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Last updated: Mar 6, 2022

Functions in Python

Functions and methods are critical components of any programming language, whether Python or another. A function simplifies and automates any task or operation in a few lines of code. There is no need to write lines of code over and over; simply call the function to simplify the code flow with fewer complexities.
Functions in Python
Functions improve the modularity of your application and allow for greater code reuse. In this article, we will learn about the Functions and Arguments in Python.
any in Python EASY
This article will provide in-depth knowledge of any in Python. We have covered different use cases and provided code examples to improve the readers understanding.
Getter and Setter in Python EASY
Explore the concept of getter and setter in Python programming. Learn how to implement them using functions, the property() function, and decorators.
Lambda Function in Python
In this article, we will learn about lambda function in python.
Scope of Variable
This article focuses on the scope of variables of Python.
*Args and **Kwargs in Python EASY
Args and Kwargs in Python are used to send variable length parameters to functions. In this article, we will learn about args and kwargs in Python.
Global Keyword in Python MEDIUM
The global keyword in Python enables users to modify variables from outside their current scope, typically used to create global variables within functions.
Author Shiva
range vs xrange in Python EASY
This article gives a detailed analysis of range vs xrange in Python. Cases for using both functions are covered. Examples of code are used to improve understanding.
Python Set EASY
In this blog, we will learn Python Set. We will learn about why it is used, syntax, parameters, and examples.
Recursion in Python
In this post, we’ll learn how to create and handle recursive(a function that calls itself) functions in python.
Python Built-in Functions
This article will cover the built-in functions of python with the implementation of each one.
Python Decorators MEDIUM
Python Decorators is a powerful tool to add functionality to functions or classes without modifying their original code.
What is the Sleeping Time of Python EASY
This article explains about the sleeping time of Python and discusses syntax, implementation and avoiding deadlock and contention.
Frozenset() in Python EASY
This blog covers all the concepts of frozenset in Python in detail, along with some examples of frozenset objects and their operations.
Understanding Python Pickle with example EASY
In this blog, we will discuss what is python pickle including its usage, its advantages and disadvantages.
Python Regular Expression EASY
Regular expressions (regex) are a powerful tool for manipulating text data, and Python, a highly versatile programming language, has robust support for regex through its re-module.
Python Zip EASY
Python zip function combines two or more iterables into a single iterable when there are more than two.
Python comparison operators EASY
Comparison operators in Python are used to compare two values. They evaluate to True or False depending on the condition.
Python ord() Function EASY
This blog discusses the Pyhton ord function along with its syntax, parameter, return value, examples, and how it differs from the chr function.
Math Ceil EASY
This article will teach about the Math Ceil built-in function. We will also cover its application of it and syntax in different languages.
Python tell() function EASY
This article will discuss the Python tell() function with its syntax and examples.
Python Factorial EASY
In this blog, we will get familiar with the concept of Python factorial and also look at the implementation of Python factorial using various approaches.
Strip Function In Python EASY
The String strip() function is one of the built-in functions in Python for string operations. It removes any leading (any whitespace before the text) and trailing (any whitespace after the text) white spaces that might be present in the given string
Round() function in Python EASY
This article will briefly discuss the various ways of rounding numbers in Python.
Difference Between Sort and Sorted in Python EASY
This article discusses the key differences between the sort() and sorted() functions in Python. The sort() method sorts the list in place, while the sorted() function creates a new sorted list.
The isupper() function in python EASY
In this article, you’ll learn about String and the use of Uppercase with Isupper() in Python
isnumeric Python EASY
The isnumeric Python is an inbuilt function, which has a Boolean return type. It checks if the string contains any numeric value or not.
How to Compute Square Roots in Python EASY
This blog will discuss the python square root. We will start with an introduction to square root, followed by the main discussion.
OS Path Splitext() Method EASY
Learn about os.path.splitext() in Python, a tool for splitting file paths into root and extension. Examples & implementation included. FAQs covered.
Complex() Function in Python EASY
Explore Complex() function in Python. Learn its meaning, syntax, return value and parameters. In this article we will also discuss its example for better understanding.
numpy.gradient() Method in Numpy EASY
In this article, we will learn about the numpy.gradient() method in Numpy. We will learn about its syntax, parameters, and return value of numpy.gradient() method.
Python Set Difference () EASY
In this article, we will discuss about python set difference function and how to use it while programming.
Syntax Error: Return Outside Function in Python EASY
Errors are problems that occur in a code because of an illegal operation performed by the user or a programming error that halts the normal flow of the program.
Author Alisha
Getattr() Function in Python EASY
In this article, we will discuss all about the Python getattr function.
numpy.all() in Numpy EASY
In this article we will cover numpy.all() function with different examples.
Divmod() Function in Python EASY
In this article, you will learn about the Python divmod() method with the help of examples, syntax, parameter value, return value, Usage of Divmod() Function and exceptions.
Exploring the Rjust in Python EASY
In this article, we will learn about rjust in Python. rjust is a method that is defined under the String class.
Author Shiva
Python String isalnum() method EASY
In Python, isalnum() is a built-in string method. It checks if all the characters in a given string are alphanumeric.
numpy.histogram() Method in Python EASY
In this article, we have discussed the numpy.histogram method in Python. We also examine various examples to understand the concept of NumPy histograms.
numpy.squeeze() in NumPy EASY
In this article, we will learn about numpy.squeeze() in NumPy. We will also learn about the numpy.squeeze() method with the help of different examples.
Python __repr__ EASY
In this article, we will discuss what are magic methods in Python, what Python __repr__() does, along with its implementation.
Python Pow() Function EASY
This blog explains the details of Python Pow() function.
Python Set intersection() Method EASY
The intersection in Python refers to the common elements that are present in two or more sets, lists, or other iterable objects.
Python String Swapcase() Method EASY
Python in swapcase is a built-in string function that returns a duplicate of the specified input string by converting all uppercase characters to lowercase and all lowercase characters to uppercase.
Learning sum() Function in Python EASY
This article will discuss the sum function in Python. We will discuss its features, applications, operations, arguments and examples.
Enumerate() Function in Python EASY
In this article, we will discuss the Python enumerate function in depth. We will also check out its examples and implementations.
isalpha() Function in Python EASY
In this article, we will understand about isalpha Python function. We will also see the examples and uses of isalpha() methodin python.
Python String isdigit() Method EASY
The isdigit() function in Python is thoroughly examined in this article. It covers its features and how to use it. Code examples are used to enhance understanding.
eval() Function in Python EASY
In this article, we will discuss about Python eval function. We will also discuss the uses and code examples of python eval() function.