Singhal
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We all know Dell for its products and services, including personal computers, computer securitynetwork security, and many more. If your dream is to work there as an Escalation engineer, here comes the blog so that you can achieve your goals.

This blog will provide info on what needs to be done to become an Escalation engineer at Dell.

Escalation Engineer

Read our Dell Preparation Guide article to understand better how to prepare. Also, check out our articles on Job opportunities at Dell and Ways to Join Dell.

So, let's get started.

About Dell

Dell Technologies is a US-based multinational company headquartered in Round Rock, Texas, U.S.  It was formed by the merger of Dell and EMC Corporation in September 2016. Dell is known for its products and services. Dell provides products like personal computers, televisions, and smartphones. Dell provides servers, computer security, software, information security services, and network security.


Dell is ranked 31st in the Fortune 500 list for the year 2022. More than one lakh employees are currently working with Dell.

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About the role

In this section, we will look at the role that needs to be performed by the Escalation engineer at Dell.

About the role

Dell offers the technology that revolutionizes how each of us works and lives. As an Escalation Engineer, you will join the CEE team in PowerStore.

You will be working with cutting-edge storage technology. Your place is with the CEE team if you are an expert in storage and have experience interacting with customers. It would be great to have soft skills like love tackling complicated business and technological difficulties and enjoy working in a fast-paced environment.

Salary and Perks

This section will look at the salary of Escalation engineers at Dell.



Average Base Salary (per year)

Range (per year)

Staff Data Engineer

Rs 17,07,762

Rs 2,47,442 - Rs 22,62,984


* The salaries as mentioned above are subject to change.

Dell offers a range of perks to its employees. Let us look at some benefits:

✔ Health care coverage: Dell immediately offers health insurance to employees and dependents with no waiting period. 

✔ Deals for Dell Employees: Special discounts are provided to the employees on dell products.

✔ Leaves and Holidays: Annual leaves, maternity leaves, and public holidays.

✔ Wellbeing Investment account

✔ Vision and Dental Protection

✔ Extra security

✔ Unplanned Passing and Dismantling Protection

✔ Adaptable Spending Record

Required Skill Set

This section will look at the qualification required to be an Escalation engineer at Dell.


Essential Qualifications

🤹 5+ years of experience in advanced technical roles in challenging IT environments (technical support, development, solution engineering, solution architect).

🤹 A track record of dealing with customers in a time-sensitive manner.

🤹 A better understanding of the larger IT business environments is must. In addition to knowledge and practical expertise in the enterprise IT infrastructure and storage field.

🤹 Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

🤹 Working knowledge of LinuxVMware, and Windows servers. Fundamental understanding of networking and SAN.

Desirable Qualifications

🚀 Hands-on experience with storage systems, virtualization platforms and VDI solutions (VMware), experience with enterprise databases and storage performance tuning.

🚀 Scripting (Pythonbash), Enterprise databases (SQLPostgress), and Clustering solutions.

🚀 Ability to lead a team and persuade others to take action.

Responsibilities of Escalation Engineer at Dell


In this section, we will look at the responsibilities of the escalation engineer at Dell. Some of them are listed below:

The Escalation Engineer works closely with the Product and Technical Support teams as a member of the Engineering organization. They address customer difficulties, conduct root cause analyses, record, and put best practices into effect. The success of the product on the market and the implementation of improvements and new features to expand the company's operations are directly influenced by the escalation engineer.

📑 To tackle the most challenging client concerns, use your technical expertise.

📑 To address consumer issues, acquire information, and transmit knowledge, collaborate closely with R&D and other business groups.

📑 Identify a wide range of complicated technological issues and offer solutions.

Preparation Strategy

Preparation Strategy

In this section, we will learn how to prepare to select an escalation engineer at Dell. Check out the Dell Preparation Guide for a detailed discussion.

Dell Interview Round

The understudies who have figured out how to clear the web/composed test will be required for the specialized meeting round. One should be clear with their nuts and bolts to remove this round. Applicants should be ready with Working Frameworks, ideas, and Systems administration.

Follow the below links to read their interview experiences at Dell:

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Dell HR Interview Round

The inquiries posed in this adjustment of the Dell screening for freshers are exceptionally standard, which will generally make the HR round a more significant amount of an intelligent meeting. Competitors should be extraordinarily average and sure while addressing these inquiries. Questions connected with your past activities, which you have referenced in your resume, can be anticipated. You might be asked to handle puzzle inquiries in this round.



📌 Data Structures and Algorithms Web Technologies

📌 Aptitude 

📌 Competitive Programming 

📌 Java

📌 Python 

📌 Mobile Technologies 

📌 Guide to Open-Source 

📌 Ruby 

📌 IT Certifications 

📌 Database Management System

📌 Basic software testing and methodology

📌 Learn basics of Python

📌 Resource to learn

📌 Computer Networks

You may look into the following to have better practical knowledge:

📌 Best Web Development Projects For Your Resume

📌 How to Practice for a Technical Interview? 

Career Path

You are determined to become an Escalation engineer at Dell. That is why you are here. You have already seen the perks and skills requirements in the above section.

But wondering how to gain excellence in this.

Well, Ninja! Don't panic. Coding Ninjas will help you through this.

With the progress in your career, you may take on more responsibilities or notice that you've taken on a leadership role. Using our career map, escalation engineer can determine their career goals through career progression. For example, they could start with a role such as an engineer, progress to a project engineer title, and eventually end up with the title manager, systems engineering.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the role of the escalation engineer?

Escalation engineers are in charge of a company's entire technological advancements. They find the solutions to the challenging problems of a business or corporate operations. You will be a part of a group of subject matter experts working as an escalation engineer.

How do I become a support escalation engineer?

Industry programming expertise in creating Web applications abilities are desirable. For this function, you must be able to pass security standards set by customers and/or the government.

What do you mean by software escalation company?

An escalation is an increase in strength or scope or an increase to compensate for an imbalance. In project management, escalation refers to increased uncommitted resource costs over time due to purchasing power.

What is an embedded escalation engineer?

EE drives the engagement of Product Engineering. Through teamwork and dispute resolution abilities, they manage complicated and sensitive and serve as a crucial hub for support teams. You will excel in your knowledge in this position.

What are the perks offered by Dell to their employees?

You can see a lot of extra perks when working with Dell. Dell offers benefits like life insurance, healthcare, maternity leaves, gym and sports club, social clubs, canteen, pension, free car parking, and further educational assistance. 


This article provides insight into what it takes to be an Escalation engineer at Dell. We had also seen the Dell preparation strategy and career roadmap.

Want to learn more about the Dell process, follow the link given below:

I hope you would have gained a better understanding of Escalation engineers at Dell now!

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