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What is the eligibility level to become a PayPal software engineer?
How to apply for a job at PayPal?
The recruitment process for a PayPal software engineer
Preparation Tips from Maanak
What is expected from a potential PayPal software engineer?
Frequently Asked Questions
Is PayPal a good software company?
Do software engineers get paid well?
What is the monthly income of a software engineer?
Can a software engineer become a millionaire?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

From Tier 3 College To Becoming a PayPal Software Engineer

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If you are admitted to a Tier 3 engineering college, you are likely inundated with underwhelming statistics. Approximately only 50% of the passing class may get placements, and the average package would be no more than 3-6 LPA. Possibly less than 10 students may get to study abroad, and even less would get to work in prestigious FAANG+ companies.

Students of tier 3 colleges are often dealt the short end of the stick when it comes to placements and job opportunities. With most high-paying jobs going to students of Tier 1 and Tier 2 colleges, the leftover jobs are often reserved for Tier 3 colleges, where even the best of companies can often come with several offers for low-paying positions, while other companies are reduced to being mass recruiters.

From Tier 3 College To Becoming a PayPal Software Engineer

When entering college, Manak Arora, a CS graduate of G.B. Pant Government Engineering College in Delhi, also faced a similar conundrum. On being informed by his seniors that options after graduation were few and far between, Maanak decided that he would pursue a graduate degree from abroad. However, the COVID-19 pandemic upended his plans.

We will also look at the concepts and topics that are a part of the PayPal hiring process.

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What is the eligibility level to become a PayPal software engineer?

When it comes to eligibility, PayPal does not apply any rigid restrictions on who can and cannot apply for a position. The basic criterion for the position of a PayPal software engineer is that you should be a graduate from a recognised college or university, with a degree preferably in computer engineering, software engineering, or allied fields.

However, as is the case with most companies, simply having the minimum qualification for a job barely ever cuts it. To make it through to a multinational corporation (MNC) such as PayPal, you need to have not just a great degree but also the experience to back up your degree, just as Maanak did with several projects throughout his undergraduate course. To be a PayPal software engineer, you must take up internships and indulge in competitive programming that can prove your mettle to the interviewers. 

Maanak was a member of Coding Ninjas, where he learned integral concepts associated with computer science that helped him in competitive programming and his job interviews. Maanak himself mentions how it was only in the final year post-exams that he decided to delve deeply into advanced computer programming with Coding Ninjas Competitive Programming course. And that was what proved to be his arsenal when going through the PayPal recruitment process.

In the domain of software engineering, you will likely have several different options both inside and outside of college to be able to build such experiences, such as the internships that Maanak undertook. It is important to continuously be on the lookout for positions in companies, research groups, as well as student-led groups in your college or university.

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How to apply for a job at PayPal?

The first step toward becoming a PayPal software engineer is to look for open positions. This is especially true if you are applying off-campus, like Maanak. Once you have found a position that matches your requirements, you may directly apply to it. Or like Maanak, you can make connections on LinkedIn to improve your chances for an interview.

Maanak extensively used LinkedIn to get an interview with PayPal. Referrals from existing employees increase your (as a potential candidate) chances of getting an interview call. And that’s what Maanak did; he diligently started contacting employees of various companies, including PayPal, to get interview referrals. 

The recruitment process for a PayPal software engineer

To be a PayPal software engineer, you will likely have to undergo four rounds of tests, including an online one. But in Maanak’s case, he had to undergo an extra technical round.

The first two rounds were an online test and a technical interview in which he dealt with questions related to Data Structures and Algorithms (DSA). DSA is a topic that regularly appears during interview rounds and tests for software engineering roles. Trees and linked lists are topics that any aspirant must be well-acquainted with before applying for the position.

Then came the third interview round that was purely technical, and revolved, in large part, around the experience and projects that Maanak had undertaken during his undergraduate studies. There were also purely technical questions, which again revolved around DSA and allied topics.

The next two rounds were hiring manager rounds. The first of these was taken by the Director of Engineering in PayPal while the last round was taken by a hiring manager. The rounds revolved mostly around DSA concepts. The whole process was DSA intensive, but the last round also included some time allocated for HR questions.

Preparation Tips from Maanak

To become a PayPal software engineer, it is essential to have a firm grasp of DSA. During the interviews, stay calm, focussed, and confident. If the interviewer provides you with a hint, drop your current chain of thought and try to thin around the hint. Go through previously asked coding questions and try to solve them yourself.

Knowing about questions that were asked previously by several companies is important when it comes to preparing for interviews. If you want to practice previously asked questions for your dream company, visit Coding Ninjas Studio now!

What is expected from a potential PayPal software engineer?

To be a PayPal software engineer, you need to know the basic languages that are associated with the field of software engineering. For generic and object-oriented programming, you must have some knowledge of C and C++.

Languages such as Python and Ruby can give you some insight into script programming. SQL is a database querying language that might aid you as well. JavaScript is also used widely by software developers across the world.

Get detailed information about FAANG companies here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is PayPal a good software company?

PayPal is considered the pioneer of online payments in the world. It has been the source of various payment software that we use today and is considered among the most innovative companies in the world.

Do software engineers get paid well?

As per Glassdoor, a software engineering job is among the highest paying entry-level jobs for fresh graduates.

What is the monthly income of a software engineer?

On average, as per Glassdoor, an entry-level software engineer will earn 6 LPA as the base salary, which translates to Rs. 50,000 a month.

Can a software engineer become a millionaire?

There is no doubt that a software engineer can become a millionaire. However, the amount of money you earn depends on several more factors in addition to your job title, such as your education, company, positions, and performance.


Manak’s journey from an engineering graduate at a Tier 3 college with aspirations to study abroad to a software engineer in one of the most innovative companies in the world is an inspiration to all. He was able to rise to the occasion through experience, grit, and determination.

With help from Coding Ninjas, Maanak made his computer science concepts more robust and passed all interview rounds with flying colors!

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