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Geo Tracking
Why geo-tracking?
Geo AR
How does Geo AR work?
Challenges faced by Geo AR
Use of Geo AR in real world
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the difference between Geo AR and Image AR?
What is the future of Geo AR?
How does geo AR work?
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2024

Geo Tracking

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Have you ever wondered how the famous game Pokemon Go has used augmented reality and real-location to interact with more people and engage them? Well, it's based on Geo tracking. This blog will learn about geo-tracking, how we can achieve it, and its uses in the real world.

Geo Tracking

Geo tracking is also known as geographical tracking. It knows the physical location of something or someone at a specific time. It is mostly used by companies that track their devices.

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Why geo-tracking?

We all know that users scattered all over the world are constantly moving. They go to remote places and connect to networks that are not safe. So we need geo-tracking to know their whereabouts. It is used for the following purposes:

  1. Lost and Found-If you lose your mobile device. Since it is enrolled with a UEM, you can easily know the device's location. 
  2. Information-Since it is very difficult for companies to know their employees' productivity since they work remotely. Geo tracking plays a very important role in proving this information to companies.
  3. Transport-Uber and other travel apps have made travelling very easy by providing geo-tracking of their current cars available.
  4. Schools-Geo tracking helps track the location of a child if they go missing.

Geo AR

Geo AR is also known as location-based, in which app developers create apps that engage more with the users and enhance the real world. Nowadays, AR technology is used to make the app more interactive and user-friendly rather than using the same old displays for apps. Geo tracking is different from other types of tracking like object and image tracking as we don't use a physical target.

In GEo AR, augmented reality is combined with location-based tracking and GPS. This allows us to put objects in the real landscapes present at that time.

How does Geo AR work?

In geo AR, we use a mobile sensor to send queries to the sensor. When the app receives the information, the app compares that information with the POI and tells where to place data in the real world.

AR apps can be of two types:

  • Marker AR
  • Markerless AR


In marker, AR markers are used to place data, while in markerless AR, no markers are used.

Markerless AR can further be divided into two types: indoor and outdoor.

Challenges faced by Geo AR

Geo AR has made augmented reality advanced. But it faces a few challenges also.

  • Since we need the locations to be very accurate, we use various sensors on mobile devices that must be queried correctly at the same time.
  • The mobile devices need to accurately display POI or the other aspects that the user wants to add to the screen. We need correct scene recognition.
  • The technique used to calculate the distance between two points should always be reliable and efficient. Since it is based on GPS data, it can sometimes show errors.

Use of Geo AR in real world

There are a lot of uses of Geo AR in the real world. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Magical Park
    The magical park is one of the AR games which uses augmented reality to insert objects into the real world. Currently, it is being used by several parks in foreign countries to get kids interested in playing outdoor. This app creates a world, usually the actual landscape but with virtual objects that the children can view.
  2. LiveGuide
    LiveGuide is an app that is used by travelers so that they can easily connect with their surroundings. It uses geo augmented reality. This app is used to determine some features of outdoor locations for the users to enjoy their journey. It acts as a digital compass and enhances their trip.
  3. Star Walk
    Star Walk app allows users to gaze up at the sky and give them information about what they are looking at. It shows which stars should be visible using GPS capabilities. Users have to point their device into the sky, and it tells all the information about that constellation, planet, or star.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Geo AR and Image AR?

In Geo AR, we don't need any markers, while in image AR, we use markers and trackers to add objects.

What is the future of Geo AR?

Geo AR has improved many industries and made them more interactive users. It has a great future and will be used in every application in a few years.

How does geo AR work?

In geo AR, we combine augmented reality with geo-tracking and create highly user interactive apps.


This blog has discussed geo-tracking and its uses in the real world. We hope that this blog has helped you enhance your knowledge regarding trackers and their uses and if you would like to learn more, check out our articles related to AR/VR

You can also check out our online mock test series and try our interview experience with companies like Amazon, Samsung, and Microsoft. You can also check out our 100+SQL problems asked by big companies.  Do upvote our blog to help other ninjas grow. Happy Coding!”
Do upvote our blog to help other ninjas grow. 

Happy Coding!”

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