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Last updated: Jan 24, 2022

Functional Dependencies

Functional dependency refers to the relationship between two attributes of a table. This relationship can be used to find the value of one attribute when that of the other is given. It can be mathematically represented as FD: X -> Y. Here, the values of Y are determined by the values of X. X and Y, being the attributes of the table.
Functional Dependencies and Attribute Closure EASY
Learn about functional dependencies and attribute closure, including their validation, types, advantages, disadvantages, and properties, in this comprehensive article.
Transitive Dependency in DBMS EASY
In this article, we will discuss about transitive dependency in DBMS. We will also see its drawbacks and how to avoid dependency.
Derived Attributes in DBMS MEDIUM
Derived attributes are attributes whose values are derived from other attributes in the database.
Finding Attribute Closure and Candidate Keys
In this blog, we will learn about attribute closure and candidate key and how to find attribute closure and candidate key with an example.
Object Database Conceptual Design
In this article, we will learn what a database and object databases mean. We will also be discussing the Object Database Conceptual Design.
Armstrong’s Axioms in DBMS EASY
Armstrong's axioms are a set of references (or, more precisely, inference rules) for inferring all of a relational database's functional dependencies.
Canonical Cover In DBMS MEDIUM
In DBMS, a canonical cover is a set of functional dependencies that is minimal, irreducible, and equivalent to the original set of dependencies. Read on to learn more!
Relational Decomposition in DBMS EASY
This blog is about the Relational Decompositions, i.e., decomposition of a relation into multiple sub relations.